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9 ducks, is my guess.


and you had to of picked the worst day ever to go to Hershey. 10103948230482 13 year olds roaming the park. Usually Comet never goes past a switchback, and the other rides aren't much more then a 5-10 train wait on any weekday this year. Glad you enjoyed Fahrenheit tho.

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^Yeah, I've been going to Hersheypark for a very long time (I even used to work there), and that was easily the most crowded I have ever seen the park. I thought maybe the crowd would die down closer to concert time, but it really never did. Falafel and I still had a good time, though. Sorry we missed you, Big Mike! Maybe next time...



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There are lot's of 9 counts, with quite a bit of answer editing (which isn't allowed, people!)... but I'm gonna have to go with 10 Rubber Duckies!


10 Rubber Duckies: Final Answer!


You got some great photo's of Lightning Racer, and Sooper Dooper Looper!

You also did a great job of hiding some of the Duckies!

This is super fun, Big Mike!

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I was also there on that insanely crowded, pre-teen filled, Jonas Brothers day and I can honestly say I have never seen the park so crowded. My dad actually saw you taking your picture in front of SooperDooperLooper. He came back from the bathroom and was like "Wow! I just saw some guy with a T-shirt on that said he's been to 100 parks this year." I go, "Was it yellow?" He goes "Yea" and I was like, "BIG MIKE!!" Unfortunately didn't see you the rest of the day but I enjoyed reading your Trip Report version of that day and of course it was awesome like always!


O and there's 9 ducks....I hope!

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Hey Friends!


Just checking in from work on my Blackberry to see how we are all doing.


I know before I left someone had edited and TPDave said that was a no no. Now I can't find either of those posts! LOL


Remember Friends, you CANNOT edit.


But I am happy to see some of you will try to win at all costs just like Big Mike would and were smart enough to delete your edited or incorrect guess and post it again.


Kudos to you as that is not covered under the rules YET!


Robin, delete your first edited post so you won't have to be eliminated.


9 or 10 folks??


What is the correct answer??


Good luck everybody and there is still a lot of time left to put in your answer and advance to the next round of the contest!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hey there Big Mike! I've been following your road show reports since I joined the site, and let me just say that they are a joy to read. Your pictures are outstanding and very high quality! I figured it was about time I post in the thread and commend you on a wonderful job! I can only imagine how memorable this road show is for you! Seeing all these parks, and meeting so many great people, really must be a treat. I can only hope to someday take a coaster journey even half as big as this one! And finally, the fact that you are having this contest and offering such a generous prize shows what a wonderfully kind person you really are. I would be honored at some point to meet up with you on the midways! So, to sum this all up, I can only say 2 small words - THANK YOU. For the reports, for sharing your great times, for the contest, for everything.


As for Hershey, I have always loved that park. It offers guests so much to do, and the atmosphere is just amazing! Storm Runner and Lightning Racer are real gems and remain 2 of my favorites as I close in on triple digits in my coaster count. Nowhere near Big Mike levels, but not too shabby either. Glad you had a great time!


And what the heck, I will throw my guess into the fun ducky contest - I spotted 9 duckies.

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TEN -it hurt my eyes trying to sort this so I may have seen more than I ought but I'm not guessing again. Good luck everyone who succeeds


Edit Damn you BM -just had to go back and check - and I'm still with 10! Maybe duckie escaped when you weren't looking and I have spied him in a pic you were not aware


All good fun and I hope I'm right


BTW - I was hoping for 11 but I tried and just couldn't get there!


Okay second edit - but I have not changed my answer from the first post - but I think I need to add that you MIke are a gladiator amongst men. A true star in the celestial heavens and you have a very large tongue

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