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  1. I guess that Canada Wonderland is waiting for British guy from Guniess World of Record to come for the announcemntin later date.
  2. Would it will be nice if tunnel with tinted window so riders can see the ground level?
  3. I watched Daily Planet today and said it will show "Testing Leviathan" tomorrow at 7 pm.
  4. Still pretty fast. I hope someone will use the radar gun to know how fast Leviathan is. It took less a minute from top hill to brake.
  5. Look like one live person on front of coaster with full of water dummies.
  6. Is the person sat on rollercoaster so dwarf or is that rollercoaster so giant?
  7. Is the last piece of track installed higher than Dragon Fire's height of 78 feet (23.77m)?
  8. For hammerhead information can found at http://leviathan.canadaswonderland.com/public/ride/
  9. The photos below this may be vary but just to let you to compare Milennium Force vs Leviathan. The left photo is Millennium Force and the right photo is Leviathan. You will notice the bus on left photo compare to trucks or cars on right photo.
  10. Seem that Leviathan is on the ground above the parking lots and my guess it will be approx 10 feet. So the drop height will be approx 316 feet. See the photo.
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