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  1. SWEET! Now the Free Fall area will not seem like a desperate graveyard.... and I will not have to walk my arse off to get over to it! SO close to BIG G !!! WOO! ;0)
  2. Any word or visually can we see in the park where they will be putting the coaster? I was thinking where Free Fall was located.... but by the color and name it seems like it would be over close to Superman and GASM maybe?
  3. I'm sure Islands is just plain madness right now... wonder if a visit should be planned... WAY down the road this year?
  4. Hmmmm... I wonder.... Ya know if I could find a place to stay that was affordable... I think I could DEF do this! :0)
  5. Wow... I greyed out and almost blacked out on MF... so I would be slightly nervous to get on this thing. :0)
  6. OH... I got a little excited when I first read the title of this section. :0) BUT... I wasn't disappointed. I remember old photos of my family (before I was born) visiting Gay TR land... well back in the day it was just Gatorland. I guess now the alligators have come out of the closet, which is cool.
  7. I'm kind of sad that I never got to meet you two while you were so close to me. It is all my fault, so I digress. Maybe I can meet you if I ever get back to Orlando.
  8. The only thing I am disappointed with are these selfish and ungrateful individuals complaining about every damn thing! Robb, Elissa, and the moderators do SO much for all of us and many people on TPR just bitch and moan! They do all they do for FREE and because they love theme parks and rollers coasters. I am baffled at how they can do so much ALL the time! I would be embarrassed to complain about ANYthing that they have done for me and my fellow enthusiasts. Robb and Elissa, I want to say THANK YOU so much! I respect and admire what you do for us everyday. You both do what you do and raise a child! That is phenomenal! I can barely take care of myself, work full-time and go to school. PLEASE relax and have a good time on the cruise and ignore all the negativity you are seeing on TPR.
  9. OH I shouldn't even post my list... ... BUT... I'm kind of proud (or sad) to a have a defunt park or three in my list! Honestly: Does size REALLY matter? Elitch Gardens Busch Gardens Africa Disney Animal Kingdom Disney Magic Kingdom Disney MGM Studios Disney Epcot Miracle Strip Amusement SeaWorld Orlando Universal Studios Orlando Universal Studios Hollywood Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Dixieland Fun Park Lake Winnie SFOG SFNO Cedar Point Kings Island Dollywood Opryland Wild Waves Theme Park Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino (does that really count as a park?) New York, New York Hotel (does this one count too?) Stratosphere Tower (or this one?)
  10. Wow! Robb it totally sucks that you have to waste your time and effort on a thread like this! I am not surprised, but saddened. Not TOO sad, but sad.
  11. Happy Bday little princess! :0) You have already been to more parks in your 3 years than I will EVER go to in my lifetime! I wonder if your mom and pop could adopt me!?!?
  12. Translation - "Do you think the 95 Degree Banking will be like the Stengel Dive on Walibi World's Goliath?" That is funny as crap! You made my day Robb!
  13. ^^ I didn't see Lake Winnie on KidTum's list... did my eyes miss it nested in those MANY parks? :0)
  14. I am SO excited and almost "giddy"! NO, I AM giddy! :0) I will have this awesome card in my wallet! Maybe after the card, I will actually be able to go on a freakin' TPR trip! WOO! Has anyone told you they love you today, TPR? I LOVE YOU!
  15. Done! Robb is right! Very easy, quick, and ALL TPR members should show support! :0)
  16. That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time! :0) Love it, Robb!
  17. I LOVE n7's card... that is my top entry... It is the most professional while being fun and colorful. I really LOVE JD's logo... it is SO freaking fun, but the card is not really professional looking. I think the most professional will get the most respect from the parks willing to work with TPR in regard to discounts and stuff.
  18. It has been a while, but the last time I visited "Lazerport" it was pretty awesome. I haven't rode go-carts in a while but some of my ATL peeps invited me down to Dixieland and admission included golf, bumper boats, and go carts! It was a really cool little place! I forgot how fun go-carts could be when you didn't to pay 10 bucks to ride them. My parents, sis and bro-in-law are heading your way this weekend! I will def tell them to be on the lookout for Smisty's evil twin at The Christmas Place!!! Also my parents usually make a point to eat at the Red Rooster.... they always ate there when it was the Apple Inn or whatever. :0)
  19. ^ and ^^ Oh cool.... So the Evil Twin and Smisty BOTH bite you? Lucky hetero male, you! :0) Sadly I have been in a relationship TOO long to get bitten by a "loved" one. The only bitting I get is from my baby girl "Flossie." She is the Feline Daughter of Satan! :0) Flossie.... skinny version.
  20. Awesome update! I have passed this place a couple of times on my last two visits... and thought... hmmmmm... no!? LOL. Anyhoo... I was just in the Smokey's this weekend. Met my Ohio peeps up there for a few nights. I hadn't been to G-burg in a while and I did the Mysterious Mansion which I always loved doing.... and Ripley's Haunted Adventure which was way better than the last time I went through. There were quite a bit of changes. I actually saw a quick flash of Smisty doing her Elvette duty at the Christmas Place. We were just shopping away and there she was flying through with a handful of crap! (not poo, just Christmas Place merch) I would have said hello, but that would have been just weird I guess. Actually she disappeared into the racks of Holiday cheer too fast to even see her ever again.
  21. Well I have known about the trip, but the exact dates TPR will be at the parks are not normally available to the folks like me that did not get to go on the trip. Coasterbear30 had to email Robb to see exactly what day TPR would be at SFOG...
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