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Grrr. Your so lucky to make that trip on Friday. I havent been up to Hershey in ages, and Knoebels is my new favorite park!


Anyways, no big deal on cancelling KI. As long as the meet is before Aug 23, I'll be glad to meet you there.

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Hi Friends!


The Big Mike Road Show 2008 is coming live to you this morning from Hershey Park!


The sun is shining and in less than a couple hours, I will have collected Fahrenheit!!!


If anyone is in the area, come on out and say hello!


I will spend the majority of the day here before heading over to Knoebels at around 5PM.


Hershey and Knoebels TODAY! Double chance to partake in The Big Mike Road Show 2008!!!


Peace, Big Mike

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Hello Friends and valuable Big Mike Readers!


Spent the day at Hershey and Knoebels today, and while walking around with Moose's 2nd rubber ducky that he gave me, I came up with the idea for the Big Mike Reader of the Year Award and prize



I once again hid Moose's rubber ducky in the upcoming Hershey Park trip report posting this weekend some time.


Fot those new to The Big Mike Road Show 2008 thread, when the Hershey Park Trip Report posts, some of the photos will have a rubber ducky hidden in them. All you have to do is count how many pictures you found the rubber ducky in and post your answer.


The first time we play, I will take ONLY the first 100 people to answer correctly. (Time to get everyone who reads The Big Mike Road Show 2008 out of the woodwork


The next time we play, only those 100 are eligible to participate and only 90 of those 100 advance when we play again.


Everytime we play Find the Ducky, we eliminate 10 more people until we get to the end, and the final rounds will be 5 people and 2 people.



So as I am walking around the park, I am thinking to myself, what could the valuable Big Mike Readers use and appreciate??


I phoned into Big Mike Production Headquarters and asked for additional funding as I don't want the end of the year prize to be something junky!


After furious negotiations and a brief moment where I had to remind them that The Big Mike Road Show 2008 is STILL the #1 TPR thread of this year and asked them what they think would happen if Big Mike walked out and they had to scramble for a replacement such as Larry, they QUICKLY threw some extra cash my way for the prize!!!


So with the extra cashola and the fact that everyone here is so cool and nice to me, I thought the best prize that would benifit everyone the most would be a 2009 season pass to your favorite park!!!! Now there is a $75 limit, so don't be asking for a Disney pass or Dutch Wonderland pass??? I saw today that Dutch Wonderland is over $100????



Everyone is invited to play but forgive me if I root for some of my awesome frequent posters or great friends I have met so far this year



Good Luck To Everyone and once again, THANKS from everyone here at Big Mike Productions and The Big Mike Road Show 2008 for your continued support and loyalty!!!



Hershey Park and the opening round of the Big Mike Road Show 2008 Reader of the Year Award will be posting soon!!



Peace, Big Mike

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That is a very generous thing of you to do Mike! It's no wonder you have become such a popular figure here on TPR. You definatly seem like a genuinly awesome person to hang out with, based on what others have said about you in your thread and others. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to hang out with you in the near future.


Gary T.

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Big Mike, Your such an awesome nice guy. You invite people to come hang out with you at parks and share all these memories and stuff and now your offering to award a prize to your #1 reader. Thank You for it all and I look forward to more riding with you in the future. When you go to Kings Island I hope its far in advance for me to get the day off so I can drive down there I would love to get down there this year as I need the SoB credit. As for another question will you be hitting Cedar Point up again for the Halloweekends portion of the year?



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Another long time lurker who was drawn to post on the BMRS thread like a moth to a flame.


Big Mike


Regarding the "ducky" competition. Why not get guesses BEFORE posting the pictures. That way it can be easily rigged so a close friend (or relative) gets to win. Genius.


All the best and enjoying the Road Show immensely.

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Very generous of you Big Mike, however the fact that I get to hang out with you in person on August 23rd for the New Jersey part of the Big Mike Road Show at Clementon Park and Morey's Piers is a prize in itself. ! So I will give up my chance to win the end of year prize to someone who is not fortunate enough to hang out with the Big Mike Road Show this year. You truly are a kind person my friend! I the Big Mike Road Show!

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Thanks great friends for all the nice things you are saying!


I am the one that is lucky to be able to hang out with such great wonderful people and to be part of this great website Robb and Elissa have here!


The real thanks should go out to the Alveys and all The Big Mike Readers, who without your praise and encouragement and friendships, The Big Mike Road Show would not be worthwhile to post!


I REALLY can't say THANKS enough!



Bobbi Jo, you should play!


The Dave Experience, I am sorry I missed you. It would have been great to hang out with you two instead of the tens of thousands of teenie boppers there for the Jonas Brothers concert.You are right, INSANELY crowded!


Also, welcome to all the new Big Mike posters!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Mike, this is an AWESOME idea! If there was a "TPR Reader of the Year" award it would go to Big Mike!




Robb brings up an interesting point. If Big Mike posts the answer first right after Big Mike posts the TR. Big Mike will win the contest every week. Since Big Mike will probably be buying a Disney pass as well as a CF pass and maybe even a Seaworld/ Busch Gardens pass, Big Mike could then be ripping off Big Mike Prod. for a 6F pass and keep the money in house. I know Francis Ford Coppola acquired several houses as well as his vineyard billing them as production offices. When the film was finished, the production co. then "put the offices up for sale" , only didn't list them as "for sale" and Francis himself scooped up these "offices" for an unbelievable pittance. What Guy T. Koepp is getting at, is that this seems like an excuse for Big Mike to score Big Mike a free season pass.


And lets face facts, Big Mike does have a spotty record. Big Mike hasn't always been on the up and up. Afterall, Guy T. Koepp is still waiting for those alleged Big Mike pictures of the TPR babes in bikini's that Big Mike was using as "bait" to get Big Mike more exposure in last years Spain trip.


What Guy T. Koepp is getting at, is that Guy T. Koepp won't be shocked if Big Mike wins the Big Mike game.


Guy T. Koepp might add that this still won't deter Guy T. Koepp in the least as far as entering goes. Guy T. Koepp wishes all who enter the contest the best of luck, and congratulates Big Mike on his victory.


Guy "Guy T. Koepp" Koepp

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Darn Guy, you are on to me



Since you spilled the beans on me, I now determine and announce that Big Mike will not be allowed to participate and win The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Reader of the Year Award and Season Pass Prize!!!



Also, I would post those TPR Bikini Babe Photos, but the law was layed down to Big Mike on all future bikini pictures, so now I have to disguise the photos as underwear or volleyball pictures



Good luck Guy in your quest to be Big Mike's #1 Reader!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike, you rock! I'm all for this contest, and all for helping your drive to promote Big Mike and TPR.


Matt Damon is an official entrant in the Big Mike Reader of the Year contest! Matt Damon won't even accept the prize, he just wants to beat everyone and help make Big Mike more popular!

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Can't wait to read your TR for Hershey and knoebel's. I'm going to Hershey August 25th just to ride faranheit and stormrunner(which I haven't ridden yet) Can't wait to see your pics and hear what you thought of faranheit.


The ducky game sounds like fun, and the prize sounds awesome too. Wouldn't have expected anything less from Big Mike.

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