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Fårup Sommerland Discussion Thread

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New for 2013, Fårup will renovate/overhaul their treasure hunt course (obstacle course).


You have until 16 of February to give them new ideas on their Facebook, and also suggestions on what could be improved.

If you have been there, and can remember the course, then go in to their Facebook page and tell them what you would like to be added/changed. There is no problem writing in English.




Don't know the almost legendary Fårup action course? Check out my POV here: themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1338250

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I don't see a problem with it personally, not every slide needs to be long and twisty. Sometimes a nice short little slide can be just as fun.

I think MagnumFreak meant the runout/splashdown bit where you slow down, not the slide in general

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I don't think it's to short, even though it may look like it is.


Usually with speed slides you just make the run-out deeper if you need it to be short. It's not as comfortable as a longer one who gradually gets deeper but it get's the job done in a small space

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Oh yes, I agree, I guess the water is just a bit deeper so that it slows you down. I think it's bit of an optical illusion too in that it is probably longer than it looks. Hopefully people won't overshoot it as there is a support slap bang in the middle at the end of the trough

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