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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Lots of excitement at Silver Dollar City today! Outlaw Run took it's first official test runs! Check out this video:


And of course, there are photos! No further explanation necessary. This ride just looks freaking AMAZING!!!


Water dummies getting all dressed up for their big performance! =)


In the station! Someone press the green button!!!


Who wouldn't want to be climbing that lift hill right now?


First drop! Amazing!!!


Coming out of one of three Loop-De-Loops!!!


Wow! Check out that massive structure!


Outlaw Run heading out on one of it's first test rides!


"Our test riders need a little more juice before we send them out again!"


SDC tells me "This pic is for RCT3Bross, who thought the other version was taken too late!" (Thanks SDC!) ;)


Now that's a train full of happy riders!


Silver Dollar City General Manager Brad Thomas says "Come March 15th, you're gonna be screaming through Outlaw Run like a little girl!" (Ok, that might not be an exact quote...)


"Guys, how many times do we have to tell you...keep your hands DOWN! This is a PR shoot! Sheesh...freakin' prima donna water dummies..."


Outlaw run as seen "THROUGH THE BARREL ROLL!!!"


Here's yet another one for RCT3Bross... happy now? =)


"You can tell the test dummies liked it when they sit perfectly, expressionless still...and mutter under their breaths." (Turn up the audio, you can actually hear them!)

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Wow. Yesterday I thought "I think I'm more excited by those new photos than I should be," but now, I feel completely justified. Each has managed to be better than the last, and they started at level Amazing. The one with the train coming out of the inversion might be one of the most incredible coaster pics I've ever seen.

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It has been so much fun with social media and websites keeping tabs on the construction of new rides and attractions, I remember following the construction of Millennium Force and SFMM's Goliath in 1999-2000, and updates were not as frequent, and now parks supply us with a lot of updates some daily/weekly. Amazing PR work by Silver Dollar City!

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It's about time testing started. Looks beautifully brutal and I can't wait for a chance to ride this beast.

Why does the main drop remind me so much of X2s? Hopefully the drop has loads of airtime in the back half of the train.


um, try the ENTIRE train having loads of airtime on that first drop. Every 80 degree drop or more coaster I've been on is a butt lifter no matter what seat you sit in. Granted, it will be more intense in the back half. But I expect airtime will be had in every seat all over it's entire illegal journey (giggle).

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