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  1. Travis and I just bought our tickets! Now let's fast forward please....
  2. oh yes....Terrance...your face in that photo.... Damn I miss you!!! -jenn-
  3. personally, i have to say that the power outage at Cedar Point was a highlight for me! What an adventure! and souvenir flaslights...?? yes! Wandering around in the dark was so much fun, and the countless people comparing it to "the shining" ...REDRUM It was a rare oppotunity! And thanks to big tobacco!!....if some of us weren't smokers, and wandering around with our cancer-sticks, we wouldn't have actually seen the power cut back on in the park! Things like this i will remember forever! -jenn-
  4. gary, why am i always there for your anger??? you were really so super-pissed both at steak and shake and the spinning dragons though... oh my! i gotta love you!! -jenn-
  5. erik... awesome! thanks for this! It's fun for me to hear other people's opinions about the coasters we all rode. I love the different opinions. For me.... VOYAGE=SEX -jenn-
  6. this totally made me cry from laughing so hard! thank you thank you!! -jenn- ps- Is my language really that foul?
  7. i will read anything and everything by Chuck Palahniuk or Augusten Burroughs... but i mainly read memoirs... right now i am reading: I hope they serve beer in hell by Tucker Max... i absolutely 100% recommend it... if you can handle the offensiveness. It's brutal.
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