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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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What about coastermania?


It's getting to the point where it will be too late for me to put the time in at work.

Just put the time in. Think about it--worst case scenario, they sell out of Coastermania tickets and you don't get one.


#1 rule of traveling: Be flexible.


See, that's the thing......


It's more about the actual event to me. Typically we hit the park 15-20 times a year, so it would just be another day in the park and not worth taking a vacation day as they are valuable. There are a couple of other events going on this summer that I would go to if I can't get coastermania tickets, but the trick is choosing a vacation days in time. I would prefer coastermania over some of the other events though.


Does your employer not allow you to cancel a vacation day if your plans get canceled? Where I work I can submit the time off and if something comes up and my plans get cancelled I can just let my boss know I no longer need the day. Not a thing where you work?

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Or being a teacher in Asia, where the only 2 weeks you are allowed off for holidays a year is the same 2 weeks a year: Christmas/new year week and end of July/start of August when not only is that the week when most of Asia will be off for family vacations (due to said school closure) and tickets so very expensive, but most parks worldwide are packed then.

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Question: For a ride operations employee, is there enough time for RWC, or will it actually be more convenient?

Me personally I would not put forth the money for this, as there is no way to guarantee that would not be working during some of those events(you do get 1 day off a week).


You already get ride nights and behind the scenes time being an employee, which is better than what RWC will offer you, and it's free to you.

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I'm probably going insane but can anyone confirm whether platinum passholders get a free upgrade to fast lane plus from regular fast lane at the park? I could've sworn I read that in the "100 reasons" page on the site but looking back I don't see it now. I don't know if I'm losing my marbles on this one but now I have to know, lol.

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As of last year yes for Platinum passholders, the regular Fastlane price was the same price you would pay for Fastlane Plus. So assuming no changes for this year then yeah I'd expect the same.

Awesome, thanks for reply. Weird it's not on the website (or very difficult to find) because that's actaully a huge benefit considering how expensive FL+ gets mid-summer.

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^^"Valravn" looks like somebody fell asleep onto their keyboard, woke up, looked at what they typed, shrugged and hit the "enter" button.


I actually tried that technique and turned out with names such as:






Which all sound like ride names cedar fair would use

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I get what you're saying but at least Valravn is an actual word this time


Which one wasn't an actual word?


And yeah, Valravn is actually how its spelled in Danish folklore. So I don't understand the fuss! But oh well, still looking forward to the ride. They could name it "Cedar Point's Dive Coaster" for all I care! (Ok, well I do care, but I still don't mind the name Valravn)


*fell asleep at my keyboard and woke up and saw I typed this perfectly and clicked submit*

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