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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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Hello all!! I have been riding coasters for about 5 years now. I have beend to Great Adventure, Hershey, Cedar Point, Knoebels, Kennywood, Dorney Park, and Busch Gardens. What are your favorite coasters and what parks would you reccomend? Please feel free to AIM me at ddaver177. I would enjoy talking about Coasters.


My Top Ten that I have been on:




Phantom's Revenge

Top Thrill Dragster



Apollo's Chariot

Steel Force

Great Bear



I love inverted and going fast!


Yours in Coasters,


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Superman ROS (best coaster ive ever been on.. period)

Raptor (best invert ive ever been on)

Wicked Twister ( dont laugh, I loved that ride)

Magnum (even though it is a nutcracker and it made me scream in pain)

Viper @ SFDL

Boomerang (yes these cloned coasters are awesome)


.. I havent even been on 10 coasters i really liked.. Im sure Millennium Force and Dragster would be on the list.. but they were closed when I was at CP..

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Well, I'll tell you my top 5 Steel and Wood, since its hard to compare between



1. Boulderdash

2. Cornball Express

3. Shivering Timbers

4. Raven

5. Legend



1. Superman: Ride of Steel (New England)

2. Phantom's Revenge

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Millennium Force

5. Nitro


Man, I need to make a trip to some of those parks again, those rides were just TOO good!

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Superman: Ultimate Flight (SFOG)

Mr Freeze (SFOT)

Xcelerator (Knott's)

Top Gun (PGA)

CA Screamin' (DCA)

Poltergeist (SFFT)

Goliath (SFMM)

Superman Krypton Coaster (SFFT)

V2 Vertical Velocity (SFMW)

Georgia Scorcher (SFOG)




Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

Roar (SFMW)

Georgia Cyclone (SFOG)

Rattler (SFFT)

Judge Roy Scream (SFOT)

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1.) Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point

2.) Millennium Force - Cedar Point

3.) Twister II - Six Flags Elitch Gardens

4.) Hulk - Universal's Islands of Adventure

5.) Dueling Dragons - Universal's Islands of Adventure

6.) Space Mountain - Disney World

7.) Disaster Transport - Cedar Point

8.) Raptor - Cedar Point

9.) Spider - Lagoon

10.) Iron Dragon - Cedar Point

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1. Incredible Hulk Coaster (IOA)

2. GhostRider (KBF)

3. Revenge of the Mummy (USF)

4. Dueling Dragons - Fire (IOA)

5. Xcelerator (KBF)

6. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster (PC)

7. Tennessee Tornado (DW)

8. Montu (BGT)

9. Kraken (SWO)

10. Great American Scream Machine (SFOG)

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I think there has been topics like this before but here goes anyway:


1. Top Thrill Dragster

2. Millenium Force

3. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE)

4. X

5. Magnum XL-200

6. Nitro

7. Raptor

8. Storm Runner

9. Ghostrider

10. Hulk


Some coasters I think might make my top ten if I got a chance to ride them:

Steel Dragon 2000 (not likely anyone will ride this again?), Phantom's Revenge, Montu, Kingda Ka, Shakira, Alpengeist, other Rides of Steel,

Mr Freeze (either), Shivering Timbers, Boulder Dash, Hades, Thunderhead.

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I meant either of the Mr Freeze coasters SFOT or St Louis (which I am assuming are largely identical) look like something that would make my top ten. I've only seen pictures of them and I think they look impressive.


Might stopover in Dallas next time I am on my way to Orlando, and check out SFOT.

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I have been to WDW, Universal Orlando, Hersheypark, and Dorney Park. Rides I didn't ride at them are Storm Runner, Hulk, and Steel Force. I am going on Hulk in August, though, so my list will change.


1. Dueling Dragons - Fire

2. Hydra: The Revenge

3. Dueling Dragons - Ice

4. Revenge of the Mummy(USF)

5. Talon

6. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

7. Great Bear

8. Laser

9. Comet

10. Space Mountain

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I don't like ranking so here are some of my "favs"



Expedition Ge Force

Dueling Dragons

Mummy @ USF





Dania Beach Hurricane

Colosos @ Heide Park

Grand National


Elissa "Mmmm, Intamin" Alvey

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Shoot, I don't think I've even been ON ten coasters!


Sadly, I think my favorite is Big Thunder Mt. Railroad at Disney World. I find it to be exhilarating rather that gut-wrenching like the mega-coasters are. Plus it has a cool theme and some neat looking underground areas. A fun ride for all. Space Mt. is okay, but I always feel like I'm about to be decapitated. Rockin Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM is pretty cool. I've only been on that once though.


Didn't like Kumba. Didn't like Montu. Didn't like Queasy... er Kwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa. I do like the two smaller coasters, Scorpion & Python though.


Dueling Dragons wasn't too bad. But it was right on the cusp of being a stomach turner for me though.


What else... I just rode the Swampthing at Wild Adventures, GA. That was pretty fun. It's a bit smoother than the identical ride at Cypress Gardens. I like the Okachobee Rampage and Triple Hurricane at CG. Tame rides to most of you I'm sure, but again, I don't like the gut-wrenchers.

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*Opens Excel Spreadsheet* Yes, i'm that sad!


1. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

2. Nemesis (Alton Towers)

3. Silver Star (Europa Park)

4. Rita: Queen of Speed (Alton)

5. Colossus (Thorpe Park)

6. Air (Alton)

7. Oblivion (Alton)

8. Dragon's Fury (Chessington)

9. Nemesis: Inferno (Thorpe)

10. Magnum Force (Flamingoland)


Pretty UK-focused, but that should change quite seriously over the next couple of years! Could see a couple of new top10s this summer.

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1 Millennium Force Cedar Point

2 Goliath Six Flags Holland

3 Expedition GeForce Holiday Park

4 Katun Mirabilandia

5 Nemesis Alton Towers

6 Tonnerre De Zeus Parc Asterix

7 Megafobia Oakwood

8 Dragon Khan Universal Port Aventura

9 Silver Star Europa Park

10 Big Dipper Blackpool Pleasure Beach


That could all change in a few weeks time

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1. Superman: Ride of Steel (SFNE)

2. Revenge of the Mummy (USF)

3. Nitro

4. Dueling Dragons - Fire

5. The Incredible Hulk Coaster

6. Dueling Dragons - Ice

7. Batman: The Ride (Gadv)

8. Batman: The Dark Knight

9. Medusa East

10. Mind Eraser (SFNE)

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