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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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First Rider Auction site has gone live as of this morning:


First-to-Ride Up For Auction



Canada’s Wonderland, in partnership with SickKids, is holding an auction for the first rides on Leviathan, one of the biggest and tallest roller coasters in the world. The Park will auction off seats on the first three trains to the highest bidders, who will become the first official riders on the Park's newest thrill machine. In total 96 seats are available to philanthropists and coaster-enthusiasts alike for bidding. Bids can be placed until April 18, 2012 by clicking on the bid link at the bottom of this page. Minimum bids must be higher than the lowest bid above the yellow line on the bid board. NOTE: Please submit bids that are in even dollar amounts not in .25, .50 and .75 increments. Thank you!


Learn more about SickKids and the new Research & Learning Tower.


A Great Day

In addition to contributing to child healthcare research, as a successful bidder, you’ll be among the first in the world to ride Leviathan on April 27, 2012. On Leviathan, riders will climb to a record breaking height of 306 feet (93.3M) followed by an exhilarating 80 degree drop. Reaching a top speed of 148 kilometers per hour, riders will experience extreme coaster thrills on 5,486 feet (1,672M) of track that includes a series of giant camelback hills reaching heights up to 180 feet (54.9M), and an astonishing overbanked hammerhead turn at 115 degrees that will cross above the Park’s front gate at 147 feet (44.8M) high. It doesn’t get better than this – thrills, fun and giving back!


What You Get

The highest successful bidder will select their seat on the first train of Leviathan while all other successful bidders will be assigned their seats according to their bid amount. Minimum bids begin at $75.00. Along with being one of the first to experience the best new roller coaster in the world for 2012, successful bidders will receive a commemorative gift from the park, a winners reception and admission for you and a friend to enjoy that night at Canada’s Wonderland.


How It Works

The highest successful bidder will select their seat to the first train while all other successful bidders will be assigned their seats according to their bid amount through the last seat on the third train. Minimum bid must be higher than the lowest bid above the yellow line on the bid board. Bids may be increased at any time until the bidding is closed on April 18, at 11:59 pm. To submit a bid, simply click on the link below. Payments for successful bids will be charged after closing of auction on April 18, 2012.



Set up an account and start your bidding process here:



Monitor current status of bids here:


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Dumb question: did anyone see on the Leviathan first rider auction page the actual DATE that the bidders will get to ride the coaster? That's kind of an important detail.


April 27, 2012, in the late afternoon, I'm assuming just before it opens for Seasons Pass Sneak Preview Night.


It'll say on Leviathan's page if you go to "Auction" then "Ride Auction" then look under "A Great Day".


It's also in the press release posted above.

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Just by looking at this thing, I just can't see how this will not beat the B&M Hypers. I just can't consider Behemoth as better as Leviathan.


My thought: I think this will be the BEST B&M ever built, sure many will disagree and whine about how Apollo & Nitro will still be better, but just by looking at it makes me think epic and this just has to be amazing. If it isn't amazing, I'll be very disappointed at B&M.

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I believe that you get priority for choosing your seat based on how much you bid. So if you're the lowest bidder and the last open seat is the second train in the middle, that's your seat.


Wouldn't it be on the 3rd train, I think people would have more priority over the 2nd train than the 3rd.

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Pure speculation, but I had assumed they simply thought it would be too time-consuming to let everyone choose. Letting only the highest bidder choose sounds like a good compromise, especially since they'd probably have a definite idea of what they want (most likely front or back). Or can we compare to a past auction?

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Assuming Levi is handled like I305, which I participated in. They had it down to a science. You get in line by your bid, approach a board with all three trains, rows, and seats clearly marked, and make your selection. I bid $250 and was in the middle - yet I got 2nd row on train one with Kerry Ernhardt.

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If they go the way they did with Behemoth... They called the name of the top bidder and asked them to come forward and pick their seat. They continued calling names one at a time and let people choose their preferred seat. I believe a couple people out of the entire group asked to wait for the 2nd or 3rd train (to get their preferred seat on a train).


I'll try to find out the specifics of this auction. I like the idea of lining people up in the order in which they bid prior to getting in the station. Then allow them to pick their seats as soon as they're in the station to a max of 12 people per row (3 trains X 4 people each train). Seems as though it would be very efficient. I may just have to pass that idea along!

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Kunpc1, we picked our I305 seats outside of the station in the plaza. Registration was at 9, Seat selection at 930, Grand opening ceremony was at 950, with our first ride at 10. I can't imagine a more perfect way to do it. All seats for both trains were available so the very fist person in line, could have chosen the first row of the second train.

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