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  1. I was riding in the roller coaster in Thailand. No a Thrill one....However, I was stregthing my arms up so that I could get more Thrill. The ride was very bumpy, Once it bumped, My arms fell down and hit the armrest and it banged so hard that people down there could hear. I couldn't feel my arm in the next couple of days. They're all numb
  2. Interesting Interview. Got my eyes Blurred after finished reading it. Thanks
  3. If you love hardcore game, Wii is not the option to continue. ( I was expecting GTA IV to be on Wii but it will never happen). You should go for Either PS3 or Xbox360 for those hardcore games. By the way....PC games is another option.
  4. That's So Sick!! The guy's gone NUTS!
  5. Hope you saw the news with Six Flags that even scares me more
  6. Hi All, I've just joined TPR today. Really like to share experience. It was long time ago since the movie Final Destination was first hit the theatre. I was not able to take any ride again in the amusement park after watching the movie and would like to know if this happened to you guys? Thanks
  7. Hi all This is my First Post. The last Ride was SixFlags Batman
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