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If you could modify one part of any ride...

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- Make Son Of Beasts double-helix, (The Rose Bowl) more bearable. Even after all the current modifications, and adding the new trains that double-helix is still the worst part of the ride. I mean, it's still going to be an uninspired layout, but at least it wouldn't hurt quite as bad.


- Could a modification be the re-locating of a coaster? If so, I want Avalanche @ Timber Falls moved to Dayton, OH. I love that coaster!

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-I'd change that one part on T2 that's after the lift hill, but before the brake run. You know, that part that sucks.


-I'd give the Mr. Freezes a faster launch, acceleration-wise. It's such an awesome ride already. If only it had an Xcelerator style launch!

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At SFMM...


Convert Collosuss into steel tracks, restore double dip, keep wood frame, wood coasters just don't hold up very well at MM.


Rip out the start of Scream, replace with the "Hulk" launch passing under cobra roll, have it reconnect back to original track before first loop, enclose interlocking corkscrews.


Goliath - enclose helix in a ruined temple to complete the "ruins" theme that's there now ever so lightly.


Enclose Batman: hello, dark knight 2008 movie tie in.


At Knott's...


Theme out Sidewinder completely, it's small footprint, wouldn't be too expensive.


Build Mayan Temple around Jaguar, with temple housing either sit down eatery or other low rise attraction. Knott's does have to really clever things with space planning from now on, so making use of all available vertical space is important.


Ghostride just needs TLC.


Silver Bullet should be shielded from the wagon theater (forgot name), so they should have some kind of roof structure over that theater to block noise.


Those are my random pie in the sky thoughts.

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Its not really a rollercoaster but its a water ride, I would modify Teamboat Springs at Blizzard Beach, and here's how.


The ending is far to boring for an amazing slide, so I would take a long downhill straightaway then a sharp turn, then another long downhill straightaway with a steep dip for "air" at the bottom, to make it a bigger splash and more fun.

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