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^ I never tried to get the picture of that hot daddy, it would have been too obvious. Michael tried, but I am not sure if he ever got it. Don't worry, there will be pictures of our guides at Asterix and Walibi World.

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Thanks so much Big Mike!


Your pictures have sparked so many great memories of the trip. I hope you don't mind if I use the picture you took of Mickey and me as my avatar on FaceBook.


Hope you enjoy the San Francisco treat!


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Thanks to everyone who has said so many kind words since you have been back from the trip.


I had a great time taking pictures of everyone having fun and I am delighted to share them with all of you, my great friends!!


All the best to everyone until we meet again



Peace, Big Mike

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Glad to hear you got back home safely and I absolutly love your Disneyland paris pictures!


Love that they have made Casey Jr. into a roller coaster, seems Disneyland paris has a decent selection of coasters. Crush's coaster looked interesting, did the shell spin?


This trip looked like so much fun I was very jealous I wasn't there.


Great TR as always Big Mike!!

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It was so awesome finally meeting you BigMike! You are awesome, and I love how you always thanked anyone when you took their picture. Great string of photos from the Europe trip and so sad it's all come and gone so quickly. Thanks for all the great memories!

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I feel like the Europe trip went by so fast. I missed some of it during a vacation, but it seemed a lot faster then all the other TPR trips. Also thanks Big Mike for providing us with all the pictures.


Can't wait and see what you have in store for us for the rest of the Road Show.


Wow that Road Show thread has already made it to page 100!

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Big Mike,


Thanks for all the mug shots of me, especially on Troy!


Turn about's fair play, so here's a few I have of you.


Big Mike's Seal of Approval for TPR's 2008 Mainland Europe Trip


Big Mike's grouppies


Behind the scenes of Big Mike's Road Show (AKA, the crew did not want to get up early to do Disney)


Big Mike + little boat = BIG SPLASH!!!


Posing on the boat jump


Without the shag red hat


With the shag red hat

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Hi there all of you awesome Big Mike Readers and great friends!!



Everyone here at Big Mike Productions World Headquarters would like to thank all of you for making The Big Mike Road Show 2008 thread 100 pages long!!!!





Just like Major League Baseball is having its All Star break, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 decided to take a break at the half way point also!!


The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt currently has 13 of the 26 destinations checked off!!! I included a picture at the end of the retired Kidtums T-Shirt with all the checks!


Big Mike had family functions this past weekend, so instead of a new update, there will be a summary of all the places checked off so far (a quick recap for the newbies that don't want to read through the first 100 pages.. but why wouldn't ya? lol) and also pictures of everyone who came to participate in the Big Mike Road Show 2008 in Europe that was not on the trip!


Though nothing is confirmed yet, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 will continue this weekend as Big Mike picks up his former step kids (not exactly sure what you call the kids when you marry into 3 kids, then get divorsed), but a good time will be had by all for the week they are visiting!!


Most likely there will be a stop at Knoebels this Friday and Hershey Park next Friday or Saturday.


Then the Road Show will continue the following weekend as Bobbi Jo has gracefully decided to play host to The Big Mike Road Show 2008 and guide the crew around Moreys Pier and Clementon!! Now that is cool!!


If you want to see the kids and experience a huge "Big Mike Back Then", hit the link http://www.leslieandmike.com The website will only be up for one more month!


So as The Big Mike Road Show 2008 begins it's second half, I hope to see many more new friends along the way and lots of meet ups with friends already made thus far!!


Thanks again everyone for the first ONE HUNDRED PAGES!!!!



Peace, Big Mike


Once I put the "retired Kidtums shirt" on the floor, Lucky Dog thought he was going to sign it again.. so instead of getting a close up of the shirt, I accidently got a view with the garbage can it it too. Hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike


Kristen checks off France!


Robb checks off Germany!


Elissa checks off Holland!


Beeja checks off Belgium!


Kayla checks off Ohio!


Lucky Dog checks off Canada!


Chuck checks off Virginia!


Hot Bikini Girl checks off Mexico!


Craig and Gage check off New York!


The Flash temporarily checks off New Jersey until Bobbi Jo officially checks it off!


Sue checks off Connecticut!


Rick, Gyendolyne, Scott, and Shannon check off Georgia!


Rich checks off Tennessee!










Never got the name of this Midwest Trip friend!




Benny and Hans!


Bas! (Spelled it right this time my friend)







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I may have to get one of my relatives who actually is from and lives in New Jersey to check off New Jersey Big Mike because I'm from Philadelphia unless we 'fudge the truth a little' ! Looking forward to a fun weekend with the Big Mike Road Show!

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Congrats on hitting 100 pages Big Mike!!


It's been quite awesome to follow the Europe Trip here, tonnes of great photos, funny captions and people having fun. And many kudos to you for keeping up a consistent flow of updates all the time!


Oh and I can't believe how many parks you've visited this year, with this rate there won't be many parks left for you in a few years!


Keep the Road Show rolling Big Mike!

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Hi Tommioh!!!!! Nice to hear from you again!! Hope to see you again on a trip real soon Thanks for the compliments!



Bobbi Jo, It does not matter where you are from, it just matters that we had fun in that state while I was there. You are definately allowed to check it off and keep the integrity of the shirt


Nagro, Thanks for the nice words! It WOULD be really cool to get this to 200 pages, AND double the amount of friends I have met so far too!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike,


I just spent parts of the past three days getting caught up on the road show since out desktop is very slow to load pictures. Now that we solved that problem with a lap top, I was able to get caught up. Great pictures as always!


Gary "hoping to see you at Hard Rock" T.

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Hello Friends!!!!!!



I have picked up the step kids and we skipped Knoebels this weekend and I will probably hit Knoebels and Hershey next weekend after I drop the kids back off!!!


I am toying with the idea of hitting King's Island next Friday, since there has been interest in people joining The Big Mike Road Show 2008 there


So next week may look like King's Island on Friday July 25th and Hershey Park Saturday July 26th, with a stop at Knoebels on the way home.


Will determine later in the week with final plans and post it for everyone.



The kids are looking forward to going to NYC tomorrow (Saturday July 19th) to sightsee, maybe take in a show, and hit Victorian Gardens in Central Park!!


So if anyone is in NYC tomorrow and would like to hang out with The Big Mike Road Show 2008, let me know!!!!


Also, anyone interested in meeting next weekend at Kings Island or Hershey too??


Peace, Big Mike

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