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Kings Island (KI) Discussion Thread

p. 832: Camp Snoopy announced for 2024!

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One of the teasers is that Diamondback will no longer be the longest steel coaster at KI.


Diamondback: Length 5,282 ft (1,610 m)


Other similar 300+ft coasters:

Leviathan: Length 5486 feet

i305: Length 5100 feet


Final predictions? Are we going to see something crazy like a launched lift hill? First cable lift by B&M? A drop track? Will crazy KI superfans storm the stage if it's not over 300ft but still has a 300ft drop? Vest restraints? 48 trims?!

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I expect this coaster to be a pretty even split between Leviathan and Fury. I think it will be longer and have a few more elements than Leviathan but not quite as long or crazy as Fury. With that being said, you can only tell so much from an overhead view of the layout.


I can't wait for the announcement tomorrow. It's not very often we have a new Giga to look forward to!

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Final predictions? Are we going to see something crazy like a launched lift hill? First cable lift by B&M? A drop track? Will crazy KI superfans storm the stage if it's not over 300ft but still has a 300ft drop? Vest restraints? 48 trims?!

All of the above. Plus a shed.

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So I haven't had the chance to post yet but figured why not, even though we're only one day away from the announcement.


DILinator and I were talking about how KI (and CF in general) has a history of introducing record-breaking coasters and that most large coaster investments either break a record or have a "first of its kind" feature. We don't believe KI would add such a huge investment that couldn't be flaunted as a record-breaker or first-of-its-kind. If we all pretty much agree now that it's not going to break Fury's height record or length record, then there must be something else about it that is unique. "The end of the world as we know it" meaning there's going to be something that's never been done before.


I finally got to go see the posters for myself a few days ago and noticed something interesting. All of the posters talk about "Test purpose" and all of the "tests" could be applied to a Giga except for a few notable exceptions. Looking to the posters, there are a few possibilities that stand out. I'll post them all and what they say and see what you think.


I'll start with the posters that I think are pretty neutral/self-explanatory to forces experienced on a giga with talks about gravity and speed


Rotor: Centrifugal effects, gravity


Zodiac: Centrifugal/Radial G Results, Imperative Mech. Tech, Advancement Testing for future initiatives


Shooting Star: Extreme Speed, Forced Gravity, Rapid Directional Changes


Skylab: Effects of Gravitational Pull

Here are some of the interesting ones:


FoF: Roswell tech testing, Sensory deprivation

Could be a further hint to the theming, and possibly a hint that there is a tunnel.



Bayern Kurve: High Levels of Acceleration, Gravitational Pull

"High levels of acceleration." Possibly a launch? Or maybe just meaning the coaster goes fast.



Invertigo: Rapid Forward/Backward Motion, Effects of extreme gravitational pull

Could be another hint about a launch? Or just another red herring.



Vortex: Inversion effects of subjects

Vortex was the one that first made me question whether there was more to these posters. DILinator said his son brought up the idea of this being the first Giga with an inversion, and I think that's pretty credible. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we wouldn't necessarily be able to tell from the blueprints we saw if there was an inversion snuck in there.



Firehawk: Multi-inversions, FTL/LTF, Evasive Maneuvering

Another mention of inversions, but could be a red herring with the FTL/LTF thing.



(I realize many of you are just going to say "wait to find out tomorrow" but I don't see any harm in making some excited guesses).


Last but not least, some photos unrelated to Project X that I took and I liked.F3E1117D-1864-41EE-92AE-37F1200FCFCA.thumb.jpeg.f07321e8a5544f190c74a15af776d0e7.jpeg

First time using Apple Pay and it really paid off!


Love me some DBack


KI is a stunning park


I don't think I've ever seen this fireworks show not in line for Beast night rides


I love what they've done to International Street!


It really comes alive at night


Thanks for reading! DILinator and his kids and I will be there tomorrow so say hi if you see us!

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This is B&M we’re talking about guys. If you think they’re going to pull some wild and crazy tricks out of their sleeves for this giga - inversions, launches... then you're going to be sorely disappointed.


But we can dream right?!

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First of its kind? Then it's gotta be with a drop taller than the lift/heighest point for sure.


It's a lame 'first of' but I think it makes sense.


Phantom's Revenge at Kennywood says hi.

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Really excited for another giga...this will be a great fit for KI. Hope to be able to go check it out next year!


Zach - great report, but sorry to hear that you didn't get that front seat night ride on Beast.


I cracked up about the woman losing her shoes on DB tho...LOL!!

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^^I think he meant first Giga with a drop longer than the lift. It's definitely plausible but I'm not sure how they could form a coherent marketing campaign around it.

After about a year of basically no hardcore speculation on here I really appreciate the work and thought you guys have put into breaking this thing down. I for one can’t wait until tomorrow! I’ll be at the park as well; I’ll look out for you guys!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed reading it.

Kings Island is such a fun park. Love what they're doing with the run up to this new ride. Have fun tomorrow!

Agreed! Part of me hopes there might be a surprise tomorrow as part of the announcement. Characters/personas mingling with people during the 2 hour ERT? Clues hidden in the plaza? Something projected inside of FoF? An app to download? Who knows! The park is very creative and they've already gotten people involved with the petition and Spotify list (which wasn't mentioned on here, so if you didn't already know, there is a Project X Spotify list the park created).

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Excellent post up there, RAWKIN, and thanks for the large and detailed poster pictures, and delving into the analysis of each one's alluded to element! I've been wanting to post my thoughts on KIGA for days now, but it's such a massive undertaking, and the posts got so epic in size, nobody would've even bothered reading them. So I scrapped all that, and will try to jump off of some of your thoughts, for a cliff notes version!


First off, let me just stress that I am SUPER EXCITED about KIGA, and even if there is absolutely nothing we don't already know from the leaked blueprints and trademarks, am stoked about the announcement tomorrow night, and can't wait to get out to my second favorite amusement park next year, and ride this beast! (Not to be confused with The Beast!) My oldest son (15) has really gotten into coaster enthusiasm this year, has been following all of this progress, and already loves KI as well, so he too is excited about KIGA regardless of what it ends up being, and is going to be with me (and my 11 year old son, and RAWKIN) at the announcement tomorrow night. So we are all very much grounded, and not raising our expectations to any unreasonable levels.


Having said that, I do sincerely think that there are still things we do not know about this coaster, and that could include its name, elements on it, or any ancillary theming or ride enhancement elements. I'm not saying height, speed, length, or that the blueprints are fake. None of that is reasonable to think. But we don't honestly know for a fact that there aren't elements on this coaster like a potential inversion, or tunnels, or never before seen elements on a Giga like a vertical drop. I'm not saying there will be, but there will be something that makes this a HUGE, singular, and noteworthy addition for KI. It would be the most un-CF thing ever, if there were nothing they can claim about this coaster that were unique. So I would say it's reasonable to think there will be things announced tomorrow night that will be a surprise to people, and will be unique in providing a ride experience on KIGA like no other. Launches are not likely, and even an inversion seems to be a stretch. But those elements are clearly alluded to on the posters, as RAWKIN pointed out, so one has to at least consider that maybe they have meaning. Even an overbanked turn that could be called an inversion (such as that one on Untamed) isn't an unreasonable thing to think might show up on this coaster (possibly a cutback instead of a hammerhead, perhaps), and be marketed as a first inversion on a Giga. Backwards motion is on there as well, though I feel like this is the least likely thing to see of those three elements.


Regardless of any of those potential unique elements, which I wouldn't expect to be present, I do think that there will be a modicum of theming on this coaster, and that will be where its unique ride experience truly lies. They've really hyped up the apocalyptic and space theme on this coaster, and after seeing the better than typical for CF theme elements on their last two large coasters (Banshee and Mystic Timbers), I think they will be upping the ante slightly for this coaster. I do believe we will see at least one, if not two tunnels, as they are actually depicted on the blueprints, it appears. Lights, strobes, images... Probably some combination of those things will be present in the tunnel(s), or maybe the pitch darkness IS in keeping with the theme. Either way, I do think we'll see a tunnel or two. Heck, the thought of the drop being partially enclosed is an intriguing one, lending itself to a lot of possibilities considering the theming being teased. There's no indication of a tunnel on the drop in the blueprints, but it wouldn't be the first time such a thing was not included on the initial blueprints for a CF coaster. Now, I'm not saying that's happening, but it also wouldn't be shocking to me, and I could actually see it happening. If it's not, heck, if there are no tunnels, I will not be upset or disappointed as well, to be clear. I just personally suspect there will be.


I also think there will be an impact crater type of clearing, and theming (think something along the lines of that part of the queue at Twisted Timbers), at the bottom of the first drop, since the recent teases from KI heavily point to meteors crashing on earth, potentially causing an ELE (Extinction Level Event, for those unfamiliar with the fantastic movie Deep Impact), and leaving giant impact craters. So I do think that will be at the bottom of the drop, and maybe we'll even get random leftover and destroyed Firehawk track, for an homage (since KI tends to do those sort of things) strewn about there, suggesting that IT was destroyed by the arrival of this apocalyptic event, which is what KIGA is. All of that really tracks, and fits with everything teased, and I will be pretty surprised, honestly, if that backstory isn't included in this coaster. Along these lines, I want to officially predict that the names trademarked, Orion and Polaris, will not actually be the name of this coaster, but were rather trademarked to give an advanced tease of the theming and nature of this coaster. With the obvious apocalyptic, end of the world narrative they're pushing in the lead up, neither Polaris nor Orion specifically fits that, since while they both relate to stars, and while a falling star is what would cause the impact crater and end of the world, it doesn't specifically denote any doomsday (possible name for the coaster?) concept. The last two major coasters at KI were both darker themed in name, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get another darker, apocalypse type of name with this one. It certainly wouldn't be the first time CF trademarking things in advance would be a red herring, and then they trademark the official name when it's announced.


I know what you're thinking right now... This is the "cliff notes" version of your post??? I know, I know... I'm a writer by nature, what can I say!


I'll wrap up my final thoughts on KIGA now, and just mention a few other observations.


-We haven't seen an image of the front of the trains for KIGA, at least I didn't see them on any of the blueprints. This means it's entirely possible we'll have slightly different restraints than the clamshells, or maybe something in addition to them to allow for an inversion or extreme overbanking. Just something I noticed.


-If you look at the queue in the blueprints, there is a show building of some sort that both the standby and FL queues go through right before they head up the stairs to the station. So, once again, this coaster will certainly be relying on theming and a narrative more than your typical CF coaster.


-I haven't perused the blueprints to the point of knowing how steep this drop is going to be, but the way CF coasters, and coasters in general have been going lately, it would make a lot of sense if this has a vertical drop, making it the only vertical drop in KI, and the highest vertical drop on a Giga.


Once again, these are all just thoughts that I've had personally, as I consider how CF typically operates, how KI typically operates, as well as the ever changing nature of the amusement park and roller coaster industry. I've been a fan of roller coasters most of my over 40 years, and have seen many trends, as well as many revolutionary twists and turns. I say that, to caution those assuming that just because a park, or a chain, or a roller coaster company has operated a certain way for years, doesn't mean that an innovation isn't right around the corner. I see a lot of rather enthusiast "wet blankets" trying to throw cold water on any speculation, and talk that is outside of the box, and I think that's a shame. It also often comes back to bite those people in the butt, when what they said couldn't be happening, happens. You may or may not recall, but people suggesting Hersheypark would get a launch coaster by Intamin back in 2003-2004 were derided by the "more reasonable" enthusiasts, and then Storm Runner was announced, leaving the "know it alls" looking silly. Then there was that time all the "cool kids" on most prolific coaster sites were shouting down anybody suggesting Maverick was a multi-launch coaster that went under itself at one point, and laughed at the delusional CP "fanboys"... right up until Maverick was announced. So when people are suggesting this may have inversions, or a launch, and you laugh, you very well may be right... up until that day when you're not, and the "wild speculators" and people thinking outside the box are shown to be the ones with foresight and vision, once again.


None of that means this won't be a basic, what you see is what you get B&M Giga, with little that we don't already know. And if it is that, it will still be awesome, and nobody should be complaining about it! I'm not suggesting otherwise. I'm just saying that I personally think there is a thing or two we don't know about this coaster yet, that we'll find out tomorrow night. What that is, I don't know, but it's fun to speculate, as long as you don't create false expectations for yourself, or get your hopes up for something ultimately unreasonable. After all, for me, this hobby is all about FUN, and trying to guess what is coming, especially during teaser season, is a big part of that fun!


Thanks to anybody who actually read this epic tome, and if you did, hopefully you found it interesting, and thought provoking! I'm super excited about this new coaster coming to KI, and can't wait to see it announced tomorrow night! If anybody else is going to be there, and wants to connect with myself, RAWKIN, and my kids, just PM one or both of us, and we'll try to meet up at some point. Enjoy your final 24 hours of speculation, those who enjoy doing that, and I look forward to seeing how much of them end up coming to be on this fantastic coaster! It's an exciting time to be a KI fan, to be sure!

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Got some rides in before work today this morning

Dback x1

Beast x1

FOF x2

Racer x1

Bat x1


I will say this. Words cannot describe how amazing and complete the skyline is going to look atop Beast's second lift hill. It will also be one of the few places that gives you a good angle of the first drop as well...







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TF is a KIGA?




Since we don't actually know the name yet, I prefer that nickname for it to saying Polaris/Orion. Honestly I like it a lot better than Polaris or Orion, and it sounds random like a CF name too!

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DILinator, if that's your cliff-notes version then I don't think I want to know what the full version looks like

maybe we'll even get random leftover and destroyed Firehawk track, for an homage

The park had saved a piece of Firehawk that was chillin near the construction site until fairly recently, so this definitely sounds likely.


I want to officially predict that the names trademarked, Orion and Polaris, will not actually be the name of this coaster, but were rather trademarked to give an advanced tease of the theming and nature of this coaster.

I don't think "Mystic Timbers" was trademarked until after that announcement, so I think I agree with this.


Also, I came across other teasers and hints sent to the media recently that hint about craters and ELE. So it does seem like the theme is going to at least partially be about something hitting the area that caused Firehawk and Dino's Alive to go extinct (LOL). There were also teasers sent to two different reporters saying the ride is going to be longer than Diamondback and have a longer drop than the Eiffel Tower, which isn't that much new information but does confirm some of what we already know. I'll err on the side of not posting the site where I read all of this, but it's not hard to look up what the teasers were and what people have decoded about them.


Whichever they pick. I'm sure it will grow on us. I mean, Mystic Timbers certainly doesn't sound as bizarre as it did 3 years ago.


Apologies to anyone visiting the KI thread today who didn't care to read a bunch of speculation... at least you've only had to tolerate one day of us doing this rather than weeks of it.

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DILinator, if that's your cliff-notes version then I don't think I want to know what the full version looks like



I think this stuff is fascinating. I haven't been tracking media teasers or anything but I'm glad someone is haha!


Some comments:


Saying this ride will have a bigger drop than the Eiffel Tower isn't saying much; the observation floor is at 264 feet. We already know this is going to have a 300+ foot drop.


In regards to CF doing more with theming: don't forget Copperhead Strike! We've been seeing this kind of thing with a lot of new additions. Yukon Striker introduced a whole new area to CW. Hangtime really spiced up the Boarkwalk area at Knott's. Heck, if you were to ask me I'd say Hangtime is the best themed coaster on the planet, although as an avid beach lover I may be slightly biased


Your speculation about the impact crater is really interesting. I honestly think that would be an awesome theme! I definitely think we'll see tunnels. I mean, Leviathan has one, so why not this coaster? I'd love to see one or more of the elements fully enclosed in a tunnel or otherwise. That might fall into the more "out there" speculation, but it's something else to think about!

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