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How was WildCat running? The last couple of times I rode it, it was pretty rough. So from now on when go to Hershey I don't ride it.By the way, is your UPS hub involved in HersheyPark day in October? My family and I go every year, except for last year we didn't go. If it is, you should go and we can meet up and hang out. Let me know ok? By the way, nice report and pics.

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Nice report Large Michael.


Like you said, some of those duckys are pretty hard to spot but I think I got them.


One possible problem though. The competition really should be time zone adjusted as I can forsee grumblings from your international friends and readers. For example, if you post first thing in the morning then this favours the Europeans (Good), but if posting late at night this favours Australians (Bad). Perhaps Big Mike could get Bill Gates to knock up a fiendishly complicated programme to "time adjust" all entries ? (On second thoughts, if you needed a program that works call Steve Jobs )


Just a tounge in cheek thought and look forward to the next installment of the BMRS !



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So that is the other duck I gave you. I was looking at my box of extras this morning trying to figre out what other duck I gave you besides the scuba duck. Now I know.


I need the mailing address of Big Mike Productions Headquarters so I can get you more of these little quackers.


That pic of the bucket-o-ducks did excite me, but it was more over the fact that swim goggles was floating along with his bigger brethren and looking so much better while doing it.

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Great TR so far Mike!


However I think I am going to decline entering the competition for two reasons: 1) You already give us so much with all these brilliant trip reports and constant entertainment and so you have already given me enough without paying for a season pass as well! and 2) I think there are far more deserving readers out there - I haven't even managed to meet up with the Roadshow (although that has a lot to do with being trapped in England!)


But I would like to say I think that is a brilliant prize and you are a very generous man to give us all these great trip reports, hours of fun for those who meet up with you at parks and then this prize on top of it all. It's no wonder the Roadshow has got so much attention and you've made so many friends along the way!


Keep up the good work Mike, and good luck to everyone on the competition!



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Hey Great Friends!


Part #2.



Peace, Big Mike


Hershey Park is an awesome park! Hopefully there is not a teenie bopper concert when you go though. The rumor is NOT true that I flattened every tire on any Jonas Brothers vehicle though :) Hope you enjoyed! YOU MAY NOW GUESS THE DUCKIES!!!! Peace, Big Mike


Big Mike posing with Mr. Hershey Bar, not your typical mascot picture.


Third, Chocolate World! Tours, shops, a 3-D movie and a trolley ride. Free chocolate too!


Hey, I found this sign in the water area! A future stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008 coming up with special guest host Bobbi Jo :)


Hershey is expanding the area next year and calling it "The SEA quel"


Second is the new Boardwalk area from last year with some water rides to cool you down.


Big Mike always loves feeding the ducks.


I saw a VERY hungry gator.


Now that all 11 coasters are done, time to hit three of the extra attractions that are included. First is Zoo America!


3 wood coasters in one park.


Teenies boppers must prefer the wood.


Not that is is real tame, but Hershey Park does not have one kiddie coaster jacking up their count.


This is what happens when there are a zillion teent boppers at the park for a concert. They flock to the tame coaster.




Always bringing the Big Mike Readers valuable information, this is where Wilt Chamberlain set the all time and still current record for scoring 100 points in one game!


This coaster intertwines with Great Bear.


Notice the Kiss Tower perfectly in the picture!


Sooper Dooper Looper!


Car sponserships throughout the park. Maybe this can be the new Big Mike Hot Rod?


Loop action.


Exclusive sky ride shot.




Great Bear!


Nope! Big Mike picks his Big Mike Readers over making out with hot babes! The Jonas Brothers rehearsal just in case any Big Mike Readers like the Jonas Brothers!


Good thing I was done eating. Now did Big Mike find a hot babe to smooch or not???


Time to hit the kissing tower and find some hot babes to make out with!


It was time to eat, look at all the great choices.


The train with a monorail for my friend Scott.


The train.




The tradition of the silly hat pictures continues.

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Disagreements early


Reflections do not count lol.


I will give the correct answer when we get the correct number of right answer!!!



Keep guessing everyone



Peace, Big Mike

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The reason for this edited post is nothing to do with having a second guess on the ducky competition because Big Mike had made it so difficult.


It was just a post praising Big Mike for being an all round good bloke, but I realised that I had, in fact, not praised Big Mike ENOUGH !


So from all your fans that are not worthy to tread the ground you walk on a big thanks for the EXCELLENT TRs and being a LEGEND in your own lifetime !


(Phew, I think I got away with that !)

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