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Carowinds Discussion Thread

P. 417 - Fury back open now with 100% less crack!

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I agree with all these answers. Also, Fury doesn't have a bad seat. Front row has stronger airtime. Back has a better drop. Left side has more Side airtime in the Barrel turn and in the Turnaround. Right side has better transitions over the front gate and a better head-chopper. You aren't going to get a bad seat. Even a ride in the dead-center of the train is fantastic.


Yup. Regardless of where you sit Fury will blow your mind right in front of your face. It's science.

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Sweet! Thanks for all of your answers. I was mainly concerned about front row because Leviathan was a front row ride 100% and I love the wind from the speed.


We were just there and had the talked-about grouper who takes the job very seriously and isn't super accommodating to requests. However, I chatted with him for awhile and he eventually told me that to get the front row you need 4 people. We only had 2 so in the line we'd find 2 more people who wanted to try for the front. If we got up towards the top of the steps of the station and there were 8 or more people in line for the front (2 trains worth) I'd step aside and let a decent amount of folks past me to fill in the rest of the rows so that I could ask during the next line hold. This worked out well and 3 of our 5 rides were in the front.


Like others have said though, the ride is spectacular in all rows and a very different experience front vs. back. I'm normally a back row lover but Fury in the front will absolutely blow your freaking mind. I liked the front right best and one of the trains, although forgive me that I forget which one, is absolutely glass smooth while the other by comparison probably needs a few wheels changed. Have fun and post once you've been!

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Carowinds has sent us a press release about their newest offerings coming to the park in 2017!


Moms, dads, kids and grandparents alike will be able to create even more unforgettable moments as Carowinds heightens the level of family fun in 2017! Four new vintage thrills will provide families with “classic nostalgia” and old-fashioned fun; plus, Santa and a new festive holiday event, WinterFest, are coming to town.


First, we’re bringing back some oldies but goodies with a new County Fair section of the park. Park goers can enjoy enhanced food offerings, new experiences and the addition of four NEW classic ride favorites everyone in the family can enjoy together:


  • Do-Si-Do is a super-fun spiraling adventure that will send guests flying through the air- gliding up, down and around as three giant arms rotate riders in different directions.
  • Electro-Spin will give park goers a sense of being airborne in free-rotating, floorless gondolas while being suspended and flipping upside down up to 63 feet above the ground!
  • Rock ‘N’ Roller, a staple of any County Fair, is a fast-paced circular ride that will send guests round and around, up and down as high energy tunes and spectacular lighting round out this awesome experience.
  • Zephyr, a classic family swing ride, will suspend riders as it rotates in a circular, wavelike motion providing remarkable views of the park.


County Fair is slated to open spring 2017.


Second, guests will be able to ring in the holidays next season with a new family tradition, WinterFest. Deck the halls with this larger than life event as the park transforms into a spectacular winter wonderland filled with magnificent displays of lights and holiday décor.


  • Midway Merryment will fill the paths of the park with melodious song and dance. Guests will also get to meet some of their favorite holiday characters, including Jack Frost and the Sugar Plum Fairy.
  • Christmas crafts and activities will be available for the entire family. From ornament decorating and feeding Santa’s reindeer, to making cookies with Mrs. Claus and ice skating on Snowflake Lake, guests will be fully immersed in the Christmas fun.
  • Holiday themed LIVE shows will be a must-see during this extravaganza. With Christmas musicals and the nightly lighting of our 70-foot tall Christmas tree- little kids and big kids alike are sure to be amazed.
  • Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree Lot will set up shop in Planet Snoopy. Guests can walk the lot and meet Linus and Charlie Brown from the PEANUTS™ gang.

Families can also enjoy festive food and drink including a holiday style menu featuring smoked turkey and carved hams, and our homemade hot chocolate. WinterFest debuts in November 2017. Best of all, it’s included with the purchase of a 2017 Gold Season Pass!


It should also be noted that according to the Carowinds website, the Carolina Cobra is being rethemed to fit its new surroundings...















The Carolina Cobra is getting a makeover with a new name and theme. Fitting for any Carolina County Fair, guests will look to the sky for an air show featuring the daring aviation maneuvers of The Flying Cobras.



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Once again, I feel like if they had planned to run any coasters they would have mentioned that. Cedar Fair seems like they're entirely missing the mark with Winterfest. They need to fire up Fury and Intimidator. 600 miles to the north they'll be running 4 B&M's including a hypercoaster. A few hours away in a slightly colder climate, Dollywood will run all of their coasters. Cedar Fair is being way too conservative.



It's definitely not something I'll be jumping to try out anytime soon... But what else should we expect from the chain which is fanatical about all photos of their coasters in operation depicting people holding on to the restraints, and "following all safety rules and regulations."

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Yeah I normally hate when enthusiasts complain about everything but these Winterfest announcements are a major disappointment. Sure they could go ahead and announce some coasters later on (it's not like we have the ride lineups) but I just don't foresee that happening because I feel like (like with Great America) they would have announced that already. They missed the mark in a ridiculous way with Great America by opening one coaster when the park down the street is open year round and I feel the same way here when parks nearby like Dollywood and SFOG are blowing them away with their offerings and (from an enthusiast standpoint), parks much further north like Great Adventure, Six Flags America and even Hershey are running coasters.


What the hell are they doing?

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I've gotta agree, Bill. We're season pass holders, but I don't think I would drive the 3 hours down there for this kind of event with no coasters, when my town does their own "Dickens of a Christmas" every weekend in December. It's the same thing, just 2 hours and 55 minutes closer...

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I agree about the Winterfests being a bit of a disappointment. Unless they're running a few decent rides, I don't see what makes it much more appealing than other Christmas festivals closer to home.


The new additions to County Fair do look nice though.

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So moving on from this awful Winterfest announcement, I'm a little bit confused about the location of the swings. Since all of these rides are in this new area, are they keeping the other swing ride? I would think they're not but if it's leaving then what's replacing it? It's unlike Cedar Fair to leave obvious empty pads.

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So moving on from this awful Winterfest announcement, I'm a little bit confused about the location of the swings. Since all of these rides are in this new area, are they keeping the other swing ride? I would think they're not but if it's leaving then what's replacing it? It's unlike Cedar Fair to leave obvious empty pads.



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Yeah, I'm kind of curious myself what will happen to the Yo-Yo ride now. It looks pretty lame compared to the Zephyr...They definitely should just take it down and put something there in its place. And as far as the Winterfest announcement, how do we know that they won't run the rides? Sometimes the weather in the Carolinas can be pretty warm in November and December. Surely they'll run some of the coasters. I don't expect they'll run them all but basically do what SFOG does and just run a limited amount of rides during the event. SFOG basically shuts down the whole back side of the park during HITP.

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I'm going to ignore the Winterfest stuff because that doesn't appeal to me, but the County Fair addition looks really good to me. I love when parks do area-sized overhauls, and this one brings in some great flat rides the park's been missing. I even like the revamp of Carolina Cobra to integrate it into the section better.


Between Fury, the water park expansion, and now this, Carowinds has really, really stepped up its game in the last three years.

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At first they had basically copied and pasted from the other Winterfest pages but they did update the page and add in this extra tidbit which gives us some reason for optimism.


Fury and Intimidator need to run.


Well that's a nice glimmer of hope.

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