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  1. Antelope Island is great. I usually go there once or twice a year. Just look out for the no-see-ums. They bite. In the summer, I can easily spend a whole day at Lagoon -- but this includes the water park, Pioneer Village, getting a funnel cake, doing repeat rides, playing at the arcade, etc., plus I usually have to go on Saturdays due to my schedule. If you get there right at opening, you can do the coasters pretty quickly (Cannibal's line builds up pretty quickly but is fast-moving; Spider, Jet Star, and Wild Mouse get long and slow; Colossus' line is fast-moving). When I'm busier with
  2. ^ yes. Yes they did. I wanted to get down there sometime in the winter, but could never quite justify the drive (at least, without being able to ride some coasters as part of the trip). I've got my season pass, and am super excited for the 2021 season. Especially with them opening a week earlier than usual this year. Unless I manage to make it to Silverwood or Adventuredome this summer, it looks like it's going to be mostly Lagoon and a bunch of water parks -- but hey, I'm not going to complain, that should still be a lot of fun. And don't quote me on it, but I've been hopping on so
  3. Sorry for not replying to this way earlier! I haven't logged on here in a hot minute. I'm glad you were able to take the trip down there! I ended up not being able to go when I was hoping to, primarily because we left too late in the morning to fit it in. It's hard to fit a park trip in the middle of an all-day drive. I'm hoping to go at some point this year, though. I really have my heart set on that El Loco credit.
  4. Question: How busy has Adventuredome been as of late? I haven't been there since 2001 and may head down this weekend to get the El Loco cred (it will be along my route). But, I will only have a few hours there at maximum, since it will be part of a very long drive. I'd also love to ride Canyon Blaster again -- it was my first coaster with inversions, and I definitely need that dose of nostalgia. It would also be nice to get on at least a few flats -- NebulaZ, Inverter, Chaos, Disk-O, and Sling Shot would be ideal, but really just the former 3 are what's important. Do you all think this is real
  5. I’ve never gotten sick to my stomach on a coaster. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not susceptible to motion sickness, or just because after I eat I almost always ride a few gentler rides before getting back on coasters. I did get a pounding headache and a feeling of weakness last summer during one of my Lagoon trips. But that was just dehydration from eating really sodium-rich foods during the heat of the day. I drink plenty of water, so it was surprising. I’ve just decided I won’t be eating any Teryaki Stix at the park until dinner when it’s cooled down a bit.
  6. Thank you! I just might end up using it as one! It was quite fun walking by the elk. Normally they’re not too interested in passerby. I know some animals are more active at dusk, which was when we were there, so maybe that’s why.
  7. I'm hoping so as well. We will definitely get through this. Some people are saying we won't be free from this quarantine until at least 6 months from now. Those people scare me, but I don't think they're accurate. I sure hope they aren't, because at that point, there won't be any summer left to enjoy. I am trying to remain confident that Lagoon will open by May or June. I'm sure they'll open as soon as they are able -- fingers crossed that it'll be within the next little bit. Here are a few photos from when I "visited" yesterday evening, with my brother. We walked along the Lagoon trail u
  8. Ah yes, I saw that. Disappointing, but also pretty much expected. As much as I was hoping they’d open, I would’ve done the same thing in their position. Off-season in Utah is such a depressing time of year, at least for me. Rotten luck that this disaster had to strike right when we were about to finally be done with it. I miss Lagoon. I think I’m going to walk the trail anyway early Saturday morning, since I need the exercise and then at least I can see the park. I’m bound and determined to ride the first Cannibal train of the season, if possible, so I’ll keep monitoring. At lea
  9. I bought a season pass and parking pass as well. It is very possible (and probably likely) that their opening date of March 28th will be pushed back, but I think the chances of a 2020 season not happening are extremely, extremely low. But then again, 2020 has been testing us. Just woke up to the 5.7 Utah earthquake this morning which was unexpected for me, even as a Californian who has grown up with earthquakes. What a weird few weeks it has been. I hope you’re right. I will definitely be there whenever they do open. Yeah that earthquake was a wake-up call for sure. I’m also fro
  10. Silly me. I bought a season pass and parking pass to Lagoon for Black Friday. I also bought a season pass, parking pass, and season tube for Splash Summit earlier in the month. Definitely did not predict anything like this happening. Ah, for those innocent days when I thought COVID-19 was going to die out just like Zika did. With Utah’s parks only open seasonally, I just hope we won’t miss the entire 2020 season. This whole fiasco has thrown a wrench into things to say the least.
  11. Was planning on going to Lagoon on the 28th. Even if they don’t open, I might just drive up there to take a walk on the trail. Who knows. At least I got up to Disneyland last month before all this crap hit the fan.
  12. Went to DCA and DL last weekend with a small group and had a blast. Did DCA on Friday and DL on Saturday. For a less successful ROTR anecdote: Saturday was a bad day to try and get on ROTR, and I should have known this (being a weekend and all). I had stayed up way too late the night before at DCA, and the night before that preparing for the trip. So I got up kind of late. I didn’t get into the security line until 7:35 am, and didn’t get into the park itself until 8:09 am. I managed to get group 138. Nobody else from my group was in the park yet, as they were staying at a different locati
  13. Might go to Lagoon one last time this week, but I don’t think I’ll have time unfortunately. If I can swing it, I’m hoping to do Adventuredome on my drive back to California for Christmas week. After that, Knott’s Berry Farm! Then in March Lagoon will be open again. I really want to go to Disneyland and California Adventure in April, so I’m planning on it. And then I would love to go to Cedar Point. Not sure yet what I’ll be doing in January / February, my two least favorite months. I’ll probably just use indoor swimming workouts as an excuse to ride the small water slides at the loca
  14. Fun report so far. I love both of these parks. It’s cool that you rode the rails too. And no trip to Cali would be complete without seeing the ocean!
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