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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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I got thinking, and this is a far stretch, why not have some wild west themed dark top spin? The Point will have covered three aspects... a dark ride, a flat, and a water ride. Just a tought...


How disappointing would that be

After a few years, it would become The Crypt of the north.

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Something tells me that the posting of "Gee, See Eye!" on their facebook does not mean a GCI woodie is guaranteed.


Especially if "eye" really means "I" which is the first letter in Intamin. It would tie into their Aquatrax joke from earlier. I saw it somewhere (Screamscape, I think) that a recent ACE News mentioned an Intamin Flume for 2010. With the removal of Whitewater for Maverick a new flume makes sense.


Besides I'd rather see a new GCI along the waterfront in homage of the park's old Traver Cyclone.

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Posted on Pointbuzz, apparently if you combine all the clues together and count the number of letters, it equals 52. I then realized that Prowler goes 51 mph and Terminator goes 50 mph. I'm hoping this is another clue towards the GCI (or maybe I'm just crazy).

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Good to see the ride is being replaced by another water ride. One thing I don't like about Cedar Point is that all the water rides are on one side of this massive park. Though Maverick is an incredible replacement, the park now lacks my favorite water ride, the log flume.


Water Coasters are a great ride, but the one I've been on left me too soaked! I guess Cedar Point isn't ready to be tied up with SFMM again


The thing about CP's water rides are that as you said there all in one area, in the wayyy back of the park. And they only have two, which means on hot and humid days the lines for these can be ridiculous! And the thin about Snake river Falls is that you get compoletely soaked and on the rapids youget completely soaked or no wet at all. Please be a water coaster. What abnout a Mack water coaster such as Atlantis!?

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CP's twitter:

I prefer my lunch TOGO...especially when there's lightning around.


Now they're just messing with us! TOGO is defunct! It's kind of funny that they're enjoying how we hold on to their every word. I guess this now means the new project is not necessarily INTAMIN, or GCI since they're hinting all kinds of stuff but I'm thinking it probably will be one of those two.

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I think the clues mean one of two things.


1: They're throwing out random companies that don't have anything to do with this project.


2: They're simply sparking interest in the project which will inevitably lead to most people being disappointed in the actual project, whatever it may be.


In short, they amount to pretty much nothing, so don't pay attention to them.

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No GCI, No Aquatrax, They're getting a Togo. Of course since they posted that on twitter that automatically means it's 100% true. Or they're going to combine all of them.

Also on an interesting note that I think is the key to what is truly coming to CP for the 2010 season, if you take all of the letters from the clues (80), and divide that by how many clues there are (3), and then you multiply that by the number of roller coasters CP has (17) then you get 453.33. That's going to be the height of this beast - Calling it now.


Typical CP Fanboy agrees with me:

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