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  1. The winds are crazy today 30+, it's not exactly warm, and Nitro valleyed (maybe Toro too, not sure). Toro, Rolling Thunder, and Ka have opened for the day from what I have had heard so it sounds like just some opening day "rust". Dark Knight has no excuse though since its inside and all...
  2. 1. Brett "The Jet" Favre 2. Tiki Barber? 3. Plaxico Bur....O wait he's kinda busy at the moment...Uh Michael Strahan?
  3. I told him the same thing! Farenheit was a terrible dissapointment (in my opinion, I know I am one of the few that thinks) and I have to believe that Whizzer is a better coaster then Far. Good trip report, good to see my coaster-photo-taking abilities rubbed off on you...even if my good coaster taste didn't!
  4. For me its just so hard to root against the Red Sox becuase the Fenway Faithful actually care about there team and add another element to the sport. The excitement of every 3-2 count, the excitement of every pitch thrown at a batter (with the accompaniement of thousands of "A**hole" chants from the crowd), and the excitement of the crowd when they actually won that game just made it so much more special. If the game took place in Tampa it just would not have been the same for me. So as much as I want Tampa to win there first World Series, I really wanna see the excitement of Fenway again...O and I wanna see those damm Phillies melt under the pressure of the Fenway lights! Mets, FTW!!!
  5. Maverick on Maverick!!!! Game-Set-Match...that is gonna real hard to beat.
  6. ^The Yankees wanted to go out with a win..... The Red Sox would have been cool and definitely awesome. I'm sure alot of the players on Boston are gonna miss Yankee Stadium just as much as some of the Yankees because it was home of some of the most memorable games, and series, in the history of baseball.
  7. Did you mention to him that the high top fade went out like 18 years ago? So true, so true! But wow that was some final game and celebration! The way the players troted around the field to the sound of "New York, New York" at the end was very emotional and you could truely feel the sense that an era of baseball is coming to a close. Best moment of the night was when Willie Randolph slid into second base (although being a Mets fan I kinda wanted him to fall on his face doing it!) Question though, did any of the Steinbrenner's make an apperance out on the field last night? Oh and Big Mike Rocks!
  8. He did get the Arizona one right and woulda been 2 for 2 if the Jets kicker didn't get hurt! He missed a 30 yder which would have made it 37.
  9. I now consider Michael Phelps not only the greatest olympian of all time, but tied with two other men for the greatest athlete of all-time. The only two men that can be placed in the same category are two athletes, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, who are also "alone" in their field (ok I know Phelps did win 3 of his golds in team events but he is still alone in the pool). What do all three of these men have in common...they are all winners! Now I do believe what Phelps achieved is the hardest of these mens accomplishments, but Woods and Armstrong won championships while fighting through problems (Woods and his knee at the US Open and Armstrongs fight through cancer). To me it seems the biggest problem Phelps has faced so far is water-filled goggles! Congrats to Phelps but it is sad for me to think that my favorite 3 events, Swimming, Beach Volleyball, and Girls Gymnastics, are all coming to an end and it will be a long 4 years until London and even longer until we see a performance like we saw this week!
  10. I definitely agree that live poker is better since you can see people and how they react to cards and stuff. However, after playing online in tournaments, I find myself playing even better in live games. I guess its because of a combination of more experience and the ability to get different reads. For example, I find myself looking at betting patterns and amounts more closely now in addition to watching for tells and such. So although online poker is different, it definitely is really good practice.
  11. Yea i also feel that players on UB are much more inclined to make dumb moves and it's really easy to get a huge stack in the tournaments with the crazy all-in moves people make. The one thing that I do like about UB over Poker Stars is the pace of play seems to be a lot faster (cards are dealt faster and it just seems smoother overall). Another thing that also keeps me on UB is the problems with deposting money on American poker sites. I've heard from friends that have deposited money that it is a real pain to get money on Poker Stars. Is this true? Also what are some ways to deposit money on PS? (I've never deposited because I won a freeroll and have lived on that since) Yea unfortunately I have heard the exact same thing. I'm hoping within the next 3 years it goes through some miraculous change for the better. Another casino I have often wondered about is Foxwoods in upper state New York. Has anyone ever been here?
  12. Aweosme thread! Poker is one of my biggest hobbies right now, especially since I have turned 18 and can play online legally (or thats what I thought before reading this thread at least...anyone know what the actual age is for online and if it differs from Live?) My biggest poker performance was my first "legal" game online in which I came in first out of 300 people. Since then I've won about 4-5 online MTTs (ranging from 300-500 players) and have really come to love and understand the game. Unfortunately I play on Ultimate Bet, which has been considered to be the "worst" of all the poker websites (lots and lots of scandals...O and having to look at Phil Hellmuth everytime i log on makes me puke!) but I plan on making the switch to one of the "big two" sites. Anyway I'm counting down the days until my 21st birthday and being only 20 minutes away from Atlantic City, I already know where I'm gonna be on that day! Has anyone played live at Atlantic City and if so how does it compare to Las Vegas and other popular poker cities around the world? O and the biggest hand I have ever had was a slow played 7-6s straight flush that I flopped. Ended up going against AKs and check-raised my friend to bust him.
  13. Darn I missed the Great Bear one as well...Oh well. Good luck to everyone who is moving on!
  14. I was also there on that insanely crowded, pre-teen filled, Jonas Brothers day and I can honestly say I have never seen the park so crowded. My dad actually saw you taking your picture in front of SooperDooperLooper. He came back from the bathroom and was like "Wow! I just saw some guy with a T-shirt on that said he's been to 100 parks this year." I go, "Was it yellow?" He goes "Yea" and I was like, "BIG MIKE!!" Unfortunately didn't see you the rest of the day but I enjoyed reading your Trip Report version of that day and of course it was awesome like always! O and there's 9 ducks....I hope!
  15. Ugh! I figured out the change finally too, but have no idea what the third word could be. That fish thing is driving me crazy!
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