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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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I wonder how loud the roar of this thing is going to be, as a giga coaster it'll probably have an insane one. With that first drop right next to the parking lot, we will be able to hear it pretty well. unless it's filled with sand.


To add that turnaround looks unorthodox and amazing at the same time, it so cool!

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^I have to imagine that there'll be sand in those supports and in the spine. You can't mute a Beemer, but I'm not sure the roar of one going 95 is good for the ears!


I really don't know what you are saying, but most B&Ms are muted.


Example: Medusa (SFDK): This beast is extremely quiet and all you can hear is the screams and a quiet whoosh! of the wind becoming disoriented.

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^Same. And I'm not sure I've ever heard one totally muted. I've heard quieter ones, but I've never heard one that's silent. I can't even imagine a silent B&M!


Patriot makes even less noise than Spinning Dragons, you wouldn't know it was going by if you weren't looking.

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Hello fellow members here at TPR!!! The Perfect Wonderland (What would make Wonderland perfect) article is NOW LIVE over a Theme Park Tourist!! Thanks to everyone who sent in your ideas and remember that this is a really "basic" list on what would make the park prefect. What do you think about the article?



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CW has uploaded new construction pictures of the now completed Leviathan on Facebook. Here are, IMO, the best in the batch:


This is gonna be one apprehension-filled lift hill


Gorgeous drop


Big barrel roll, little barrel roll


Dragon Fire will certainly have amazing views of this coaster!


When guests are leaving the park, this will be their view.


Placing the last piece!

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