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Fårup Sommerland Discussion Thread

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^ You have to think in proportions: Denmark is a VERY small country with a not so big population, so the parks aren't as crowded as they can be in for example USA and Germany.


Eventhough Fårup is a major themepark in Denmark, they don't have 10,000 guests at the same time.

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Finally Gerstlauer has finished the track and pieces has now arrived at Fårup. Infact they've already started to put it up..


A loader tractor!!


I'm not sure if this is the station or just a random building.


Well this is definitely the station building.


Concrete work.




Hmmm.. Why a locomotive? I can't see the connection between lightning and locomotives..



I think this is supposed to be the top hat.




What a spectacular support!


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^ I'm pretty sure that they only changed the airtime hill after the MCBR that were in the original design to a Zero-g roll, and I'm pretty sure that they did that before they started to fabricate the track.


I only wish that the top-hat on Kanonen was as extreme as the one on Lynet.

Can't wait to ride this puppy in just 3 weeks.

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So today Fårup Sommerland announced that they are adding a kiddie coaster from Zamperla next year.

They also confirmed that we'll get our big coaster in 2013 as they weren't really ready with it.

I can't help but thinking that the little kiddie coaster is a 'impulse-puchase' as a substitute for the bigger coaster that should have been ready in 2012.


The model is the Gravity Coaster from Zamperla, http://www.zamperla.com/en/product/90/family-gravity-coaster.html?category_id=5


So the coaster will be themed to some kind of hedgehog, which fit the whole 'forest' theme that they are running.




Length: 80 meter

Train: 6 cars with 2 persons in each.

Capacity: 360 pph

Height: 4,5 meters


Source: http://www.facebook.com/faarupsommerland



Here's some pictures that the park released:




The hedgehog!



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KT and I approve of the Hedgehog coaster! And TPR approves of a new coaster for 2013 since we're planning our Scandi trip for that year!


Yep, there's a couple of nice family coasters being build for 2012 in Denmark.

And Djurs Sommerland probably have something up there sleeve for 2013...


That is the one TPR trip that i must get on!

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