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Mike this thread is a lot of fun to read, keep it up!


You did a great job at hiding them. Especially the one where....Ha! got you! All of you lurkers just trying to throw in an answer and not actually looking for them. Shame on you. Go back and play the game properly.


Are they all gone? Okay, good. I say 10 duckies!


Keep up the great pictures!

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I checked those pictures MULTIPLE times...and kept coming up with 9. So that's my guess. 9 rubber duckies, final answer.


In other news...yet another great Big Mike update! I read it first to enjoy the update, then a few more times to count the ducks. Great stuff as always Mike! I can't wait to get down to Hershey some time.

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Well I must admit I NEVER thought we would have such a division like this LOL



Are the people guessing NINE missing a stratigically placed hard one??




Are the people guessing TEN seeing a duck that is not really there??




Did Coastercrazed49 or xxhershey818xx win with their guesses of 17 or 7??



So far, 35 guesses on Nine, 13 guesses of 10, 1 guess of 17, and 1 guess of 7!!!



Great game so far!!! Excellent opening round!!!


The game has only been going for a little over half a day and we already have 50 guesses! Great Job, keep them coming


Good luck to all!!!!! Don't give away the ducky hiding places.



Peace, Big Mike

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Man! Compared to the practice round, this duckie game was harder than I thought. I had to go through the pictures twice just to see if I missed any. It ended up that I missed one, so I was glad that I went over them twice.


I'm going to go with 9 duckies.

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Hey Friends!!!


Big Mike Productions can now officially announce that ZONKERS in KANSAS will be the Official first stop on The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Heart of America portion of the tour!!!


This stop will be Friday, Aug 8th at about 8pm!


This is one of two stops that will complete Kansas at 100% coaster collecting wise.



This now makes the Official Heart of America portion of The Big Mike Road Show 2008 tour look like this at the current moment with more stops to be announced soon:



Friday Aug 8th 8pm - ZONKERS in KANSAS

Saturday Aug 9th all day - SIX FLAGS ST. LOUIS in MISSOURI

Saturday Aug 16th all day - WORLDS OF FUN in MISSOURI



We need volunteer Big Mike Readers to check off The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt in the states of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Nebraska!!!



I hope to see a lot of great Theme Park Review friends on the ONLY swing through these states of 2008!



Also, 1 full day is now complete in the Find the Ducky Contest for a free 2009 season pass of your choice!!


It's free to enter, give it a try!


The first round of the contest may end at any time, get your guesss in quick!



Thanks to all the fiathful Big Mike Readers out there



Peace, Big Mike

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First time I only saw 5!!


BUT, my actual guess is 10 - I saw a bunch more once I figured out Big Mike`s Duckie Hidiing Habits.....


Big Mike - I have been a fan all summer, but never a poster...


Hope to meet you at Behemoth Bash - I assume you`ll be there!!



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