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By far one of the coolest ideas! I really enjoyed this round and can't wait for the next...for the ducks and the trip report. Though, just a suggestion, maybe later on you should ask that we PM our guess. I would have never gotten 10 duckies if I hadn't seen others post their responses. I went back until I found 10!


Thanks again Big Mike!

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^^I did the same thing after I guessed 9. I PM'd Mike and told him I found the 10th one, but I already guessed. He made his post about putting in another guess and deleting your previous one.


Maybe we can PM him and also write something nice about his TR because I think the King of self-promotion would like some replies!


The one that I kept missing was the Great Bear duck as well.

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Hi Friends!!!


I figured I would post this for all the Big Mike Readers who have been short changed by the lack of hot babes in bikini pictures lately.


I got this from another thread today:


Mr. Shapiro, the former head of programming at ESPN, has been trying to cut costs wherever he can. While competitors such as Ohio-based Cedar Fair try to lure more customers with ever bigger, more outrageous and expensive roller coasters, Six Flags is moving in an opposite, family-friendly direction. It has barred bikini tops and banned smoking everywhere but in small areas on the outskirts of the parks.



See everyone, The Big Mike Road Show 2008 is not the only place that is being pressured to eliminate the hot babes in bikinis


Big Mike Productions is not even cutting costs like Six Flags, it is actually pumping extra money in just to get better and hotter bikini shots!!



Thanks for understanding!



Knoebels trip report goes up tonight, as well as the full Heart of America Tour Itiniery for next week!!! Plus the names of the 2nd round of the Find the Ducky contestants will be posted!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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Hi Friends!!!!


I hope everyone is over the post ducky blues


How could all of you miss #5? It was dead center in the picture LOL


A lot to go over here before we start the Knoebels Trip Report!


First off, time to give thanks to Jon (Moose) once again for supplying the duckies for our contest and to Scott (Beemer Boy) for supplying the photo with the duckies circled, because you know there is no way Big Mike could figure out how to do that!


Speaking of The Big Mike Road Show 2008 Reader of the Year Find the Ducky Game, here is the list of great friends that found all 10 duckies and moved on to round #2:




































33 winners!


* = Has met Big Mike already!


Thanks to everyone who played. You are all winners too and really EVERYONE is tied for Reader of the Year


The next round, those 33 players play again, with only 20 more advancing to the 3rd round. Stay tuned for the next ducky game.


More good news to report! Big Mike has been sending out more requested coupons to the valuable Big Mike Readers! Check out Scarparri's Coupon and Discount thread and right at the top is a link to Big Mike's Mega Section!


Big Mike has some discouraging news too! Having thought that Connecticut was completed 100% this year after visiting Lake Compounce and Quassey earlier in the year, a new coaster has popped up out of the blue! I use a few sites to track coasters, and coaster-count has a map that shows big red balloons if you need a coaster and darkened out balloons if you have then already. Big Mike's USA map is almost all darkened out on the east coast, BUT NOW, there is a big red balloon that has flown over and landed in western Connecticut! UGHHHHHH!


OK Everybody, the moment you have been waiting for!!!


Big Mike's upcoming schedule!!!!!


The Big Mike Road Show 2008 is going to be on the road for almost the rest of the coaster season! I hate to just spring dates and places on everyone, because it makes it hard to meet up with you great friends.


Here is the upcoming TWO MONTHS!!! More detailed dates for the trips farther away will be given soon.


I hope a lot of you can come out and say hello and share a day of fun!!


Big Mike's Heart of America portion of the Road Show:


Fri Aug 8th - Zonkers in Kansas at 8pm

Sat Aug 9th - Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri at 10am

Sun Aug 10th - Miner Mike's Adventure Town in Missouri at 11am

Sun Aug 10th - Route 66 Carousel Park in Missouri at 4pm

Mon Aug 11th - Celebration City in Missouri at 3pm

Tue Aug 12th - Magic Springs & Crystal Falls in Arkansas at 11am

Wed Aug 13th - Silver Dollar City in Missouri at 9:30am

Wed Aug 13th - Kiddie Park in Oklahoma at 7pm

Thu Aug 14th - All Star Adventures in Kansas at 10am

Thu Aug 14th - Skateland Playdaze in Nebraska at 4pm

Thu Aug 14th - Fun Plex in Nebraska at 6pm

Fri Aug 15th - Arnold's Park in Iowa at 11am

Fri Aug 15th - Adventureland in Iowa at 4pm

Sat Aug 16th - Worlds of Fun in Missouri at 8am (Coaster Mayhem)


Aug 23rd - Moreys Pier and Clementon in New Jersey with special guest tour director Bobbi Jo (Bobafett)


Aug 22 or 24 - Jolly Roger, Baja Amusements, Jolly Roger at the Pier, and Trimper's Rides in Maryland


Aug 29th - Sept 1 (Labor Day Weekend) -

Six Flags New England in Massachusetts

Fun World in New Hampshire

Canobie Lake in New Hampshire

Palace Playland in Maine

Funtown/Splashtown in Maine

Jimini Peak in Massachusetts

Ocean Beach Park in Connecticut


Sept 6 - Hard Rock Park in South Carolina


Sept 19 - 21 - Coaster Palooza Weekend with Rick at the grand opening of the Big Mike Hotel with Coney Island in New York and Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey plus closing down Yankee Stadium


Oct 3 - 12 - California portion of the Road Show

Knotts Berry Farm - (Haunt Oct 5)

California Adventure

Adventure City



Castle Amusement Park

John's Incredible Pizza Riverside


Universal Studios Hollywood

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Gilroy Gardens

Great America

Oakland Zoo


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Fun Town at Micke Grove

Train Town

Nut Tree Park


John's Incredible Pizza Roseville



Anyone that can come out and meet, let me know or just look for The Official Big Mike Road Show 2008 T-Shirt!!!!!


We need people to check of these states



We already have Craig (Iggyace) and his whole family, JoAnna (jojo19799), and Spaceace12 coming to Six Flags St. Louis this Saturday!!!



The Big Mike Road Show 2008 has been put up in a nice swank 2 Bedroom condo that sleep 6 in Branson Missouri next week by Big Mike Productions! This means there is room for a few extra Pre-qualified Big Mike Readers to chill and relax. If you have been on a TPR trip with Big Mike, or have met Big Mike this year on the road, you qualify!

Send me a PM if you can use the place, even if you don't want to do the crazy traveling. Here is the link of the place, which is WALKING DISTANCE to Silver Dollar City! No parking tolls





Now, on to one of my favorite parks to visit, Knoebels!!!


I hope you enjoy!


Peace, Big Mike





Big Mike gives Knoebels top marks! I hope you enjoyed! Peace, Big Mike


When you are tired of riding the great rides and eating the awesome food, there are arts and craft tents all over so you can buy Big Mike a present!


Throwing the rings in the lions mouth at the end of the ride.


What do you do with all the rings at the end of the ride you ask?


Big Mike got the golded ring two rides in a row. Big Mike is just a natural.


The object is to grab the rings as you go by and hope to get the golden ring to win a free ride.


... It is one of the last brass ring carousels!!


This is not awesome because it is one of the largest carousels, it is awesome because...


Yummy food everywhere. All kinds. White birch beer too!!


My favorite. Pitch dark and then a huge truck horn and lights blind you.


Nice effects.


Dark thrills.


You don't have to ride in beat up cars here like most dark rides.


The house looks peaceful enough from the outside.


The Haunted House, where everything works perfectly.


Here is a tip. Don't ride when Big Mike is riding or he will wreck you up.


I guess I am not the only person who thinks so.


The best bumper cars anywhere.


I find Kozmo. He promised to tip me off a day before it opens so I can be the 1st to ride.


This looks great. I decide to go find the boss of this place and find out what is going on.


The lift.


The track I will one day hopefully ride.


A car on the track.


Here it is Friends, Flying Turns. It does not even get an explanation point. Big Mike's 4th trip to Knoebels without getting the credit. One day.


There was a power failure the night before I left, wonder if they carried anyone?


Phoenix gives a good ride.




This is for Tunnel Lover.


The train.


Phoenix and it's pretty setting.


Phoenix accolades.


The Phoenix!


Big Mike licking the ice pole.


Big Mike Bonus knowledge time. The Golden Bolt!


For everyone new to the thread, this is Big Mike :)


You do 2 fly by laps around the station.


The fun that lays ahead.


The drop.


Big Mike living large!


Yep, a 2nd lift too!


The lift.


The train.




For a kiddie ride, you get some great air on these bunny hops!


The lift.


A boat ride goes right through the coaster layout.


The High Speed Thrill Coaster!


Knoebels is definately Big Mike's kind of fun! Best bumper cars, best carousel, best maintained haunted dark ride, coasters, and awesome food!


The park map.


There is a bargain night too!


All the rides use tickets since it is free admission, but here is a deal.


The 62nd stop of The Big Mike Road Show 2008, Knoebels!!!

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Yippee! I just got back from an awesome 2 days at Hersheypark, to find out that I made it to ducky count round 2!

Also, thanks to Big Mike and his fantastically entertaining road show reports for giving me something to look forward to during my loooong, boooorrrrring days at work. You rock, Mike!

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Nice TR once again, Big Mike!

I really liked Knoebels when I was there. I think that I got the most extreme airtime that I have ever had on Pheonix... I thought it was going to eject me right out of the train!

Did you ride the chair lift that goes up the side of the mountain? It was awesome, and had an amazing view!


I have another question...

When you do these Photo TR's, do you have to resize all the pictures, or do you just have your settings set to take them this size?

I just took a pretty fun trip to Wisconsin and Minnesota and I'd love to do my first Photo TR, but I don't want to have to resize all the pics. I bet there are easily over 1,000 of them, though I don't want to post them all.


Round 2 Rubber Duckies, here I come!

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Hey Big Mike, great report as usual. I see that you have scheduled 2 hours at Playdaze here in Omaha before you head to Fun Plex. I am not sure what you are gonna do with the 2 hours. There's a miner mike, but after that there really isn't anything. I am going to try and make it out to Fun-Plex at 6, but I'll have to see how my schedule plays out.

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