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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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Hello fellow members here at TPR!!! The Perfect Wonderland (What would make Wonderland perfect) article is NOW LIVE over a Theme Park Tourist!! Thanks to everyone who sent in your ideas and remember that this is a really "basic" list on what would make the park prefect. What do you think about the article?



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CW has uploaded new construction pictures of the now completed Leviathan on Facebook. Here are, IMO, the best in the batch:


This is gonna be one apprehension-filled lift hill


Gorgeous drop


Big barrel roll, little barrel roll


Dragon Fire will certainly have amazing views of this coaster!


When guests are leaving the park, this will be their view.


Placing the last piece!

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Hey fellow TPRers! Jeff and I were welcomed up to Canada's Wonderland yesterday for an updated Leviathan construction tour once again. FINALLY after all my updates, I got a nice, sunny day to bring you more pictures of the completed Leviathan. We also had the opportunity to speak with Dineen Beaven, Manager, Public Relations & Special Events. She had lots of info to share about Leviathan and lots of other new things coming to Canada's Wonderland in 2012. For those who didn't see our last update just a few short weeks ago, I've also added in our interview with Peter Switzer, Director, Maintenance & Construction. I've uploaded the picture highlights of the tour here to TPR. More pictures can be found in the gallery over at CWMania. Enjoy!


January 23, 2012 update:


February 09, 2012 update:


What a gorgeous, sunny day to get some great pictures of B&M's first Giga Coaster.


The last piece of track was installed just before the final brake run this past Tuesday.


Lots of work was being done on the world's longest brake run.


It's just like grouting tile at home, just on a much LARGER scale (yes, this is being done by hand on each individual footer).


They really have done a great job matching the theme of the area with the station. The roof is almost done.


Unfortunately, no Cedar Point construction workers caught in this corner, but the stone walls look great!


In just a few months, a ride op will be in that framed booth yelling "CLEAR!"


Goodbye Cyber Central... Hello Leviathan's future photo shop.


I can't believe how much open space there is now that the large planter is gone and Rising Waters has been moved to the side.


Who needs a gym membership when you can just take the stairs?


Now that the final track pieces have been connected, poor Dragon Fire looks even smaller than I remember.


Dragon Fire may be an oldie, but it's a goodie even with Leviathan towering above.


What goes up... Must come down!


That first barrel roll / overbank turn sure looks twisty.


I can't wait to take this small speed hill at over 80mph!


Hopefully there will be lots of airtime on the first camelback hill.


Lots of electrical work still to be done. This is for the magnetic trim on the first camelback hill. These trims will be silent but deadly.


Is that an inclined loop I see? Nope, just a BIG hammerhead.


More twistiness near the front gate heading back to the station.


I'll have a side of Leviathan with my lunch please. It gets REALLY close to the picnic area just outside the front gate.


The second camelback hill. Hopefully this trim stays wide open for more airtime.


I think pictures make this hill look more drawn-out than it really is.


One last bit of twisty track before the brakes.


Looking back at the final turn and drop before the brakes.


It's been an awesome experience following the construction of Leviathan. This is one big coaster that makes a great first impression when arriving at the park.


Jeff decided he would help with the track alignment by pushing on the supports.


Phew... It's a LONG walk from one end of the course to the other. I think I'll just take a break here for a bit. See you all next time!

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^I'm 6'1", the track is that big.


Magnetic trims. How depressing. Still want to ride it, though.


Hopefully they won't be used on a regular basis. They're fully retractable so it's possible to have a completely trimless ride. Jeff and I will let you know what we find out once testing begins.

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