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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Problems loading photos? Click here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=23&linkid=10427


Today we were at Six Flags Magic Mountain for the opening of Road Runner Express, the parks latest "family roller coaster" addition which makes it the parks 17th roller coaster!


Six Flags Magic Mountain head honcho crew was on hand open the new coaster!


Lots of kids and families excited about the new ride.


All the Looney Tunes characters have arrived!


The ribbon is cut and Road Runner Express is officially OPEN!


KidTums is tall enough to ride!


Elissa and KidTums were on the first public train out! This was KidTums 117th coaster!


Check out the station...


And they're off!


They did a nice job with the area theming.


This really helps round out parks coaster collection.


This was the actual design from the roller coaster engineering people. (professional title)


"Rocket Powered Roller Skates!"


Road Runner Express is open!!!


The ride really looks good!


The roller coaster enthusiasts should be happy to see they went for a "lap bar only" design.


The best part about the ride... 36" height restriction so smaller kids can ride!


"Any more posts complaining about the height restriction...and I'll cut 'ya!"


KidTums had an awesome time hanging out with all the characters!


Hugs for big cats!


Thank you Mr. Coyote for chasing the Road Runner all these years!


We took some time to check out the rest of the park...Tyler and Robby needed their Superman credit! (They got to ride 4 times and loved it!)


Ooooh....something new coming soon!


Today is a day for KidTums!


KidTums enjoys life from her cage.


I'm not sure I can write a caption that won't get me in trouble...so I won't!


Notice how the artist carefully covered up any "sensitive" areas of this apparently naked rider.


The park sure is getting more liberal with merchandise these days...


...oh, I see... It's a "cat."


"What's with the costume? Are you a pirate?"

"P... Pirates are in this year!"


Foghorn and I have patched things up over the years.


Thank you Wile E. Coyote! We had a great time on your new ride!


Here is the B-Roll the park sent me:



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Did this day actually come!? Is it REALLY open!? I don't believe this pictures are real. I think you dreamt this happened, snuck a camera into your dream, and brought the pictures back to the real world.

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Went out to the park this morning for a few rides. We had planned to get in early, but it looked like they let everyone in early, so by the time we got to the gates at 10:20 the park was already flooded. We road OE and then dropped down to Apoc for 4 rides, only getting off once to switch rows. Then over to Jet Stream and Gold Rusher before hitting up Riddlers, Tidal Wave and Scream. Went over to RRE for the ribbon cutting. We decided to not ride today because of the line and will try to ride it on Thursday. Finished off the day with a sick ride on Scream, front row, seat 2, wow was that cool. The park was looking great today, a lot of friendly staff and it looked like all the major attractions were running. I'm really liking this park!!!


Just realized that today they started opening at 10am, explains why we missed the opening of the gates


Also for those that have the discover card, they are running a deal right now in the rewards section, trade in $20 reward dollars and get $40 in shell gas. I logged in last night and bought $140 for $280 in gift cards, makes gas a reasonable price. I hope this is ok to post here, figured there were many discover card holders.

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^ With Elissa and Robb as parents, just be glad she wasn't tall enough to ride ALL of the coasters at the parks she's been to!


Nice report! The ride's looking awesome, and looks like a great addition to the park! Also, is the scenery (Rocks, cacti, etc.) original or is it from SF New Orleans?

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This is the first time I've ever seen a family or a kiddie coaster have its own exclusive media day. Very interesting indeed.


BTW, did anyone at the press conference officially mention that they've tied Cedar Point now?

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I've been pleasantly surprised with how nice Six Flag's 2011 additions look, and this is my favorite so far. I'm happy the switched from the Mr. Six theme to this, because I don't think it would have looked half as nice. Really excited now to see how DC Universe turns out!

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