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  1. Fried Twinkies will be back at the Texas State Fair. Delicious Death. I've had some fun at the Cotton Bowl over the years.
  2. It's nothing to have to wait 6 months for something that needs machined. Especially a one off part. Not cheap either.
  3. The rest of the survey is up at SDCfans. It's very apparent that it looks like the drop tower at CC is on the way. Maybe it's a new one. And it's also apparent that Geyser Gulch is getting a makeover but much of the old footprint of the Waterboggan is untouched. possible rides
  4. More info about how restrictive the new restraints for Outlaw Run got at Screamscape. Think it is more than tinkering with the prototype. Men being turned away in droves it says, waist sizes past 36 very iffy.
  5. The admission also covers a whole host of quality live entertainment the park offers and the working craftsmen. Did you watch the glass blowing, fudge making at the candy store , wood turning, or furniture making. The park is so much more than rides. Heck they even have church services in a log church house on Sundays.
  6. Before the very light rain started this past Sun. GE was the most crowded place(sans outlaw run) in the park with the line for the kiddie coaster past the check station at the entrance to the queue. They were only doing two trips around the track instead of three. All the cycle times seemed shorter. The GE area's trees and shurbs are really starting to fill out and taking away the feel of an asphalt travelling carnival. The Dog show was playing to full houses at the 2 and 4 pm shows at Red Gold. I think the Suits sees this popularity with families with young children and realize that Half Dollar was a bit too small of an addition as well . When they shut down Outlaw Run the giant swing's line went all the way across to the fruit stand. They only had one of the high low silo towers going and the line was slow for them.
  7. I've suggested that it would a perfect candidate for a drop track element. Keep story line and soundtrack just re-record them in digital update tech used in animatronics, sound and special effects Put drop element at burning bridge As you start to cross the bridge, a timber in flames drops across the track ahead stopping you on the bridge and then you drop i and launched into the dark finale and save the splash somehow and the oncoming train.
  8. Say, isn't the S&S tower at Shuttered City down the road about 85ft. tall? SDC is sending out surveys via email and shared at SDCfans A rework of Geyser Gulch themed to a fireworks factory Two more concepts to come. one to feature the old balloon ride and firefighters(hmmmmm, a rework of FITH?)
  9. You hit that right on the button. Locals, folks within 3 hours or less helped make Sat so crowded with the perfect weather. They hadn't had a day like that all summer. It's the folks that filled it last season during wonderful weather during spring break. Those locals are Arkansans, Okies, Missourians, and Kansans. They all like to eat. Lots of them are just big ol' boys. It can not be understated how much SDC is benefitting from growth in the region especially Northwest Arkansas. It's a whole lot easier to get there than just 5 years ago with slow but steady improvement to the area highways. SDC's sister water park is woefully behind it's regional competition and needs major love. For all the moaning over the Grand Exposition area from purist it was the busiest part of the park at 2:30. The longest wait in the area was for the kiddie coaster.
  10. The poster's father was able to ride if on Fri but not on Sat. Had nothing to do with skillet meals but length. Anyhoo, lots of locals that go are complaining about it's down time and now this isn't making a great opening for a teriffic ride if you can find it open and able to ride. The weather seems to be hurting the City' numbers this year as well.
  11. So the goal is to increase rider comfort by decreasing the percentage of the GP able to ride it? There's a first hand account on SDCfans. I didn't get to ride it yesterday as it went down around 5 and wasn't open as of 8:15 as we checked before we left . But lots of folks that enjoyed their rides previously were not happy. They had near 24,00o on Sat and many that had rode it before waited hours to be turned away.
  12. Fallout from the the incident has reached Silver Dollar City as new restraints for Outlaw Run appeared on Sat and folks that were once able to ride are now no longer able to. Hold off priase for RMCs new trains.
  13. Well, if you are coming for Outlaw Run, they changed the restraints on Sat and MANY that could ride it no longer can and its not just about gut but length of legs and the bar that goes across your shins.
  14. The train can be re-routed if they take out the employee parking lot that's back there, which they probably will end up doing regardless. Or the coaster can go over the tracks; Outlaw Run goes over the tracks twice without any interruption to either ride. Not to mention the giant structure that's there right now that's built right over the tracks and served as a queue for decades. I don't think the train's going to be an issue. Noise, yes, and for that reason I just don't see them getting another B&M. Wildfire was one of their most successful additions to the park, so they certainly don't have any bones to pick with B&M; I just don't see them going that direction. I would be totally satisfied with a Mystery Mine type coaster; it would fit well in the space and would hit that family thrill market that is their core audience. Wildfire is very quite to me.
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