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  1. I thought you were joking until I saw it in the news. I guess it makes sense? Maybe?
  2. I believe they're mixing it up with Brain Surge or whatever it's called where you do control the spin. Stopped by today to get one last sentimental photo of it. I hated riding it (still do) but I always rode it anyways back when it was Treetop Tumbler.
  3. Glad to see they finally changed the North Star light patterns. I think they should spin a dial each night to see which pattern they are going to use.
  4. I'd honestly say the opposite with VF working on TC. There have several improvements over the past year or two that have improved operations, bins being one example. I've also heard the idea of merging TC with the waterpark ever since I've heard the rumor of the water park expansion, but in a "wouldn't this make sense" kinda way rather then a hearsay rumor.
  5. If the crews are that good then why did they install countdown/loading screens? If I remember correctly, the one at Valravn also displayed seat status. So while some part of it is obviously for motivation, I think the majority is to help platform operators tell what needs to be checked again instead of relying on a control position saying to check certain seats over the PA.
  6. No, it was removed by the park. I can assure you this. We were all joking as a team and so they probably said that to you before we all thought it through and realized a guest is not just going to walk out of the park with a giant sword unnoticed.
  7. Can debunk the Excalibur sword theories because the sword was just loose; so many people try to pull it the sculpted rock finally gave way.
  8. I literally clicked to the site the moment I saw your post. I AM IN LOVE. One thousand times yes, my graphic designer heart is happy. I love the color scheme!
  9. This might actually not be that bad because it's not like there's a bunch of plastic boxes from Panda, and there should be more than the one or two trash cans that were there previously. Good luck GarboJesus and co. I can't wait to see it all done! The new plaza is definitely turning out amazing!
  10. I love that the title of the video on Facebook is "butter".
  11. I see it less along the idea that VF needs other stuff besides a coaster, and more that we already have the Boomerang bases covered in Corkscrew and Steel Venom. You've got the loops in Cork and the back and forth from Venom.
  12. Different park service people have different favorite bathrooms to clean. I think they each have their perks, but I'm partial to the one by Supercat.
  13. Oooo, looks like they're finally replacing those wonky fountains by the restroom.
  14. I wish we had something like CPs night show that syncs to their Power Tower lights. It's such a cool effect!
  15. I don't remember PT enough before I actually rode it for the first time to remember what it was like with different color lights. Now that it's stuck on only tower A with a purple light, it doesn't feel as spooky awesome anymore during Haunt when it's supposed to be purple. I hope the fix/upgrade the system soon.
  16. If they live near Milwaukee, they might decide to fly for times sake; it's still a 6 hour drive give or take a little.
  17. Guess you missed the wink at the end of that. Wink or not, it's kinda a jerk move to equate a momentary lapse of memory in the offseason to a reflection of my job knowledge. But yes, don't miss Xtreme Swing. Favorite. Flat. EVER. The line should move pretty fast if you have enough time to squeeze it in.
  18. Woops. Your snark was not necessary, however. People are allowed to forget.
  19. My guess is anywhere between 2-3 hours depending on student groups. I think the most efficient will be Renegade > Wild Thing > Venom > Corkscrew > Mad Mouse > Excalibur, assuming you get there at open. Do a big loop while you wait the hour for Excalibur to open. Cosmic coaster has one train waits as well.
  20. It's gonna be a while before any announcement is made if a ride is being retired this season. I'm blanking on when they announced Enterprise was being retired... There's so much stuff that could be done but I don't want to say goodbye to any rides. Except dinos, maybe...
  21. It's true that CF hasn't installed one since Voyage, but is there anything else to suggest that CF isn't going to install more? It just confuses me since I haven't seen/read more about Voyage's performance, and why CF would stop investing in dark rides? Maybe I just need to go read the Knott's thread more...
  22. Another thing to keep in mind. VF typically only runs one train on almost all coasters on weekdays. So you might want to expect to wait longer than necessary. This is true for all but Wild Thing. WT will run two trains unless the park is literally dead and the station is empty. Renegade might have two depending on how busy it is.
  23. ^^ I'd recommend walking on the back Planet Snoopy path that branches off by Moon Bounce/the Snoopy stage. There are some nice spots on either side to get High Roller and the pond and trees are pretty nice at sunset. The path leading to Route 76 is nice and open, so you should be able to get some nice shots of Venom, Wild Thing, and more than likely North Star too.
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