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What is your next park?

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SFOG on Monday (Labor Day).


not gonna buy Flash Pass, as going with a friend and her kiddo, so I will spend day with them, and standing in line for Blue Hawk (gahhh!) and Monster Mansion (yay!). . the kiddos favorite rides.


as long as I get at least a ride on Acrophobia (which has been closed on my prior visits), i'll be thrilled, but otherwise happy to just go wander around the park with my friends.

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Carowinds for the first time ever on 9/27-29. Probably won't need 2 full days plus the Friday night, but better safe than sorry.


Then possibly Kings Dominion or Dorney Park on 10/5 and the other one on 11/2.

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It will likely be Six Flags Great America in early October. But there's a chance that I postpone that trip until early November, and there's also a chance I make a run to East Pennsylvania in mid-October. If that ends up happening, my next park will likely be Dorney, with Knoebels following behind it!

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Might go to Lagoon one last time this week, but I don’t think I’ll have time unfortunately.


If I can swing it, I’m hoping to do Adventuredome on my drive back to California for Christmas week. After that, Knott’s Berry Farm! Then in March Lagoon will be open again. I really want to go to Disneyland and California Adventure in April, so I’m planning on it. And then I would love to go to Cedar Point.


Not sure yet what I’ll be doing in January / February, my two least favorite months. I’ll probably just use indoor swimming workouts as an excuse to ride the small water slides at the local rec center.

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Six Flags Great Adventure this weekend, and maybe once more once Holiday in the Park starts. Then the next big trip is back down to Dollywood immediately after Thanksgiving, probably with stops at Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens on the way down and back.

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