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  1. Finally done! Expect an actual thread tomorrow, with pictures. Wild.nltrack
  2. ^ You are right that those rides will make the park better, especially if they are done well. However, the problem with this park is the tacky look of most of the attractions. For example, look at Mickey's Fun Wheel's queue, the canvas makes it look really tacky. And as EBL pointed out, it gets really hot in the queue (and all of Paradise Pier) in the summer. The problem with the park is the actual design and infrastructure. This is something that a few rides will not fix. To be able to even compete with DL, the park will have to add things like the coverings over the queue of the ferris wheel. Another thing to point out, it will look weird to see the new Victorian design of the Orange Stinger, then see the tacky queue of Mickey's Fun Wheel, then see more Victorian themed buildings on the other side of Paradise Pier.
  3. Not bad for your first NL coaster. It could have done with a little bit of smoothing (ctrl + g on windows), but overall it was a decent coaster. I was actually kind of impressed.
  4. I now present to you SuperCharge! It is custom supported for the most part and has a 70 mph launch combined with a 170 foot lift hill! The beginning of the ride. The overbanked turn and corkscrew. The last half of the ride. SuperCharge.nltrack SuperCharge
  5. MSN had an article on the "Super-smasher" as well. www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24525554/ Just for your information, it is going to take months to get this up to full speed. We might not get black holes for a couple years.
  6. I'd sign up for the game, sounds like a good idea to me.
  7. I'm a fan of the supports on the lift hill, but not so big on the tunnel. Keep up the good work!
  8. Not bad for your first steel coaster. Some things that could have been fixed: -Station should be lower to the ground. -Straight lift hill. This can be accomplished by splitting the lift hill into 3 sections, then straightening the middle section. -Some sections needed to be smoothed. -Ride was really slow during the first 5 inversions. -First drop was not nearly steep enough. -The trains are 8 cars, not 6. On the contrary, the elements seemed proportional to eachother. 5/10
  9. That was one messed up inversion, lol. The ride was solid, but I wasn't fond of the banking at the bottom of some of the hills.
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