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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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Wow, glad to hear testing is already happening! Can't wait to see the first videos of this insane ride in action. My goal next summer is a trip to Hersheypark and a trip to Missouri to visit SDC and Six Flags St. Louis (along with visiting friends at Wash U). Hopefully that happens

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SDC always opens their rides on opening day. The clientele here expect it. The actual media day will be later, but the ride will be open until then.


In other news, testing has begun, the first train has cleared the course a few days ago, and as of today it sounds like some PR or RMC folks actually got to ride.


Here's a great video series from the park that shows some of the train fabrication and the arrival on park:


Wow, I totally missed that it's begun testing! Great news!

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Silver Dollar City has sent us the second installment in a series of videos covering the construction and processes behind making Outlaw Run a reality.


In case you missed it Friday: Outlaw Run: The Adventure Mounts! Check out the new arrival…Our Through the Barrel Roll video series continues!


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I won't be able to make the Mid-West Trip due to work schedule so my wife and I will be taking our kids here in June and it will be our first time visiting this park and I can't wait to get my butt on this coaster because it looks like its going to be a wild ride. On another note, does anyone have any tips for first time visitors to SDC?

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Don't eat before going to the park, their food is amazing!


The cave tour is also really cool and a nice break from the heat on a hot day.


Totally agree, especially for the Cinnamon Bread! The cave tour was really cool as well! I've been to a few, and it's definitely a good one!

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I won't be able to make the Mid-West Trip due to work schedule so my wife and I will be taking our kids here in June and it will be our first time visiting this park and I can't wait to get my butt on this coaster because it looks like its going to be a wild ride. On another note, does anyone have any tips for first time visitors to SDC?

Sure. June will be during the Kids Fest. Shows during this time are geared toward elementary age kids. We've had the Nik Wallenda circus the last couple of years, which was very impressive. Check the website the week you're going for the latest times; it's usually updated on Mondays. For the most part, shows run for the entirety of a festival, but sometimes things change from week to week. Also keep in mind that Saturdays are usually the only day all the shows are playing; the park gives two days off to each show, but varies which days so that almost all the shows will be performing.


As far as rides go, the rides with the longest lines are always Lost River of the Ozarks (rapids ride), American Plunge (log flume), Wildfire, Powder Keg, and Grand Expo Coaster (kiddie coaster, very low capacity). My recommendation if you're wanting to get in all the rides is a two-day pass. There's too much to do, if you try to do it all in one day, you'll do nothing but run from one ride to the next all day. This is how I'd do it:


Day 1 - The Headliners

8:30 - Main St. Square -- The park doesn't officially open until 9:30 (9:00 on Saturdays), but they will let you through the turnstiles at 8:30. The Square is the only place accessible until opening time; the rest of the park is roped off. There are several restaurants and carts here, so get breakfast. It's good.

9:30 - Outlaw Run -- Run, run like the wind to Wilson's Farm. May the spirit of Zephyrus and/or shoving others out of the way ensure you arrive first. Obviously, newest, most advertised coaster is going to have the longest line.

10:15 - Giant Barn Swing -- It's always popular, but being right next to Outlaw Run, so I expect it will have a bit of a crowd. As long as both sides are operating, it's about 30 mins. from the barn door (beginning of the queue) to the ride.

11:00 - Lost River of the Ozarks -- You don't want to wait until the afternoon if you expect ever to get on. It's a short walk from the Wilson's Farm area to the Riverfront.

12:00 - Tom and Huck's River Blast -- You passed it between the Barn Swing and the Lost River. There are two separate queues: one for groups of 1-2 and another for 3-8. You'll be in and out in no time if you split into groups of 2--plus, you'll get to battle each other during the ride!

12:30 - Powder Keg -- While everyone else is getting lunch, you'll get on faster.

1:15 - Fire in the Hole -- Right next to Powder Keg. Awesome and unique dark ride/roller coaster (it really is a little of both).

2:00 - A Show! Most of them have showtimes around 2:00, give or take, so plan your lunch place close to whichever show you are most interested in.

3:00 - lunch -- The buffet places on the Square are great if you didn't eat there for breakfast. If you're wanting something quick, Jack's Sandwich Board just off the Square is pretty good too.

3:45 - Flooded Mine -- Great dark ride. The entrance is right next to the train depot, so do NOT try to get on when the train has just arrived. You'll want to do this and the train, so do this first.

4:30 - Frisco Silver Dollar Line -- Not your typical theme park train: A real steam locomotive powers this ride. There's a show, too; it's usually pretty corny, but worth enduring to get to ride behind steam traction! The ride itself is about 20 minutes.

5:30 - Thunderation -- Toward the end of the day, the line for this fizzles to nothing. It's often a walkon, even on busy days. By riding about this time, you'll skip the assuredly hour-plus wait this ride always has earlier in the day.

6:30 - Outlaw Run -- Head on back to the reason you're coming. The park closes at 7, but as long as you're in line before then, you'll get to ride. Don't worry about hiking to your car; the trams will keep running until the last guest is out of the park.


Day 2 - The Hidden Gems

8:30 - Back for breakfast again.

9:30 - Outlaw Run -- Yes, you're going to want more Outlaw Run.

10:15 - Wildfire -- The last big roller coaster you didn't hit yesterday. Because you haven't had enough inversions yet.

11:15 - American Plunge -- It's right next to Wildfire. Hit this early for the same reasons as Lost River.

12:00 - Grandfather's Mansion -- So now that you've been on all the big rides, it's time to experience this walk-through crooked house that was the park's first attraction as Silver Dollar City (the Marvel Cave tours predate the park)

12:30 - Marvel Cave -- That walk through Grandfather's Mansion was pretty short. You need a longer walk. Seriously, this is an awesome experience. A lot of the tour is on concrete, but you do get to see quite a bit of the natural formations as well.

2:00 - Another Show! -- There are a lot to choose from. You'll probably have trouble narrowing it down to just two.

3:00 - lunch -- Since you've likely eaten at the Square by now, try out one of the skillet places. They're all different and all awesome.

4:00 - Grand Expo -- This area has 11 children's/family rides. Teacups, tilt-a-whirl, swinging pirate ship, chairswings, Disko: all the amusement park staples. Capacity's pretty good on all but the kiddie coaster, so lines tend to move quickly. Adults can ride the Expo Coaster with or without a kid; no whoring required!

6:30 - Outlaw Run -- One last ride; just get there before 7, and you're good!

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awesome, thank you guys, I'm wishing it was June already. We were planning on 2 day passes since wife found a deal on them. I've always wanted to visit SDC because of the food, the setting, and it looks like an amazing good family park so we are all stoked and ready for June.

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I think it's pretty much done and we have to sit tight until opening day. I assume we'll see another episode of "Through the Barrel Rolls" between now and the soft-opening in March that will showcase the testing that has apparently been going on. There didn't seem to be that much landscaping left to complete last I heard, they just need to finish planting I think...

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^They have a queue-skipping system called the Trailblazer Pass but it does not use the Q-bot system like Dollywood. Believe it is similar to the paper ticket ones that Busch Gardens Williamsburg uses.

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^I was meaning in terms of videos. Live action ones, not the "Through the Barrel Roll" stuff two pages back.

Ok, well that's not what you asked. You posted:


I haven't been keeping up on this as well as I should: Has any testing happened yet?

And your question was appropriately answered by one of the moderators. No need to snap back at them.


--Robb "Please read the thread next time and pay attention. Thanks." Alvey

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