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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

P. 261: Arvest Bank announces 10 year sponsorship deal

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^ You can't tell what a ride will provide from a little video. Everyone on here should know that from Skyrush's first pov. After following its construction/testing..ect, when the video was released I thought it looked dumb and wouldn't be a good ride. but apon riding it, it's one of, if not, the craziest coaster. So Lets be honest here, this ride is going to be sweet even if it has no airtime!


Well like I said

but its short and goes 68 mph...my guess you'll be flying out of your seat just due to the speeds alone

No doubt it's gunna be awesome, and Im frantically trying to think of a way to get some fast cash by March 31st so I can ride this!

Agreed, it looked cool in design but I thought maybe it'd be underwhelming but real life pics makes me think quite the opposite

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^^ I also really doubt its running up to its full potential when they're doing the first test runs, I expect that it will really be flying once summer comes around.

That too! Its just the first test runs. Once its open and cooking up, no doubt this thing is filthy!

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Has anyone else checked out the off-ride video that the Silver Dollar City posted on Facebook! This thing FLYS over that first drop and into the barrel rolls! It looks amazing! I didn't see anything posted here so sorry if it was already mentioned, I looked 10 pages back!


Here is the link:

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I saw a few people mention that there wasn't as much airtime as they expected... From watching the footage I've seen I was actually more worried that there will be so much airtime my thighs will be hurting after riding this. There's only one specific hill created exclusively for airtime, but there are also at least three other points of insane, out-of-your seat ejector air, including the first drop. There will also be pops of air in unexpected places I'm sure, plus there's got to be something that happens on the sideways "wave turn".


It's definitely going to be a bit unlike any other ride so far. Being the first coaster RMC has built from the ground up with this technology, the layout is unrestricted. It's hard to explain, but it feels like since they didn't have to follow in another ride's footsteps with this one, they were able to create more a unified experience along the total length of this ride, like all the elements are designed to work together...

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Damn, so stoked to ride this on our trip in October!


The only thing I am kind of worried about is the little bar that is going to go across where your shins will be. Sky Rocket had those and they were really painful on the airtime bits and I think this thing is going to have way more airtime than Sky Rocket. Other than that, super stoked on this ride!!!

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