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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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Leviathan at Canada's Wonderland, today! Riding it with your hands up in the back seat is just amazing as the train just pulls you over the hills!



Photo taken on Friday April, 29th during Season Pass Sneak Preview Night.

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Kettle Creek Mine

Playland (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


Saturday, May 07, 10:44am.


Great coaster, even for adults! One of the nicest children's coasters I've seen, from those

I have seen, around the world. (o:


Just enough 'wildness' to excite the little ones. And the adults too, lol.

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Skyrush Sunday at Hersheypark. I got 23 rides without standing up on the back row, left wing!

AHH I was almost gonna go that day but was worried because of the rain. I also wanted to save my second ticket for a day when Fahrenheit and Lightning Racers would be open.


So my last coaster was Phoenix at Knoebel's on Saturday, 4/30. That ride was amazing The whole park was amazing!

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Sea Serpent, Morey's, yesterday. I haven't ridden a boomerang in quite some time. I didn't die. Back row and actually not too bad. Ridden it so many times since I was a kid its just a matter of leaning into the transitions. They need the vest restraints tho. But them G's on the backwards vertical loop? Jaysus.


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