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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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My top 10 coasters are shown in my signature, but after my recent trip to the UK it has changed a bit (trip report coming soon).


1. Shambhala

2. Taron

3. Helix

4. Expedition GeForce

5. Schwur des Kärnan

6. Icon

7. Silver Star

8. Balder

9. Goliath

10. Alpina Blitz

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My updated Top 10 Roller Coasters I have been on:


1. Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point)

2. Fury 325 (Carowinds)

3. Maverick (Cedar Point)

4. The Voyage (Holiday World)

5. Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

6. Storm Chaser (Kentucky Kingdom)

7. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)

8. Goliath (Six Flags Great America)

9. X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

10. Ghostrider (Knott's)


I have a few parks to visit later this year where I think a coaster will crack the Top 10, most notably, Lightning Rod at Dollywood and Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas)

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Just finished up a Midwest/East Coast trip and there's been a little movement.


1. Skyrush

2. Steel Vengeance

3. Voyage

4. Expedition GeForce

5. Maverick

6. El Toro

7. Medusa Steel Coaster

8. Boulder Dash

9. Fury 325

10. Superman the Ride

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1. Lightning Rod // Dollywood

2. Intimidator 305 // Kings Dominion

3. Skyrush // Hersheypark

4. Outlaw Run // Silver Dollar City

5. Maverick // Cedar Point

6. Phoenix // Knoebels

7. Expedition GeForce // Holiday Park

8. El Toro // Six Flags Great Adventure

9. Wildfire // Kolmården

10. Fury 325 // Carowinds

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's my new top ten steel/wood coasters.


1. Fury 325

2. Millennium Force

3. Intimidator 305

4. Maverick

5. Lightning Run

6. Steel Vengeance

7. Nitro

8. Montu

9. Volcano: The Blast Coaster

10. Raging Bull



1. American Eagle

2. El Toro

3. Screamin' Eagle

4. Great American Scream Machine

5. Hoosier Hurricane

6. Viper

7. Cyclops

8. Cornball Express

9. Blue Streak

10. American Thunder

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New top 20:


1. Millennium Force @ Cedar Point

2. New Texas Giant @ Six Flags Over Texas

3. Outlaw Run @ Silver Dollar City

4. Maverick @ Cedar Point

5. Iron Rattler @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas

6. The Voyage @ Holiday World

7. Goliath @ Six Flags Great America

8. Time Traveler @ Silver Dollar City

9. Raging Bull @ Six Flags Great America

10. Diamondback @ Kings Island

11. ShockWave @ Six Flags Over Texas

12. Wonder Woman: Golden Lasso Coaster @ Six Flags Fiesta Texas

13. Raptor @ Cedar Point

14. Switchback @ ZDT's

15. Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast @ Six Flags Over Texas & Six Flags St. Louis

16. Top Thrill Dragster @ Cedar Point

17. Powder Keg @ Silver Dollar City

18. Screamin' Eagle @ Six Flags St. Louis

19. The Beast @ Kings Island

20. Cannibal @ Lagoon

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10. Thunderhead

9. Comet @ Great Escape

8. Phoenix

7. Voyage

6. Colossus @ Heide Park

5. Coaster @ PNE Playland

4. Boulderdash

3. Balder

2. Outlaw Run

1. El Toro



10. Piraten

9. Phantom's Revenge

8. Kumba

7. X2

6. Fury 325

5. Superman: The Ride @ SFNE

4. iSpeed

3. Maverick

2. Steel Vengeance

1. Expedition Ge Force

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  • 1 month later...

My top 10 wood hasn't shifted this year, so to keep things simple I'll just post my top 10 steel.


01. Steel Vengeance

02. X2

03. Twisted Timbers

04. Twisted Colossus

05. Storm Chaser

06. Maverick

07. Twisted Cyclone

08. Iron Rattler

09. Kawasemi

10. New Texas Giant

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1. Hyperion - Energylandia

2. Shambhala - PortAventura

3. Taron - Phantasialand

4. Helix - Liseberg

5. Schwur des Kärnan - Hansa Park

6. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park

7. Lech Coaster - Legendia

8. Silver Star - Europa-Park

9. Balder - Liseberg

10. Goliath - Walibi Holland

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My Top 10 Overall is posted in my sig. But breaking it down further...


Top 10 Steel


1. Steel Vengeance

2. Fury

3. Millennium Force

4. Maverick

5. Twisted Timbers

6. Storm Chaser

7. Phantom's Revenge

8. Kraken

9. Expedition Everest

10. Mako


Top 10 Wood


1. The Voyage

2. Lightning Rod

3. El Toro

4. Goliath (SFGAm)

5. Ravine Flyer II

6. Shivering Timbers

7. Mystic Timbers

8. White Lightning

9. Cornball Express

10. Mine Blower

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I haven't made a list like this in 10 years and it was tough because it's been a while since I've ridden some of these. For whatever reason I kept going until I got to 20 on the steel list, but wood was a much tougher list to even get to 10.




1. Steel Vengeance

2. Skyrush

3. Superman (SFNE)

4. Maverick

5. Millennium Force

6. Nitro

7. Raptor

8. Apollo's Chariot

9. Storm Runner

10. Phantom's Revenge

11. Wicked Cyclone

12. Batman The Ride

13. Top Thrill Dragster

14. Alpengeist

15. Volcano

16. Hulk

17. Fahrenheit

18. Talon

19. Ride Of Steel

20. Manta




1. El Toro

2. Voyage

3. Boulder Dash

4. Phoenix

5. Legend

6. Twister (Knoebels)

7. Wooden Warrior (don't knock it til you try it)

8. Thunderbolt (Kennywood)

9. Villain (RIP)

10. The Beast

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Ask me again tomorrow, and it'll change. But I typically favor the wild, rerideable, super intense coasters. So Intamin and RMC dominate the list. Italicized ones that are new for me this year.


Steel Vengeance


Twisted Colossus


Twisted Timbers


Superman The Ride



New Texas Giant

Millennium Force






Boulder Dash

Mystic TImbers

Ravine Flyer II



Lightning Racer

Shivering Timbers

WIld One

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A new update from december 2016. Blue are new entries red ones are kick outs from back then.


1. Schwur des Kranan (Hansa park)

2. Expedition GeForce (Holiday park)

3. Taron (Phantasialand)

4. Blue Fire (Europa park)

5. Helix (Liseberg)

6. Smiler (Alton Towers)

7. Fenix (Toverland)

8. Black Mamba (Phantasialand)

9. Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

10. Nemesis (Alton Towers)

12. Silver Star (Europa park)

13. Baron 1898 (Efteling)

21. Sky Scream (Holiday park)

24. Flug der Dämonen (Heide park)



1. Wildfire (Kolmarden)

2. Colossos (Heide park)

3. Balder (Liseberg)

4. Wodan Timbur coaster (Europa park)

5. Troy (Toverland)

6. Joris en de Draak (Efteling)

7. Wicker Man (Alton Towers)

8. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

9. Mammut (Tripsdirll)

10. Loup-Garou (Walibi Belgium)

13. The Bandit (Movie Park Germany)

14. Robin Hood (Walibi Holland)

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I don't know if I have done a top 10 here before, because I can't find anything yet.


The last new additions to this list are from my sweden trip last june.



1. Helix - Liseberg (NEW)

2. Shambhala - PortAventura

3. Red Force - Ferrari Land

4. Nemesis - Alton Towers

5. Montu - BGT

6. Tatsu - SFMM

7. Katun - Mirabilandia

8. Expedition Geforce - Holiday Park

9. Jetline - Grona Lund (NEW)

10. Liseberg Banan - Liseberg (NEW)



1. Wildfire - Kolmarden (NEW) (#1 Overall)

2. Balder - Liseberg (NEW)

3. Troy - Toverland

4. Colossus - Heide Park

5. Wild Mouse - Blackpool Pleasure Beach (RIP)

6. Dania Beach Hurricane - Boomers Dania Beach (RIP)

7. Grand National - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

8. Giant Dipper - Belmont Park

9. Big Dipper - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

10. Stampida - PortAventura


To myself this still looks like a very good list, but I think it will fully change next year.

Because I am working on plans for summer next year, to visit at least 9 different themeparks in the USA with a huge amount of awesome rollercoasters.

Allready included are Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kennywood, Dollywood, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, Carowinds, Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

And maybe I will add Six Flags Great Adventure and Canada's Wonderland too, depending on the schedule.

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:lol: Let’s see this schedule. If you skip Knoebels because you insisted on going to Kentucky Kingdom I may die laughing.

Yes you may laugh about that schedule.


The MAIN part of this trip is organised for a group of Dutch coaster enthousiasts to visit some themeparks within a short amount of time.

This trip starts in Dollywood, next are Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, Kennywood and this main trip will end in Cedar Point.


As an optional addition to this trip some of us wanted to Carowinds, Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg before the start of the main trip in Dollywood.


After checking for flights from Europe to the States for july/august 2019, we found out flying to NYC would be a lot cheaper than flying to DC. So we will add SFGAdv to this trip too


But the most difficult part of this trip is what are we going to do after visiting Cedar Point and the trip came to an end.

Going back to NYC for a flight home is an option. We can visit Knoebels during this drive.

Another option would be going to Canada and visit Canada's Wonderland.

And a 3rd option is going straight to the next airport and go back to Europe.

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