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The Official "TPR MidWest USA 2007" Trip Thread!

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Today was the start of our two day visit to Cedar Point. Some of you might have heard that our start was a bit "rocky" to say the least. From a tour organizer it was a complete nightmare, but one of those nightmares that only makes for a GREAT story later on!


Basically, we all knew there was a long drive and a VERY late night ahead of us after we left Six Flags Great America. This would be our latest night of the trip getting to the hotel between midnight and 2am depending on what time everyone wanted to leave Great America (we left the decision up to our participants) and how bad traffic was around Chicago.


Luckily, the majority agreed that we would leave Great America at the earlier meeting time and we headed out of the park at 4:30 instead of 6:00.


Bad news...Chicago traffic was bad...REALLY bad. But we knew it would be hitting it at rush hour.


Anyway, we got through that, made a stop for dinner and arrive at Hotel Breakers about 1:30am......but something was wrong.....everything was dark and a bunch of people were wandering around with flashlights.


So we figure.....they are either making a sequel to Blair Witch Projects at Cedar Point (wouldn't that kick ass?) or we are totally screwed and the power was out!


Unfortunately, it was the latter! *sigh*


I made it to the front desk in the dark and lucky for us they had made all our keys for us previous to the power going out, and even luckier for us the doors work off batteries!


The staff of Breakers handed us flashlights and we went fumbling around to our rooms! Now of course, we were told that this was a major power outage and it had affected ALL of the park....crap. Well, let's seriously hope they get it fixed real soon!


3:30am - all is very dark and very quiet. And then we hear a VERY comforting sound....our air conditioner whirring back on!!!! Yay! Power was restored.


My only regret in all of this was NOT producing a "Blair Witch" style movie with 100 of us having flashlights running around a hotel in the pitch black! But playing "tour operator" at the time, I had to make sure everyone got to their rooms....


Anyway, the 'bad news' doesn't end there....


Next morning we get up, look outside, and what do we see? Oh great! Typical "Cedar Point Weather" with it POURING down rain! Now, we had told our trip participants you really can't have a complete trip to Cedar Point without at least one torrential downpour, but I didn't expect it would be our first ride of the day!


So most of us got up anyway, schlepped through the rain in hopes that hotel ERT had not been cancelled.


Well, we got to Maverick, we waited, and waited...and got VERY wet, and sure enough not only was hotel ERT cancelled, but the park would not open ANY coaster even in the slightest drizzle.


Now I'm not sure when or why this policy had changed, but I do remember riding Mantis in the hail and both Millennium Force and Raptor in the light to heavy rain.


Why all of a sudden do ALL coasters close when it sprinkles? I can almost understand them closing during a heavy rain, because it HURTS, but light rain? C'mon!


So what do TPR members do when we can't ride coasters? That's right! GO TO THE BAR!! So many of us ended up at TGIFriday's at Hotel Breakers until about 4pm when the storm finally passed.


After that, it was an AWESOME night and next day at Cedar Point!


Ok, onto some photos and a Maverick video including a full POV!



Maverick Video including a full POV of the ride! (zipped version at the bottom)


Here is the "Signature Shot" from the sky tower....we'll have more Cedar Point photos in our full update!


I just don't even have anything to say....


And what to TPR members do when we've had a good day of coaster riding? FOOD!!!!


A moment of silence...or Joey just farted...you decide.


Aha!!! Photographed PROOF that the nickname really is "MILF"


"Millennium Fattys" - I'm not sure what all the fuss is about the seatbelts. We all fit, why can't you?


This is the "traditional" view of Millennium Force. Everyone on the train, hands up, having an AWESOME time! While I agree with many people that MF isn't as INSANE as the other Intamin hypers, there is something about it that everyone LOVES. Like Maverick, it's just pure FUN!


Um, yeah...that's Mean Streak...it's right next door to Maverick. The only thing good I can say about Mean Streak is that it was actually running quite smooth this year!


Scott & Elissa loved it...and no, that rollback they also got had nothing to do with it! =)


The bunny hills produced a LOT of airtime!


First drop was great, especially in the back seat (although the rest of the ride was much rougher in the back seat)


Never even noticed that something else was originally here.


It was kind of like "California Screamin' on Steroids" being that it wasn't THAT intense, but all the elements of the ride were just a lot of "fun"


Maverick was awesome! Well worth the wait in line. It actually exceeded my expectations (many others on the trip felt the same way)


Once Maverick opened many of us decided to go get our credit, and lucky for us it was only about a 45 minute wait!


...but that made Jahan VERY happy!


Around 4pm coasters started to open. Corkscrew was one of the only rides open for a while....


"Hello Dan....just looking at this picture might kill you!"


C'mon guys...no need to compare size here in public!!!


Even KidTums gets in on the action!


Louis impressed us all with his awesome balloon making skills!


And what do TPR members do when there aren't any coasters to ride? GO TO THE BAR!!!


"I love Cedar Point!"


The "front of the line" crew waited it out....8 hours later they were on Maverick!


Photo by Jay


Hey Dan, why aren't you out here in the rain with the rest of us?


Yup, this is typical Cedar Point weather! =)


4 normal sized people fit under one ACEr sized poncho!


Let's just say there was a lot of familiar "blue plastic" in the line that morning.


The next morning, god was punishing us for our evil ways.


What TPR members do when all you have is a flashlight, no Nintendo, and no air conditioning!


"Hotel Breakers Blair Witch Style!!!"


Photo by Jahan

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As much of a sucky start we had @ Cedar Point (between the rain, power outage...rain...more rain), I think the time there was one of the funnest times I had on the trip. Just because we still had fun doing something besides goin around in the park, everyone had time to just hang out and enjoy each others company. By the way, those balloons Louis made were AWESOME!


Wes looks like a Vampire in one of those pics...I thought he had been looking rather pale at some of the parks, I shouldave known

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personally, i have to say that the power outage at Cedar Point was a highlight for me! What an adventure! and souvenir flaslights...?? yes! Wandering around in the dark was so much fun, and the countless people comparing it to "the shining" ...REDRUM It was a rare oppotunity!


And thanks to big tobacco!!....if some of us weren't smokers, and wandering around with our cancer-sticks, we wouldn't have actually seen the power cut back on in the park!


Things like this i will remember forever!



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personally, i have to say that the power outage at Cedar Point was a highlight for me! Things like this i will remember forever!

This is exactly how I feel! Trust me, when it was all happening, I was pretty freaked out (but trying to keep my cool!) but now that it's all over, wow, what an AWESOME night that was!!!!



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Actually MILFPH is the nickname the photo people call their booth. I worked there most of June before I got moved back to Mean Streak photo


I did see you guys on the midway that day, but I couldn't stop...


MILFPH=MILlennium Force PHoto


EDIT: And in case you're wondering it says Midgets In Leotards Fit Perfectly Here...MILFPH has the smallest booth in all of ride photo.

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I love CP, hopefully I'll be able to get back there this year for Halloweekends and ride Maverick!


It looks like you guys had a blast! Anytime you go to CP with a group of great people and friends, is when your bound to have an amazing trip, thats how all my experiences have been.


Thanks for sharing!!


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Millennium Fatties represent!


I must say, that was one of the (many) highlights of the trip was getting on MF with Chuck, Robb, and Will. Not only did we all fit (we were worried about Chuck in the station for a second!), but we have an awesome onride picture from it as well! It was the moments like this with simply some of the most AWESOME people you will ever meet that made the Midwest tour what it was. Simply phenomenal!


For those of you on the fence about a TPR trip, don't hesitate. Do it. You won't regret it. The coasters are great, but the people are where it's it!




Edit: it's not scanned for now, but here's the on-ride, sorry for the crappy quality, expect a scanned version soon!


Millennium Fatties and Will pointing at his forehead!

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The power outage actually seems like a great experience. I like the Maverick video. I've used that song in an old video of mine! I think we are the only two to use that song .


-Dainan "I hope to be on the Eastcoast trip" Rafferty

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Millennium Fatties represent!


I must say, that was one of the (many) highlights of the trip was getting on MF with Chuck, Robb, and Will. Not only did we all fit (we were worried about Chuck in the station for a second!), but we have an awesome onride picture from it as well! It was the moments like this with simply some of the most AWESOME people you will ever meet that made the Midwest tour what it was. Simply phenomenal!


Those few moments in the station, felt like minutes, and I swear to Buddha, I had the BIGGEST panic attack in my life! I honestly began to hyperventilate trying to fasten my seatbelt...NO JOKE AT ALL! It was so intense...thank goodness, Robb said "CALM DOWN!" I was about to give up! Chris is right though...the moment my seatbelt fastened, and everyone in the station cheered, the trip was 10 times better. I am now on the Dr. Robb Alvey's SEX and WATER diet. It has worked miracles!


chuck "MILF FATTY" garcia

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I still have my only official souvenir from the trip: the flashlight. Being from florida and it's hurricane season, I probably will be using it again. I think by the end of day one we managed to get on about four or five coasters including TTD (which included David and I switching off and locking in Chuck and Gary).


Maverick was also the third time I'd seen Gary pissy. I think that was his worst ride of the trip. The restraint kept hitting his neck and he was MAD (you should have seen that ride photo). I quickly learned how to lean into the turns so the restraints wouldn't get me.



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Great video and pics from the power outage. Looks likes all the people on the tour made the best of a bad situation and had a great time.


I am glad I travelled up there on Friday and not Thursday.


I can sense more statue credits coming (shudder)

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I'm glad most people seemed to like Maverick. It's my #1 steel ahead of all 4 US B&M hypers, SFA S:ROS, Darien Lake S:ROS, Storm Runner, Xcelerator, TTD, KK, etc. El Toro is the only coaster of my 200 credits that I like more.

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I have to agree with everyone about the adventure and weather during our arrival to CP. If I weren't with the TPR crew - it would have been AWFUL! For some reason though, being with that bunch - it was actually a blast. Never thought being tired, in the dark, then tired, cold and wet could be fun. Who knew??


Also - :::sings::: "Everyone looks forward to Friday's!"


David "ironic at the bar" McCollum


Thanks to everyone on the trip for making the whole experience into an adventure - You guys all ROCK

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