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I thought you were going to cut the sleeves off that shirt.


Here are some more pictures from the Big Mike Road Show.



Some of the highlights:


And how can we forget Team Larry?


Blending in


Big Mike in a little hole


A big couch for Big Mike


The signature move


Big Mike and three drinks


Do we really need to see that?


Nearly got the boob credit there

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Joe, the plan is to be there at opening pal, hopefully see you there Champ!!!


Will, that was AWESOME looking at over 70 pictures of Big Mike Thanks for posting that link for all the Big Mike Readers!



NYC Tomorrow, Victorian Gardens!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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$9.50 for a kiddie coaster - no thanks!


Wow, that is quite a bit.


Thank goodness Big Mike Productions cover all the costs on these trips, or I would go broke.


Maybe I will take the Team Larry shirt out of the garbage can and wear it in honor of you since you won't be riding it.



Peace, Big Mike

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Mike, are you planning on being at KI from opening until close?


Kayla and I could come down to see the Show again, but would not be until later in the day, probably 5-6pm until close.


Are you going to be there on Sat. as well?



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Hi Ken!


Nice to hear from you


I am unsure of how long I will be there as I need to wait until midweek to finalize plans.


I will get back to you when I know 100% sure my friend!


Say hi to Kayla for me



Peace, Big Mike

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OMG! I have that shirt "To Err is human......" In the last pic.




Looks like your shirt is a mirror image.


It's my stupid camera. I've never seen it do that. Oh well, just get a mirror, hold it infront of the screen, and then look in the mirror and it should be fine.



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Hi Friends!!


My step kids have arrived, and of course when given the choice of what to do, the girls picked shopping and John picked riding coasters.


To make everyone happy, because that is what Big Mike likes to do best, I brought them to Palisades Park Mall in NY.


I sent the girls shopping with some leftover cash from the Europe Trip and I hooked John up with a new credit!


I figured it was a good pre show to the BIG NYC DAY coming tomorrow, which I will post soon with LOTS of cool things Don't miss it, unless you don't want to see Big Mike with 4 hot babes in thier underwear!



So introducing my step kids that I married into but then got divorsed from, but are still as tight as ever with them


I hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


John is happy he got his credit, the girls were happy they got to shop with Big Mike's money, and Big Mike was happy as he had 4 hot babes in their underwear in his future. I hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike


After the walk back, it was time to get John his credit.


The walk back was awesome.


Krazy City shut down the coaster as Big Mike did not want to become a headline like others unfortunately have lately.


Before we rode, Big Mike Productions had set up a walk back ahead of time to take pictures of all the theming in the coaster area.


John ready to ride Midnight Express!


Krazy City!


Before we hit the coasters, we relaxed to this special concert for Big Mike.


I also used this fortune teller machine and she said "You are going to find yourself with 4 hot babes dressed in their underwear very soon!" I laughed and said stupid machine. (I am sooooo going back to this machine ASAP after yesterdays events came true!!!) Photo proof next update!


I was challenged to this by some locals and I told them I will accept their challenge when I come back with my friend Mike.


They also had a Dave and Busters, so we went inside.


I had to check out the ice rink as it brought back the glory days of Big Mike winning hockey championships at will.


.... and an ice rink to name a few things.




...paintball soon....


... with wierd theming....


.... carousel....


.... rock wall....


I already reviewed this coaster earlier this year, so I figured I would expand to the mall and all the options in case you wanted to visit. They have a ferris wheel...


I met John when he was 2 and we rode these rides every chance we got. One last time for memories sake.


Even better, it was their 10th anniversary!


The closest place to Big Mike Productions Headquarters to do this is Palisades Park Mall.


Samantha, John, and Danielle and I traveled to NY to go shopping and ride a coaster all at once.

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This goes for any Big Mike readers and good friends out there, I will be happy to be your tour guide!!! I love NYC and know all the ins and outs to getting cheap show tickets, finding the fun spots, having a great time!! Write me when your in town! Watch for the next update to see how much fun you can have in just one day!! Peace, Big Mike. Who is writing this to you on my new blackberry at workm. Woo hoo!

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I'll accept that challenge Mike, but I haven't really been playing in a bit so that might even the score. Get some money on that offer, it will fuel some future trips for us.


Still kicking around about heading up to Bowcraft. I'll let you know if I go, maybe we can meet up again!


Nice Mike

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Hey Friends!!!!!


It was time to show the kids around NYC!


The day was a lot of fun, and as always in NYC, you can see just about anything there.


Here is what we saw in just one day.


As a special bonus, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 also visited it's 60th park of the season - Victorian Gardens in Central Park!


As a double special bonus, I have included a special edition play along at home game in this trip report.


My friend "Moose" gave me a couple rubber duckies on the Europe trip which I have hidden in this trip report. Play along at home and see how many you can find Big Mike always tries to improve and entertain his readers as much as possible!


Also, look for a couple more Europe gifts making their United States debut!


I hope you enjoy!



Peace, Big Mike


We escaped into the tunnel unharmed and will live to see another day and lots more stops on The Big Mike Road Show 2008! I hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike PS - How many did you find?


Fearing that I may have put the kids lives in peril, we had to make a quick exit.


By now, word had spread that Big Mike was in town and the place swelled in volume.


Since John got a hot babe, the girls wanted to go find The Naked Cowboy! We only found an old version of The Naked Cowgirl.


In typical Big Mike fashion, I have to take care of ALL the Big Mike Readers too!


John was amazed at the ease that Big Mike pulled in 4 hot babes, so I took him under my wing and said start slow with one now, and one day you will be just like the Master!


....Four hot babes in their underwear saw Big Mike coming and just about attacked him! They were on Big Mike like white on rice! Thanks you Babe Magnet Shirt 2!!!


Big Mike changed back out of his Babe Magnet 2 Shirt, but must have worn it long enough for the powers to work! As we visit Times Square, thats when it happened...


After the show ended, 3 happy kids!


Before the show started at Rydell High School.


...The Babe Magnet 2 Shirt!!! Thanks Steve, I told you I would wear it :)


The kids were super excited but Big Mike had to change into something more snazzy for the occasion....


The kids were going to see Grease, now with American Idol Taylor Hicks. Surprise!


A surprise awaited the kids 30 blocks away, so they got their 1st NYC cab ride. They were hoping for The Cash Cab on tv, but we just got a regular one.


The park was full of statues to check out too.


We stopped by to check out a volleyball game in the park too.


Oh the days of the victory parties, cheerleaders, and photos in the papers... I miss the good ole days.


John starts football next year, but he has years of expertise taught to him already!


We moved on to The Great Lawn for a little ex-step father and son bonding time!


As you can see, they pack quite a bit into this ice rink. The builings in the background make an awesome backdrop.


I'll admit I already had the credit from last year and didn't even ride it this year. With Big Mike Productions, I could afford to pay to get in and not even ride it, just to bring the Big Mike Readers some good pictures because thats how Big Mike rolls.


The lift.


Notice the flower theming and the ice rink walls.


A never seen before reverse view of the coaster.


Up close.


Here is the coaster that is hidden deep inside Central Park!


Some other options as well.


Here are your prices.


I also saw a typical looking Team Larry member.


Since Larry said he could not afford to dish out the $9 to come along, I dedicated this day to Team Larry. (Don't I look super cool with my sleeveless Team Larry Captain's shirt)


The amusement park is actually located inside an ice rink during the summer months.


Victorian Gardens - stop #60 on The Big Mike Road Show 2008.


We next ventured into Central Park in search of a roller coaster.


Radio City Music Hall, where Big Mike picked up the award for #1 TPR thread in 2008 a few weeks ago.


Rockerfeller Center with no ice rink or Christmas tree.


Lets give thanks for The Big Mike Road Show 2008.


We moved on to St. Patricks Cathedral.


John cleaned up on winning tickets.


We had some chips, burgers, and drinks and the kids played lots of games!


For the 2nd day in a row, we hit a Dave and Busters!


This little kid sure could break dance.


We moved on to watch some local street talent.


From a distance, The Rock looks good. Up close, not so good.


Big Mike is no fashion consultant, but The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt looks a lot better than the shirt he is wearing.


It took John all day to master the raised eyebrow of The Rock!


We stopped by Madame Tussauds to smell what The Rock was cooking! (Big Mike has actually met The Rock in person already)


The first stop for the kids was 42nd Street!


The Big Mike Road Show 2008 would like to welcome everybody to Big Mike's back yard, NEW YORK CITY!!!


John also came along, not wanting to miss the fortune tellers prediction come true.


Danielle and Samantha hopped in the back seat of the hot rod and away we went.


A summary of how to play the play at home game. This is the rubber duckie you are looking for. This one does not count. How many can you find?

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Mike, is there any chance you can move KI to this thursday? I have a pretty busy week at work, and I'd love to meet up on friday if I can get someone to either of my shifts. Still, I have thursday off, and weekdays are better anyways at KI.


...or you can just stop by Coney Island

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Sadly, I actually have to work on Thursday


Kings Island is still up in the air as UPS will not tell me until Thursday what my schedule will be for the rest of 2008.


So unfortunately, I don't even know when I will be at Kings Island, or at all.


I will keep you al informed as soon as I find out.



Peace, Big Mike

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Sadly, I actually have to work on Thursday


Kings Island is still up in the air as UPS will not tell me until Thursday what my schedule will be for the rest of 2008.


So unfortunately, I don't even know when I will be at Kings Island, or at all.


I will keep you al informed as soon as I find out.



Peace, Big Mike


Lame. I was looking forward to joining you this Friday. I hope you can make it out after all.

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Looks like you had a really fun time in New York. I would love to go see Grease on Broadway. That is one of my favorite movies. We used to reenact it all the time outside of my house when we were growing up. And what do you mean by UPS telling you what the rest of your schedule is for the rest of the year. I know you said that you are a supervisor, but what exactly do you do? Should I be afraid as union employee at UPS? Just kidding Big Mike. Also, I sent you a message regarding Morey's Piers and Clementon Park,ok? I'll talk to you later.---Bobbi Jo

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Great TR Mike! I think this is my favourite so far!


Big Mike, Two lovely young ladies, One respectable young gentleman, Central Park, Volleyball, Big Mike groupies in underwear... you covered everything! You even got the Rock to come and join in the Roadshow - good work!


Glad you enjoyed your time in europe and your trip NYC, I went there a few years ago and it is a great place, keep the roadshow rolling with more of these great TR's and keep on having fun!


Always proud to support the Big Mike Roadshow, #1 Thread (ever?!)!!!



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Aww thanks for tagging along scuba duck along on your NYC adventures.


I admit, I do not care what the Rock is cooking, I care what his cousin "Toa" on American Idol is cooking, but it was nice of him to partake in Big Mike Mania.


How many shirts did you bring with you? You had more costume changes than a Cher concert. Not that I've ever been to a Cher concert or even like her all that much, but, you get the point.

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