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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

Page 2218 - Wonder Woman Roller Coaster for 2022!

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^ Somebody needs a hug!


Nah...just say something negative about Cedar Fair and he'll have nothing but positive things to say!

That's mainly because ignorance runs rampant when it comes to people talking about CF. They hear one or two common misconceptions from everyone on the board and then they run with it, whether they know the actual truth or not. Either that or they spend a day or two at KBF and think they know everything about CF. I'm usually there to set the misconception straight. Prime example is someone who thought CF was the only company that didn't allow head-on collisions for their bumper cars, when TONS of parks have that policy. I mean hell, I worked for them for four years, and they aren't anywhere near as bad as anyone makes them out to be. It's the Cedar Point effect, just like the rankings. If all things were the same with that chain, but Cedar Point or Dick Kinzel weren't a part of it, then nobody would have even half as many negative things to say about it. What's really funny is when someone starts bashing on CF and has never even been to one of their parks.


I know Cedar Fair isn't all good (better food please?), just like I know Six Flags isn't all bad (Flash Passes are amazing!), but when I see something that SFMM management said about how they'll basically build nothing but coasters, and then people defend it? Especially when the last thing that park needs is more coasters? That's just laughable. Just like every time CF management tries to justify cutting down more trees at one of their parks. You wonder what on Earth could they be thinking?


I guess I just don't get the SF love on this board. I'm the kinda guy who could have a good time doing literally nothing, and yet, I've rarely ever had a good time at a SF park. Those parks just suck the life right out of me.


What's to get though? People like what they like, because its what they like, just like you. Like you said, no cooperate company is perfectly run, so you find things you do like, or move on,to something else,that's more your scene. But asking people in a SFMM thread to justify why they like SF is a waste of time and energy imo. It's like wondering why people chose their cell phone provider because you chose something else. Obviously they find value in it you don't, and there is nothing wrong with that.


I don't think you'll find a single person on this board who doesn't find fault with Six Flags. Not one. So stop it with the extremes. Some of us don't like to dwell on negativity 24/7. Especially when this company does crazy things like making their older coasters ridable again, and making stride towards better customet service.


SFMM still has plenty of improvements to make before I'm happy with the park, heck I'm not happy with my Atlanta Braves either, but as long as they continue putting a team on the field I enjoy watching, I always stick with them. But I hate when people try to make me feel guilty for liking something imperfect, when everything is imperfect, just because they don't.


And for the record, no one is saying all coasters and very little else is ok. But that is the reality, and has been for years.

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Gotta love that Six Flags business model.


It actually makes sense. If I was running park like SFMM (that markets itself on coasters) and someone pitched me on paying $5 million for a giant swing ride vs. a coaster that reportedly costs just slightly more (Insane @ Gronaland is listed at $7 million), I'd take the coaster too. Much more marketing value, and probably not much of a capacity difference either.


^ Agreed. Also, there is no rule book that says you have to run your park the way everyone else runs theirs. Maybe they just don't like flats, and want to almost exclusively cater to coaster fans. There is no theme park "law" that says you can't do that.


Funny how the same people that have bashed CP in the past for only building Roller Coasters are the same people defending MM for doing just that! Yet, Cedar Point has a far better collection of flats than MM, better kids areas, night time light shows, and has built rides like Shoot the Rapids in recent years. I would also give the edge in coasters to CP. It amazes me how the CP haters come out on this site!


Neither is my favorite park, although I have CP way up there, but SFMM fanboys are showing their jealousy of CP more now than ever. SFMM can keep building low capacity and kiddie coasters as much as you want to get a "stupid coaster record," but at least CP has diversity in their rides and entertainment.


I prefer Universal Studios myself.

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For the last time: this has nothing to do with SFMM vs. CP, SFMM's bad operations, or anything else.


The simple FACT of the matter is that it is a sound business decision for the park to be investing in coasters that cost about the same amount as a flat ride. You may not agree with SFMM going back to being the "Xtreme park," but if that is what they want to be their niche in the very crowded so cal market, why wouldn't they keep investing in coasters?

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Well, that pretty much confirms it's that same piece of theming from SFGAd's Green Lantern.


I'm not a comic book dork, can someone explain to me what it is?


It's Green Lantern's lantern. Green Lantern has a funky ring where he can make all sorts of cool things, but the ring needs to be recharged every 24 hours. The lantern charges the ring. Now the lantern really isn't that big, but the one on Oa is quite huge. Oa is the home of the Green Lantern Corps.


I could tell you all sorts of things about the Green Lantern Corps and Oa, but your head will probably spin.

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