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If you could modify one part of any ride...

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I searched for this and found nothing, so i'm sorry if this has come up.



If you could modify ONE part of any roller coaster what part and what would you do to it?



If it were up to me i would either bank the station fly-through at 60* to the rider's right side to make it even more intense, or i would get rid of the "MidCourse megatrim" on Pepsi Max Big One and turn it into another hill.

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I would turn the two-car bobsleds in the Matterhorn at DL, back into the single car sleds that they originally were. I remember riding them at age ten, and as a first time, big coaster experience....awesome!


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^Of course, by doing so you would effectively shorten Mean Streak's life by about 40 years.


Well, think about this...would you rather it spent a long life as a neutered woodie, or shorter life as the wild coaster it used to be, without trims?


The brightest star burns twice as brightly.




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Take the trims off Montu.

Give Gwazi Millennium Flyer trains.

Put back the first drop on Cyclone @ SFNE.

Lighten up on Bad Goliath's MCBR... I can raise my hands in the centrifuge.

Annihilate Psyclone.

Detrim Mean Streak.

Return Zonga to its Thriller layout.

Give Kumba some airtime (other than that, it's perfect).

Annihilate Manhattan Express AND NYNY Hotel and Casino (for buying a TOGO ride.)

SROS @ SFNE: ooh. Needs just a tad more ejector air.

Give forces to Millennium Force.


Can't think of any more...

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I'd take off the trim after the helix on Goliath at SFOG.



Why? It doesn't affect the ride at all, it maybe slows the train by 2-3 mph at most.



Take the freaking trims off Georgia Cyclone, retrack it, and buy new trains. This time around, actually care for the ride so it can remain top 10 in the world instead of slowly sucking more and more.



Detrim Mindbender. Retrack and reprofile GASM so it actually has airtime instead of boring, low hills. Give Gwazi MFs with the most recent retracking (this past year). Take the retractable (!) seatbelts off the Carowinds woodies. Do something with SheiKra other than floorless trains (add something-no, anything-interesting, the ride is owned by its older siblings). On a similar vein, remove the trims from Montu and let it run like it did years ago (and that includes the MCBR, the ride shouldn't be nearly stalling before the last trench run/corkscrew).



Retrack Shivering Timbers' turnaround and helix if you feel generous. Get it back to the way it ran pre-Cedar Fair. Remove the trims from Beast and Mean Streak before I go to PKI and CP (again) next year. So what if you have to pay more for maintenance? The rides will be better, pleasing guests, which is pretty much the best way to run a profitable park (coughcough....unlike SFI....coughcough).

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