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This would have been awesome for me, If only I lived in the US. I will be in Florida in May 2009, but I think most parks there have a higher price for season tickets. This is however still fun so I will be joining the race for the duckies!!!

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Hi there good friends!


Big Mike coming at you LIVE from UPS on my new Blackberry!


I am bored so I figured I would post the rules of The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Reader of the Year Find the Ducky Contest!!!


Rule #1 and MOST important- You CANNOT edit your answer once it has been posted. Any edit for whatever reason will be disqualified. Make sure your original answer is correct!


Rule #2 - I will not reveal the correct answer until the correct number of players have guessed correctly.


Rule #3 - You may only make 1 guess.


Rule #4 - You still may enjoy the trip report as if the contest was not going and compliment and praise Big Mike for his efforts!


Rule #5 - Big Mike will announce how many people will qualify for the next round and post the names of the people still in contention to become Big Mikes Reader of the Year.


This round, we are looking for the first 100 correct answers!!



That's all the rules!


ANY questions or rule clarifications, please post before the contest starts and I ill answer them!


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Should I take pictures of your duckies' other siblings (i believe each of them are triplets) to confuse people? I could also provide you with other ducks to make the pictures more varied.


But then you would be carrying around pockets full of ducks rather than just one or two. That would be even odder than having a bathroom full of ducks.

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To answer the questions...


Yes, you can get a 75 dollar credit to a more expensive pass! Big Mike is cool with that!


Mr. Moosey, more different duckies would be awesome! This new report features the 2nd ducky. Everyone give Moose props for supplying the duckies!!!


No, your winnings cannot go to Swedish fish. LOL. The season pass prize let's you reflect on how awesome TPR and Big Mike is EVERYTIME you use it!!



Keep the questions coming.



Peace, Big Mike

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I was wondering if I should start the contest at 50 or 100.


I decided 100 because I think we can make it!!!


I went to Knoebels the same day and did not play the ducky game, so there will be at least a week to fill all 100 spots until the 2nd ducky round.


By then, if we have all 100 spots filled, it is smooth sailing. If not, Big Mike is always good with coming up with a backup plan!


I think we have enough Big Mike Readers to make this a success!!!!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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The money is such a small part of it. Just think, being named Big Mike Reader of the Year, priceless. The fame, the exclusitivity of being the first Big Mike Reader of the Year. Wow. I get teary eyed thinking about it.


I will make up a Tshirt if I win.


Go me. I will start working on my acceptance speech:


"First I would like to thank Al Gore, because without him inventing the internet, this would not have been possible......Next of course my high school typing teacher.... my dog..... my insane addiction to coasters which drew me to this site....


It of course will get much longer.....

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Hello Friends!!


Lots of new info!


First, the Hershey update will go up sometime tonight, be ready!


Sorry it took so long, but I have been busy on 2 objectives which are-


1. Big Mike is moving into a much larger and nicer World Headquarters!!


2. Planning for the Heart of America portion of The Big Mike Road Show 2008 in less than 10 days!!



Now to elaborate on these two exciting events!!


The larger new Big Mike Production World Headquarters now means Big Mike can accomidate more TPR friends when visiting parks near NYC!


Hotel Big Mike will host his first visitor in September when Rick and his Coaster Palooza Tour has checked into the new Big Mike Hotel!


More details on close amusement parks and hotel guest eligibility coming soon!!


2nd, now that the planning is underway for the Heart of America portion of the Big Mike Road Show 2008 on Aug 8th - 16th, Big Mike Productions can OFFICIALLY announce 2 stops that have been booked!


Six Flags St. Louis on Saturday Aug 9th! All day! There was demand that this stop be on a weekend, so that's when it will be!!!




Worlds of Fun and the Coaster Madness Event Saturday Aug 16th!! All day!! Big Mike can bring a "reasonable" amount of Big Mike Readers to the event according to Worlds of Fun. Morning and Evening ERT, free lunch, and a photo walkback, plus prizes!



Let me know if anyone wants to join The Big Mike Road Show 2008 at either of these 2 stops!!!



The rest of the weeks scheduled stops in the Heart of America will be announced shortly!


Finally, after reviewing the ducky photos from Hershey, the ducky is pretty well hidden in some photos unintentionally. He looked obvious when I placed him, but not so much in the pictures. So look hard and if we don't get enough correct guesses, we will go to whoever was closest. I will hide them easier next time!


Be well Friends and Hershey posts tonight, which is opening day to find The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Reader of the Year!!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Yeah, This thread rocks, I cannot wait to get a new pass. JK, but seriousley Big Mike this thread is amazing, I need to read some updates as I have been out of it for the last few days as I got my wisdom teeth taken out .


Have a great time at Coaster Palooza and hopoefully I will be able to see you at Knotts.

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Free wifi - Yes


A/C - Yes


Bar - could be arranged.


Breakfast buffet - could be arranged.



The Big Mike Hotel will be 5 star



Peace, Big Mike


Time to work on the Hershey update now!

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Hello Friends!!!


The wait is over, let the search for the Big Mike Reader of the Year begin NOW!!!



Hershey Park is an awesome park. There is so much to do that I had to make this a double report!


You guys on the TPR East Coast Trip are going to love this park!!



The Rubber Ducky Contest will consist of the total number of ducky sightings in BOTH reports, so don't answer until the 2nd report posts right after the first one.



The object of the contest is to count how many times you see the rubber ducky in the report. The first picture of the report shows you what the ducky looks like and does NOT count towards the total!!



Do not tell everyone where you found the duckies, let them enjoy it on their own.



Good Luck and I hope you enjoy HERSHEY PARK!!!



Peace, Big Mike


Lets see if I get caught altering and enhancing Storm Runner to go faster than Kingda Ka! 2nd part posting Very shortly, don't guess yet! Peace, Big Mike


When you walked into the park, you need to follow the PA rules! I liked #9 and decided to test it out.


Upside down.


Cresting the top.


Then a few seconds later, your gone.


The typical sit and wait.




Storm Runner!


The loop.


My least favorite.




If you are on the TPR East Coast Trip and need this credit, there is NO way you won't get totally SOAKED! Be warned.


There are guysers all over the course.




Unfortunately, I forgot the riders had water bombs also.


Here is my partner in crime as we soaked EVERYBODY!


My favorite part is I can soak the riders from below! (I think this is an all time personal record for tongue length girls)


A coaster with a LOT of water!


Roller Soaker!


A picture of a bucket full of duckies for my friend Moose.


... and that winner is always Big Mike!!!


... and you always have a winner...


... you fly by each other in opposite directions...


... You go up and over each other...


During the ride, you race side by side...




Lightning Racer!


Exclusive shot.




The car.




Wild Mouse!


Nice not to have anyone else ruining the picture when Big Mike rides.


Sweeping turn.




I had personal ERT here, the only person on the whole train!






It was nice they had a stretcher waiting for anyone who collapsed during the rope drop run!


So after I rode, took pictures, talked to some hot babes, checked out the park map, and made a few calls, I used the single rider line and rode 25 rides after my first ride.


The best part about this ride is they have a single rider line that you don't have to wait in the regular line to get to.


Credit #676 for Big Mike!


No, thank you!


A tangled web.


The drop!


The lift!


A different angle overview. Big Mike takes care of his readers!


Here is an overview!


Here is the train and the seatbelts.




Well they finally opened and the race was on to Fahrenheit! I came in 8th overall and know Renee would be proud of my finish in the race.


... Hershey Park had booked The Big Mike Road Show to do 5 shows of autograph signings and photo ops?


What a concert line-up! Springsteen for Beeja! I couldn't tell if it was this packed because the Jonas Brothers were playing here today or...


I cheated and went to the rest room here and then stayed in line here or I would have been way back there!


Getting to the park, this place was mobbed already!


The park map with all ELEVEN coasters!


Here are your 2008 prices.


Hershey Park is this stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008!!!


... at least it is not this tarantula!!!


Hi Friends!! Here is the rubber ducky you are looking for in this round! This picture does not count towards the total! Don't mind the mosquito that is going to bite my hand...

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Hey Friends!


Big Mike coming at you LIVE from his Blackberry.


Wouldn't ya know it, the internet is out now and the 2nd part will have to wait until morning!


Please hold all guesses.


I hope the internet works a lot better in the new Big Mike Hotel. LOL


Till tomorrow morning...


Peace, Big Mike

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What a bummer about your internet.

I'm sitting here with a pen in my hand waiting to tally up the second part of the rubber ducky count, haha... cause you know, how can I be the Big Mike Reader of the Year if I don't post first!


Loved the HP photo's so far.

I LOVE Lightning Racer, and something that I'm still regretting 3 years later is not riding Roller Soaker cause i was a party pooper and didn't want to get wet! I'll be back this year though to redeem myself.


I'm looking forward to rest of the pics! (not just for the rubber duckies, either)

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Nice report Big Mike, I will indeed need the "get soaked to the bone" credit on the East Coast so no doubt Robb will take far too much pleasure in getting me drenched!!


I linked the TR to the front page, but you'll have to calculate the milage



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