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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 2017: Top Thrill Dragster RETIRED!?!?!?

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You should be able to sit WHEREVER YOU WANT! Not to mention, how many people actually ask if they can sit in a certain row? 2 every 100-200 guests? I've been a ride operator for almost a dozen roller coasters and rides, and not ONCE, NOT ONCE!, was it ever an issue to let folks sit where they wanted on the ride. They paid for admission, they waited an hour in line, let them sit where they want!


As an op myself I fully agree. Assigned seating is poop, when it comes to coasters. However, it is VERY necessary on flat rides.

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Shoot the Rapids is dunzo. Couldn't be happier.





Cedar Point’s Shoot the Rapids is coming down.


Sources have told the Register the amusement park operator started to tear down the water ride Tuesday. Cedar Point is not confirming the removal or what will come next.


“Our focus is on the construction of Valravn, our record-breaking dive coaster. We have not announced any changes regarding our current ride lineup,” wrote Tony Clark, director of communications, in a statement.


The ride was designed by Intamin, which also designed Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force. The ride, which debuted in June 2010 on Frontier Trail, suffered its share of problems.


On July 19, 2013, seven guests were on a Shoot the Rapids boat that malfunctioned while ascending a lift hill. Inspectors determined the boat went down the hill backward about 187 feet, then traveled another 41 feet until it struck the edge of a concrete flume. The force of the collision damaged about 7 feet of concrete. The boat then continued in the flume an additional 58 feet, striking the flume wall several more times and hitting another boat before overturning, the guests still inside. The inspection revealed two safety features never engaged: one designed to prevent boats from coming off the track, the other to prevent boats from rolling backward.

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Interesting thought about the silver/grey on the back of the spine... Perhaps there's some functional thought behind the color choice beyond pure aesthetics? If CP decides to have a lighting package to illuminate the majority of the track at night, the grey will reflect the light much better than the orange/rust color, giving it a glowing effect of illuminated ribbon in the sky, especially if they use multi-color RGB LEDs similar to Power Tower and MF.

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Thank goodness. How about a traditional Arrow flume? No lap bars. Just a good old fashioned flume ride.


Or (if I can dream) a highly themed Log ride like Knotts!

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Definitely a shame as shoot the rapids was a decent attraction albeit it did have its fair share of maintenance issues.


Cue "Intamin Hater" bandwagon in 3.....2.....1.....


I like the Intamin coasters in the park plenty. STR though? Awful. How do you build a log flume that can't float in the 21st century when randoms were able to figure it out in the 1920s?

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I never did get a chance to ride STR, however I never felt I was missing out on much.


I remember back when it was announced, I was disappointed with the location. Though a small plot, I thought it would have been an interesting location for a coaster instead of a "NextGen" flume ride.


Interesting though, to say the least. Not super shocked though based on the maintenance issues.

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