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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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Some photos!


Other notes:

Adventure Express feels like a different coaster the way all of the woods have grown in around it post Banshee and SoB land clearing.

Flight of Fear was running so well. Rode in front and back and both were smooth and forceful.

SoB station has activity. The lights were on in the area and there we extra power cords feeding to the station. Sorry I didn't think it was worth taking pictures of you couldn't see much.


Also if you like craft beer - there is local Oktoberfest offerings from Sonder and Rhinegeist that are fantastic. Tim bar tends at the Brewhouse by Mystic Timbers, visit him! He's awesome and will let you try samples of beer (yay disposable cups!).


Kings Island continues to do little things to make the park feel refreshed every year - check out the new signs in Diamondback's station!


It's September in Cincinnati. That means it's Oktoberfest Zinzinnati!


Sun is setting at 730 fast and getting darker sooner every day so you will be able to get night rides even at 8pm closing.


Speaking of night rides, let's try out a new night ride!


Orion is awesome at night - you crest that hill and stare into the black abyss!


Orion's seriously awesome. Make sure you get fast lane to ride it as much as you want!


Front row, back row, row...4?! Row 4 rules! Ride in every row!


There are so many cool touches throughout the queue, station, and area 72.


Banshee was running incredible. The smoothest ride I've had on it.


Finally got a Beast front row ride this year! WHAT A DIFFERENCE in how smooth it is up here vs any other row lmao.


Mystic Timbers was excellent as usual! You'd think it's just as fast as Orion the way it rips through the course.

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My visit to the park on Saturday with PKI Jizzman was a great one. Typically I get to the park early, get in a few rides, have lunch then leave. It was nice to spend most of the day at the park for a change. Fast Lane was the best option since it turned out to be a busy day. I've noticed that FL+ sells out quick and has been sold out before the start of the morning on Saturday for the past month or so. I'd highly recommend purchasing fast lane in advance if you don't want to have to deal with the lines.


This was also the first time I've ridden Orion at night. To be honest I had mixed feelings about Orion after my first ride during the summer but it has really grown on me especially after getting in multiple rides on Saturday.


Overall it was a good day and a great way to start winding down my coaster season.

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FL+ was needed. As the previous weeks have shown and as I've called out - it's just packed. When I got off the exit I was surrounded by KY and IN license plates. I imagine the following weeks will be just as busy with the Fall food & bev event.




How long were the FL+ lanes? I went on the 6th (Sunday) and it was good until 1:00 when Diamonback and Mystic Timbers were 20-30 minutes. I am going again this Saturday (I know, first day of Fall Fest ) and have FL+ and am wondering if I should just power through as much as I can again from open till 2:00, or if I can slow down a bit.


I think I know the answer but just thought I'd ask!

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Thanks for the info on FastLane. Maybe if MT is open at park opening, I’ll head there first.


I see they posted the food and drink guide for Trick or Treat Fest. For those who haven’t seen it: Food and Drink Guide. There are some very interesting sounding treats! Looking forward to checking it out.

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On Saturday Mystic Timbers ended up with a little bit of a wait during the day for FL and Diamondback had a line when it started getting dark. Little to no wait for everything else.

It's not like that when they don't forget to load every other row.

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Honestly it's because most of the staff outside of Orion/Banshe/MT is working on a weekend by weekend basis, or brand new and working their day 1.


When I checked queue times earlier, Orion was down, Drop Tower was down, and everything else had a 50-90 min wait

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It sold out for today so you did the right thing!


Best $95 I have spent in a long time!


I have two more things to add from my visit. First, I do not understand why Orion gets so much negativity. I absolutely love it! To me, it’s a high speed “flight” along the edge of Kings Island. It’s so smooth and the elements, at least to me, are unique. Granted it is a bit on the brief side, but it is definitely different enough from Diamondback (which I also love) and has fast become one of my new favorites.


Then there’s Flight of Fear. I haven’t ridden this since 2015 and if it wasn’t for the literal dead stop in the mid course brake (I thought we were going to have to evac as I don’t recall the ride ever completely stopping here), this would be in my Top 3. Who knew that a few colored lights in total darkness is really all you need in that big steel box to make an insanely crazy ride? And even with the dead stop, the train picks up so much speed in second half, it feels like you are going to be ejected into the darkness. I was truly blown away and wish I was in better health to have ridden it a few more times. Damn heart problems!


Living only 80 miles from Cedar Point yet 230 from Kings Island, I am actually becoming more of a KI fan than I ever was before. The ride lineup has become really outstanding over the last decade, the park has been spotless on my two visits this month, the Landscaping puts CP to shame, and no matter how many times I see it, I still love the International Street/Eiffel Tower entry. The visual impact of that when walking through the gates is unmatched by most regional theme parks (Kings Dominion and Canada’s Wonderland excepted). Maybe I need to move a little further south!

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I have to say I rode FoF for the first time in years last week and it was in such great shape rode it again! Front row and back row! Yes the MCBR always halts it to a full stop but that's what makes it different than the others. For the original launch coaster from 1996 wow running so well.


Orion is pretty great, I really enjoy it the more I ride it. I just don't love it like I love Millennium, Fury, I305, or Steel Dragon. And that's okay! It's still awesome.

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Kings Island has two executive chefs, who are likely responsible for the increased food quality over the last year or two. But they have really stepped it up this year.


A month or two ago they started doing special dinners on Saturday nights, they start serving at 5PM and stop when they run out of food. The menu is different every week and it is being cooked out in the open at Wishbone Grill on International Street.


This week was Grilled Flank Steak, Chimichurri, Fire Roasted Sweet Peppers, Fried Plantains and Warm Tortilla.


If anyone is at the park on a Saturday night this year I recommend at least checking it out. It’s even on the meal plan.


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Quick question: are Kings Island’s opening procedures the same as they were in July? I remember the parking lot opening at 10:15, park gates opening at 10:30 (or immediately after you park), and the rides open at 11. Any difference from that?


This is exactly what has happened this season.

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Pretty cool, not terribly priced. I'll have to see if any make it to Oct 5th and sold online. While I hated Vortex my nephew loved it for some reason and he just earned his Eagle Scout so this would be a cool little gift for him for that.

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How busy is Kings Island now that they are only open Saturdays and Sundays? Would a Fastlane Plus help with lines if it is crowded? I had friends recently go to Cedar Point with a Fastlane Plus and still waited over 2 hours in line for some rides. That is just plain wrong. They are selling too many Fastlane passes (at $95 each) which ruins the whole idea behind the Fastlane Plus. Anybody have this experience at Kings Island? Thanks.

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FL will always help with lines, especially at a park like KI where almost all the lines merge at the station.


I have to call some BS on your friends' account of "2 hour Fast Lane waits" at CP though, unless rides broke down. Even at its worst during a normal season, the Fast Lane line for SV barely broke an hour.

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