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  1. wow, this place looks ghetto-tastic! maybe I'm just spoiled by all of orlando's waterparks lol. the slides did look cool though, I love those toilet-bowl slides
  2. ^LOL I really wish I would have been able to make it. Unfortunately, my income had other plans I do hope to get up there and ride it at some point in the next year though. Glad you had fun!
  3. Dude! Amazing pictures to say the least. Really made me want to go ride Millie. Unfortunately I don't think that's going to happen for me this summer Anyways, it would be awesome if you could zip the HQ millennium force ones. That would totally be my desktop. Awesome job!
  4. Wow, this thing is shaping up real nice. I'm really looking forward to seeing them put up the Norwegian loop
  5. Nah, to get a Darwin Award you actually have to die...he would be a good runner up, though. Not a smart kid at all.
  6. Ha, looks like you had fun. I can't wait to get there in may and go into the park for the first time ever. I guess I'll see you there...
  7. Well, we (me and a friend) got it started. It's going to take longer than I thought if is going to turn out good. There were a few lyrical issues (too many syllables, sounded more like rapping than singing) that are going to have to be worked out. Nothing major though. Just going to take some time.
  8. I am starting to record the song right now. I decided just to go with the acutual track and just to remove the vocals. The only thing is that the track loses it's stereo properties and it was impossible to get rid of the background vocals in the chorus. I might try to make it up with some funny vocal effects...We'll see how this turns out...
  9. I'll tell you now, my vocals are going to suck when I sing that song, it's so high! It'll be all the more funny then I guess...
  10. Okay then. I might just remove the vocals from the actual audio track to make it go a lot faster...Then all I have to do is record vocals. Actually, that might sound better altogether... Oh, and is the free dvd offer still in place?
  11. Hmmm...I'm actually pretty good at recording at home. Don't have anything planned tomorrow night so I'll see what I can do...I'll probably use a drum loop and layer it with some electric guitars and such or just make it an acoustic song. Is the final version of the lyrics on the previous page? p.s. some of the stuff I recorded a while ago, I have since gotten better at recording: http://www.myspace.com/keithpmusic
  12. I highly doubt that any park would be willing to build any coaster with a gap, mostly for insurance and safety reasons. Even if the technology is there, it just seems like a very abstract concept for a coaster. Personally I think it would be very cool if the illusion of jumping the track were executed well, which is very possible: http://www.cantileveredcoaster.com/AbouttheCRC.html I would love to see one of these built! Here's the site's homepage: http://www.cantileveredcoaster.com/index.html
  13. We'll meet up when we ride the ride...we should make Nantimi shirts or something. Not many people would get it, but oh well. Personally, I have none of the credits at Hersheypark, so this is going to be great for me (11 Credit romp!) Plus the new ride looks cool.
  14. Yeah, I'm a credit whore... This kid was willing to ride with me for free!
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