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  1. The topspin looks great. I can't wait to find out what the new addition is! I really can't get over how good this park is. Way better than anything I could do.
  2. Blue Streak is a pretty fun ride in the last seat. Plenty of airtime, not super rough, and the bars let you fly out of your seat a lot. Its just a really fun ride.
  3. This looks like every other B&M hyper coaster I have seen. The only real unique part of this ride is the splashdown.
  4. I just started following this park and this is the first time I've commented so let me just say WOW! This park is beautiful. The new ride looks very unique. It will be interesting to see what effects you use.
  5. I don't think that the whole record breakers trend will continue. Parks will have to integrate interactivity with the ride. People today like interactivity. Wooden coasters will most likely be popping up everywhere, as well as compact custom steel coasters.
  6. ^There are plenty of large corporations out there. It is like standard that there is a Wal-mart in every single city in America now. I think that a park built near Oklahoma City, or even Omaha would do well.
  7. There is people in the mid-west. If you put it near a big city don't you think the attendance would be decent. You would also get tourists at most big cities.
  8. I think they should have built HRP in the mid-west. There really isn't a whole lot of amusement parks in states like Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, etc. I know it probably wouldn't fit there, but a central location and a lot of marketing could make this a nice park.
  9. This ride looks really good. I think it would fit in perfect at Universal.
  10. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun at Seabreeze. I would really like to go on one of these trips. It looks really fun.
  11. Euro Star looks like a massive coaster for being able to pack it up and move it to another location. Fairs in Europe are definitely a lot bigger than what we get here in America.
  12. Darn it! oh well...I missed duckie number 5. Good luck to everyone who made it to the second round.
  13. Expedition Everest and Rockin Roller Coaster at WDW are pretty decent
  14. The best ride on Maverick is last seat. Not only is the drop amazing, but going over the airtime hills you get so much air...my shirt flew up over one of them...its insane.
  15. Definitely a tie between Cute Is What We Aim For and All Time Low.
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