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If you could modify one part of any ride...

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Man whats with all the loops getting taken out? First California Screamin now SOB...do parks hate inversions?


It's because of law suits and the media. SOB killed like 75 riders last year when the train jumped off the track at 500 MPH. So, now they have to take the loop out.

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Add an actual layout to TTD.

Give the Boss some PTC trains and probably retrack it.

Take down Psyclone and use the wood to rehab Colossus and take out the MCBR.

Take down Manhattan Express. Build Arrow fish hook with metal recovered form Manhattan Express.

Take off the OTSRs on Revolution and get rid of all the stupid trims.

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I'd take out the loop on Son Of Beast.


That doesn't make ne sense! That's the smoothest part of the ride. How are you gonna make a rider smoother by taking out the smoothest part?


I honestly can't even remember the loop on SOB. My head was already resembling putty by the time we hit the loop. By the time we got off the train, I felt like Jello.

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fairly long list:


-Put an Extra full rotation in on X in the first Raven turn like Eejanaika.

-Remove OSTR's on Revolution

-Put back in the Double Dip on Colossus (why did they remove it in the first place?)

-Find a way to make Scream look better and smoothen it up a bit

-Make Ghostrider Smoother

-Make Supreme Scream taller

-Replace the crappy new Perilous Plunge boats with new ones like the originals that were really comfy

-Put a drop in on Big Foot Rapids

-(dont know if this counts but) make a longer cycle for Riptide

-Put a loop in on Top Thrill Dragster (just to make it interesting )

- Put in a Zero-g roll on Xcelerator right before the first Overbanked turn

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Raptor- It's probably not possible, but it would be cool if the helix didn't "un-bank" so quickly. It's a really out of place rough spot on a smooth ride.


Viper at Darien Lake- I'd "lessen" the trims on the MCBR so the corkscrews were taken faster.


Predator at Darien Lake- New trains and major re-tracking. Or just a big bonfire.


Mind Eraser (any of them)- I wonder how smooth the newer train design runs. Can they put them on the older rides? That would be cool.

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-Get PTCs for the Boss

-Re-track Ninja's (SFStL) sidewinder to remove the headbanging

-Take the trim off of Mean Streak's first drop



Im suprised I cant think of more..... Oh well, I guess Im fairly tolerant of coasters being brutal.

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