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If you could modify one part of any ride...

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I would remove the potholes from Rampage!


But that IS happening!! Rampage lovers of the world rejoice!!!!!





I would put Maverick's heartline roll back in. Don't know if anyone has said this already, I didn't read the thread. But who cares if it would kill me, I just wanted to ride it ONCE with the heartline roll in.

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Burn down Thunderhawk at Dorney.


Stretch out the quick snap into Alpengeist's MCBR just a litttttle more.


Fix Dominator's loop so that it's welded right and doesn't womp your head a few seconds into the loop.


Get rid of the trim before Loch Ness Monster's first loop.

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I would remove the trims on B&M hypers, since so many of them have them and it would create better airtime.


Remove all the RCCAs from the world!


fixed, RCCA is currently a much worse company than Vekoma. And then if all Vekoma's were removed Expedition Everest and quite a few other good coasters would be gone.

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Remove the OTSRs & Trims on Revolution

Remove the Morgan Trains on Colossus

Restore Colossus' double dip

Plant Grass underneath Scream

Retrack Ghostrider

Add a LIM lifthill on Superman the Escape that brings you up to the top of the tower.

Remove the trims on California Screamin

Make Great Bear's second half a little less pointless

Add Millennium Flyers to Gwazi

Remove the trims from Goliath (La Ronde)

Burn down Wild Beast

Remove the trims from Raging Bull

Remove the trims from Beast

Remove the trims from Flight of Fear

Add a Heartline Spin to Dominator


That's all I can think of for now.

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I'd change Raptors last bit of running track out for something less violent. And I'd probally want to do something with the Cobra roll aswell.


Rita needs its second turn banked less. Its too banked, causing the train to shuffle left which is nasty.


Saw needs a track replacement on the main drop to correct the radius messup. Cracks my neck everytime. Sometimes if you get the right seat it can stop you feeling it, which is a vast improvement. I wish the same for all seats though.


Stealth to have the overbanks, similar to Xcel.


Pepsi Max to be melted down and turned into Magnum


Oh and I'd probally make Nemesis back to how it was years ago, less headbangy. Still awesome ether way. Its got a similar thing to Maverick, caught unaware you will be beaten!

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Remove Mantis' first-drop trim

Remove Mean Streak's first-drop trim

Remove all trims on Loch Ness Monster

Re-open Big Bag Wolf

Make Hydra not rattle

Lapbars on Kingda Ka

Lapbars on Revolution

No trims on Apollo's Chariot

No trims on Alpengeist

Newly designed trains for Arrow Loopers with lapbars only

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Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure):

-I would make it longer by adding more hills, banked turns, corkscrews, loops, cobra rolls. That coaster has so much power harnessed at the end that it needs to release.


Stormrunner (Hersheypark):

-Again, I would make it longer by adding more elements at the end of the ride. It just has so much power left at the end that could have been used.


Superman: Ride of Steel (Six Flags America):

-WORST coaster ending. That last bunny hill should not have been put in. For me its just too rough an ending. I would have made it longer by going out towards Batwing by adding more hills and banked turns.


Anaconda (Kings Dominion):

-I would take out the brake run right before you go into the end of the ride. It almost completely slows down. If that is not possible I would not make them as harsh. After going through that brake run the train seems to crawl around the rest of the ride therefore ruining it for me.

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I'd have Wicked Twister running to what it was like in its first two seasons...


Replace those crappy bulky-OTSR ridden trains on any Vekoma Boomerang, and replace them with new trains with a lapbar (well...Wiener Prater don't have to...)


Add another 1000 feet ot more of track onto Expedition Everest AND have the Yeti working...

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I would:

Put a pretzel loop on Firehawk.

Make Diamondback's first drop 90 degrees.

Put T-bars on Intimidator 305 (Wait, does it still count if it's under construction?)

Remove Beast's trims.

Make T2's trains longer (right now it's a capacity nightmare).

If location counts as part of a ride, I'd bring Chang back to (OF)KK.

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I would have the scrambler cars spin when they swing out.


Create a drop ride where you lay on your stomach face down so you can see the ground coming at you


Turn the seats around on the pirate ship to face the outside


Create the flying bobs so it would go fast enough where the cars go parallel to the group and add music speakers to each car


Have an enterprise with seats next to each other instead of sitting in each others laps


Add a real roof to the gravitron (instead of the trap most carnivals use) and have it go up like a round up

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