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  1. Well, I was all excited to be able to post some informed speculation, but it appears the story's somewhat out already. I worked in monorails very briefly a few summers ago, but they drill the ins and outs into your head pretty well, and I did well on my "test." My initial thoughts were that this had to be some form of combination human/machine error, being that I've seen MAPO Red happen and it's not something you miss easily. It's sad to read the story and now see it may have been completely human error, and not that of the pilot (Something I assumed from the start as MAPO override requires consent of the central dispatch person [i'm like 90% sure on this, can anyone confirm?], who is supposed to be a supervisor of some sort.) The system is designed so that the driver cannot make an error like this. I'm still incredibly confused as to how this could have happened. There should have been at LEAST 4 people in the area that could have stopped this, even at 2 AM. Additionally, monorail pilots spend a minimum of 30 days working only the platform before they even get to do training to really drive the thing. These people know their surroundings. Having the "pilot" in the monorail is what really makes the experience "magical" for Disney guests. If it pilots itself, it might as well be the tram at the airport. So what does Disney do now? I, personally, think there's going to be some sort of mechanical failure here. It seems impossible for this to be 100% human error. Whether it was a MAPO failure, control failure (not braking correctly or being stuck in forward motion) it just doesn't seem possible for NO ONE to be able to hit an E-Stop button before this happened. This is absolutely a tragedy in so many ways. As someone who's been behind that console in the past, it's chilling to see these pictures and hear this terrible news.
  2. I spoke with KrakenKing who was also at Sea World today. We went yesterday in anticipation of Soft Opening but only got Jack Hanna. Today, I had to work, but he went and when I spoke with him a little under an hour ago, he'd gotten 3 rides. The only details I got were "the pretzel loop is more intense than Superman: Ultimate Flight". But apparently, it's worth riding 3 times.
  3. Fallout Boy. I just saw a live video of them playing "Thnks fr th mmrs" (and seriously, what's with that title?). At the end of the song, I noticed there was a second person singing back ups, a refreshing change from normal. So I scanned the video for who was singing. The fuzzy-haired guitarist wasn't. Pete Wentz's cocky ass wasn't. The drummer (who has 2 bass drums? Yeah, they're so metal) wasn't. I listened closer. It wasn't a "sweetener track" (a track that plays along with the band adding extra vocals to support the singer). It wasn't good enough. What I came to realize is this: There is a roadie off-stage singing. Not even well. And then I noticed a pain.... in my balls. I feel like less of a man just for even hearing that. As if they weren't bad enough before, they had a roadie sing their back-ups. They fail as human beings. They have no integrity whatsoever and they really, really, really need to go away.
  4. Wow! We (Krakenking and I) were there on Wednesday and the shell of what appears to be the aquarium/queue building was NOT there. They work fast!!!
  5. I can put it this way. I am 6'1, I wear a size 38 pant and a size 15 shoe. I fit. And they fit people bigger than me. No matter how big or small you are, they WILL staple you into that seat. I think that should clarify some?
  6. That's what I was thinking. I just kept thinking "Where are the scientists I'm not supposed to kill?"
  7. Matthew Bellamy from Muse. Yup. Watch from 3:22 and beyond. He's amazing at guitar and piano. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqBEx-uRQ4g
  8. That's totally what I thought of when I saw this thread. You beat me to the punch!
  9. Notice all the people covering their faces. That was me last year. Nitro in the rain hurts!
  10. I've seen between $3.60 and $3.70 here in sunny Orlando.
  11. I noticed that the other day on the way to Tampa. Kinda disappointing. I miss the baseball stadium.
  12. I totally thought the same thing about the big open space where Hollywood RRR is going. Last time I was there there was a stage there. But even when there's no stage, its never THAT empty. BTW, I warn everyone that may ride the Simpson's Ride NOT to look up when you're on the tiered walkways going inside. You may find out just how bad America's obesity problem is...
  13. Everything that needed to be said has already been said. Personally, if I were you, I'd have a friend or two who are a bit more skilled with essay writing look at your paper. I have a friend who writes poorly, but he knows it and has his girlfriend and I proof his papers. We usually can manage to deconstruct his paper into actually saying what he meant in a way that will get him a good grade in a college English class. Good luck!
  14. I live for that girl screaming in the first video. Especially coming down the spike. Classic!
  15. I want to see that video too I think the camera he filmed it with belongs to his neighbor though so getting it *off* the tape its on may prove difficult.
  16. ^^Yes, I've seen these pictures before but still....Dear God. Robbie "Yes, that is my boyfriend" Simmons
  17. Sorry, but I think Son of Beast is scariest of them all. Uhm...yeah, previously broken wooden coaster is scarier than very tall steel.
  18. i never got to ride it. It was a nice video. It looked like so much fun. I love going backwards. I think the song fit perfectly, actually.
  19. I'm totally with Robb on this one. The thing that really made me realize what trims do was on Thunderhawk at Dorney Park. It was actually a pretty cool ride and the bunny hills towards the end have some killer air. One of them would be AWESOME, except that it has a trim on it that keeps you from getting more than a little floater. Robbie "trims make me tres desole" Simmons
  20. I hereby proclaim from French class that those trains look botarded. That's all.
  21. Yup....aaaand now he's just with me Seriously though, I did the bi thing too. I messed around with a girl once (mind you, I was 15, going on 16) and decided it wasn't for me. As Terry said, you've got PLENTY of time. Just live your life to it's fullest and let it take you where it takes you.
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