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  1. ^ It's known to me because of how many times Seinfeld would mention the Bizarro superman and they even had a bizarro world episode. He is a real Superman fan and if you watched that show you know what bizarro is. And really, by looking at the dude how hard is it to figure out it's a bad superman? Great name and idea.
  2. You're out of your mind if you don't think sheikra, montu and kumba are a solid coaster lineup. What is a better inverted coaster than Montu? It's definitely the best one I've been on so far. Kumba, is a surprisingly good coaster and in my opinion more fun than the incredible Hulk.
  3. Guess the crotch is a bad game when no guy has any sign of a bulge. How embarrassing.
  4. To me Batman is a must-ride along with the obvious Nitro, Kingda Ka and El Toro.
  5. I had planned on going on easter as well. I should have read the fine print ahead of time before getting my hopes up.
  6. What's the sudden obsession with the Jew? It is still okay to travel with friends, isn't it? Oh, and Gold Reef City. I'm starting to think the real relationship is between Joey and Robb and Elissa is a beard.
  7. Wow, I am so impressed with this new coaster. Universal is full of amazing ideas for their parks. Does anybody know the degree of that drop off the brake run? Thanks.
  8. Last year I went on Memorial Day weekend and the crowds were thin. Go for it.
  9. I say take a trip to Orlando and/or Cedar Point. A whole week can be spent in Orlando where Cedar Point is good for about two-three days. I've been to both and you can't go wrong either way. I just noticed you say you want roller coasters. In that case Cedar Point is your only choice. You can also take a trip to King's Island while you are there and ride the new coaster Diamondback next year.
  10. This ride has really nice theming for a ride outside of Orlando.
  11. Wow Big Mike, you got a really good smashing by a comedian. You should feel honored. Very funny stuff.
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