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What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

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Instead of a a top ten, I do a top five wood and steel. Ranking wood and steel together is just useless and too difficult.



#1: Superman: Ride of Steel @ SFNE

#2: Nitro

#3: Storm Runner

#4: Patriot

#5: Kingda Ka



#1: El Toro

#2: Boulder Dash

#3: Lightning Racer

#4: Wildcat @ Hershey

#5: Yankee Cannonball

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1 BANDIT at yomiuriland! ( made me happy on it plus it's full of great view! doin' 69 mph in the forest was a big hit for me! well themed great deal of hyper! togo? yes? you're great? yes i am! coz i'm BANDIT! )

2 THUNDER DOLPHIN at laqua ( greatest thrill ever in mine bio but kinda too short for hyper.....)

3 BIG BOOM at nasu ( i love that feelin' i'm gonna get blown off! )

4 FRIGHT FLIGHT at nasu ( at first it's kinda jerk but okay if gettin' used to that shaky!)

5 SHUTTLE LOOP at toshimaen ( was disoriented at pullin' 6.1G's loop aka blackin' out! )

6 MOMONGA ( SITTING ) at yomiuriland ( that was just a fun but good! )

7 CRAZY MOUSE at tobu zoo ( though it's quite small it has lots of twisted turns and i love 'em plus it's got a loop weeee! )

8 WHITE CANYON at yomiuriland ( some yrs ago it had got lots of complains like ' i've got a whiplash of all its badness bends!' so people still hate to ride it now. then is it true? yes it was rough but i could stand that shakes coz it's not worse than i expected and i guess all people can ride on with no hesitate! 1st turn is as rough as ever... others are not! ) aka TEXAS CYCLONE at ex SFAW. )

9 SURF COASTER at hakeijima ( togo's goodness but way too much helices and i've got lack of blood - my blood pressure's only 'round 80 in high and 55 in low OMG! well good thing i was able to felt like i'm surfin' on the sea! except some helices all were good! great! best! )

10 REGINA at tobu zoo ( you'd guess how come you chose that for this ranking? i'll tell you why. in the back seat i've got a whiplash yes real whiplash on the bottom of 4th drop! you see the bottom of 4th drop has wierd bend? just OUCH there plus SEVERE HEADACHE! and its pain had been lastin' for few days NOOOO!!!!! ) but havin' good pops in the air!

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Top Ten of PKI ManJZ


1. Millennium Force - Blows everything else away


2. Top Thrill Dragster - that launch is unbelievable

3. Top Gun: TJC (PC) - One intense B&M Invert

4. MagnumXL 200 - airtime and tunnels with airtime

5. The Beast - awesome

6. BORG Assimilator - So fun and just wow

7. Mantis - Intense and great layout

8. Thunderhead - didnt live up to the rep IMO.....but none the less a great ride

9. Flight of Fear - excellent theme and intense........with a good launch!

10. Raptor/Wicked Twister - both excellent rides!


*Worth mensioning

-Gemini - a big suprise! it get better and better every time i ride it!

-Vortex (PKI) - great airtime on first drop and a fun layout

-Top Gun (PKI) - very under rated! short, but intense

-Thunder Road - the fav racer so far!

-SOB - new and improved


Top 5 Flats:

1. Drop Zone (PKI) - scares me everytime!

2. Delirium - nothin but airtime

3. Tomb Raider - i am in awe with the theming

4. Power Tower - fun fun S&S

5. Demon Drop - mmm Intamin

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Top Ten Coasters

1: Raptor

2: Top Gun

3: Batman: The Ride at SFMM

4: Tremors

5: Medusa West

6: Revolution

7: Giant Dipper at SCBB

8: Riddler's Revenge

9: Millenium Force

10: Gemini


Well, I'm pretty sure that's my top ten. Haven't been on any coasters in two years now. Well, year and a half. Glah. D:

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1) Superman: Ride of Steel at SFNE

2) Millennium Force

3) Apollo's Chariot

4) Storm Runner

5) Nitro

6) Revenge of the Mummy

7) Top Thrill Dragster

8) Kingda Ka

9) Alpengeist

10) Incredible Hulk Coaster






1) El Toro

2) Voyage

3) Boulder Dash

4) Cornball Express

5) Legend

6) Raven

7) Viper at SFGAm

8) Lightning Racer

9) Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain

10) Wildcat at HP

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My weird-assed top ten list:


01. Millennium Force

02. GhostRider

03. Apollo's Chariot

04. Cornball Express

05. Goliath (SFMM)

06. SheiKra

07. The Voyage

08. Top Gun: The Jet Coaster

09. Mad Mouse (Myrtle Beach Pavilion)

10. Top Gun (PKI)


If you can figure out what these rides have in common, please let me know!

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1. Tatsu

2. Deja Vu

3. Goliath (SFMM)

4. The Riddler's Revenge

5. Batman: The Ride (SFMM)

6. Scream!

7. Silver Bullet

8. Montezooma's Revenge

9. Giant Dipper (SCBB)

10. Dragon Coaster (Rye Playland)


Soon to likely be added to top 10: Xcelerator (riding on Oct. 9th!! )

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My top 12 in completely random order:


Phoenix (Knoebels) - my number one coaster!

Thunderhead (Dollywood)

SheiKra (BGA)

Lightning Racer (Hershey)

Revenge of the Mummy (USO)

Dueling Dragons (IOA)

Scorpion (BGA)

Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)

Twister (Knoebels)

Expedition Everest (DAK)

Storm Runner (Hershey)

Blazing Fury (Dollywood)

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Since returning from the US this week my top 10 has changed:


1. Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE)

2. El Toro

3. Top Thrill Dragster

4. Millennium Force

5. X

6. Magnum XL-200

7. Nitro

8. Superman Escape (Movie World Australia)

9. Storm Runner

10. Raptor


Tatsu came close to making, Kingda Ka - maybe not.

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I think I've only been on, like, 10 coasters in my life, but I'll try I'll have a commentary with each ride, why I like it.


1. Medusa (SFMW) Tallest coaster I've been on, and fastest! Most loops, too!

2. Giant Dipper (SCBB) Airtime = Awesome with those 1 position lap bars!

3. California Screamin' (Disneyland CA) It gets boring the 7th time, though.

4. Space Mountain (Disneyland CA) You've gotta love this thing!

5. Boomerang (SFMW) I know it's crazy, but I thought it was fun.

6. Roar (SFMW) I rode the front seat the first time I ever rode... ouch!

7. Kong (SFMW) Yes, it's an SLC. I kinda liked it, but not as much as my sister.

8. Hurricane (SCBB) Painful, yes. Fun, yes.

9. Spinning Coaster (CA State Fair) I just love these mice.

10. Hi Miler (CA State Fair) It's a pretty intense, compact coaster.

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1. Hulk-Islands of Adventure

2. Millenium Force-CP

3. Nitro-Great Adventure

4.Montu-BGA (Tampa)

5. Kingda Ka- Great Adventure

6. Kumba- BGA (Tampa)

7. El Toro-Great Adventure

8. Son Of Beast

9. Sheikra- BGA (Tampa)

10. Alpengeist- BGE (Williamsburg)



I love inverted and b&m what can i say?

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