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  1. Got on the last public train last night for deja vu. 2nd row, was a lot of fun. For whatever reason hardly anyone was there for the final rides so instead of staying open until 11 they closed at 10:30, which changed our plans to ride in every row. Got to the park at 7pm and rode GL, colossus, scream, apoc x 2, tatsu and x2 before finishing up at deja vu. It was a fun night
  2. You folks are getting a good ride. I ride it every trip, it's smooth and a lot of fun. No need for new trains or restraints that I can see.
  3. Cool! I was there several days when they were running the test rides while asking questions. Will have to check it out!
  4. wesrg, If you have a discover card, make sure you bring it. It will get you close to the front of the gate in the discover line and if you are lucky you'll be there on a day that they let that line in early. I've been there on days when I was almost to the walkway above Revolution before the front gates opened which equals first train out on Tatsu or X2
  5. I rode NTAG 3 times on Thursday night, once in the front and then twice in the back at the very end of the night. OMG is the back awesome, that first drop feels like you are going to fly out. When we came back into the station there were a handful of people still in the line and they let us ride again in the back. The ride was going just fine and then we got stopped at the MCBR for at least 5 minutes. The last half of the ride was super slow after coming to a complete stop. They didn't say what was wrong but the op apologized when we got back to the station and said they couldn't run the train again. On Friday towards the middle of the day I realized I had not seen a train go on NTAG yet and while heading over to Titan saw that the red train was stopped about 2/3 of the way up the hill with people on it. While going up the lift hill of Titan we saw the people getting off and walking down the lift hill.
  6. You weren't lying, rode the front once and the back twice. In the back it feels like you will be ejected going over the first drop. What a great ride.
  7. That's the thing, event without a ton of spinning its a very forceful and fun ride.
  8. I look forward to even crazier rides on GL in the future if things change, for now though I'm thankful for getting to ride the one in it's current form. Unbalanced ERT on GL would be great
  9. Not sure the easiest way, I've had one for 15 years. And yes you and your group can get in. I've gotten in with 6 other people no problem.
  10. Decided last minute this morning to go to the park. Arrived at 9:30, was about 6th in the discover line. They opened both lines about the same time and I ran as quick as I could to GL. Got on probably the 3rd ride out, inside seat facing away from the ride. All I have to say is WOW! The ride is so forceful, you don't expect it to be but you feel those drops. I think we flipped 1 or 2 times with a few partials and that was plenty. It's not the flips that do it, it's the forces you feel. The initial lift is quick and I had no urge to put my arms up, it's more of holding on like an oh shit handle The line got long quick so I decided to skip a second ride and hit up batman, that ride is still as good as I remember it from 95. Then went to Goliath and there was an issue and they had to take a train off the track. Rode the backhand then got out of the park. It looked like it was going to be nuts today!!! If you want a short line get a discover card and run to GL.
  11. Thanks for the review!!! This is getting me even more excited for my trip next week to SFOT. Hoping to get some good rides on the night of the 7th and back all day on the 8th.
  12. Thanks for the info Jakizle! That would be excellent if the park isn't crowded. I won't get my hopes up to much and maybe with a head start on Thursday night I'll get to ride everything multiple times. If anyone has answers to my other questions I'd appreciate it.
  13. The route I usually go to get the most out of my day with a season pass and no flash pass is: Tatsu (you can go for two if you'd like), Apoc (with multiple rides over and over), Deja Vu, Riddler (with an extra ride or two), Colossus, Scream (with many back to back rides), Goliath. On Sunday I used this route and got a total of 15 rides in (7 unique coasters) in about 2.5 hours. If I stay the full day then I always head to x2 towards the end of the night to get the final ride in with the line usually being about 30-40 minutes. I'm new to the park and have not tried the run to x2 to start off the day as I prefer Tatsu and think it might put me ahead of the crowd for the morning hours. In fact a lot of the time I won't see anybody coming from the front of the park while I'm at Apoc / Deja Vu until I get to about Jet Stream. After the first round of rides I'll typically go ride Jet Stream, Tidal Wave, Viper, gold rusher, and Ninja as well as any of the flat rides. I have not rode Superman yet, so I'm not sure how to fit that into the circuit yet and I also don't know how I'll fit in GL. Of course if you get the flash pass this changes everything since you'll want to get in the rides without flash pass first before getting your pass and heading to the other rides. Have fun!
  14. I'll be flying into Dallas on July 7th and we are planning to hit the park on the 8th. There will be several small kids and non coaster riding adults as well as a group that is looking to hit all of the big rides. We are planning to get there before opening and get first rides on NTAG, but after that I don't have a clue where we should head and the best way to get through the park on a Friday in the summer. Is the park usually really crowded on Fridays? Are there any shows we should see? Any rides that we should consider riding in the morning while the crowds are smaller? Do they offer a discover line to get into the park? Is that line let in early? Is Roaring Rapids the only ride we'll be able to cool down on? It looks like SFOT is also open late during the week so I think I may sneak over to the park on my own for a few hours on the night of the 7th to try and get some NTAG rides in. Any idea why there isn't a SFOT official thread? Thanks for the help.
  15. SFMM next week to get an early ride on Green Lantern, then off to SFOT the following week, can't wait for NTAG
  16. Visited the park today for a quick run through. Got to the line at 10:20, was at the end of the discover line, and walked through the gate just as the other gates were opening. Ran up to tatsu for the 2nd flight of the day. I noticed a guy in the back wearing a i305 shirt. Headed down to apoc and got on in the back. After the ride the guy with the i305 shirt came to the back to ride again with me. We ended up riding 6 or 7 times in various rows until there were no open seats. His name was Tom and he was telling me he was doing a 3 week west coast tour of parks. Thanks tom it was fun chatting with you on the lift hill and getting a little morning session in on apoc. Tom headed over to deja and I went to riddlers. Hit up riddlers twice, scream 5 times, then to colossus and finished up with Goliath. All of this in less then 3 hours . Was another great day in the park. The main lot was not full yet at noon and Goliath was only a 20 minute wait for the front row at 12:30. I'm still really enjoying myself at mm, but really looking forward to going to sfot next week to see a park with some more theming and new rides, NTAG here I come! Kept an eye on GL all day but did not see any test runs. The park was clean, was greeted by several of the staff and ride ops seemed to be smooth through the day.
  17. Well it was father's day afterall That's our routine at MM, get there early, get a circuit in quick while they go play in Bugs World, and then meet up to finish off the day.
  18. Went to the park this morning for a few hours. Got to the discover line right as they were opening the main gates. Left the wife and kiddo and grabbed the first orient car, and jumped on the third tatsu train out. Then went over to apoc for 4 rides in the back, riddlers for a single ride, 3 different seats on scream, froth seat on colossus, and then a ride in the front and back of Goliath, all before 12:30. The park was really empty. Had some fun in bugs world before leaving the park at 1:30.
  19. Went to the park yesterday with my nephew, had a great time. Got in a few mins early and hustled up to tatsu for the first train of the day. X was closed at opening. Did a lap around the park in 45 mins and had hit 5 rides. Got some lunch then went back to ride everything we missed the first time around. We rode road runner two times, even got stuck on it the second ride, didn't quite make it into the station, oops. RRE is an excellent kid coaster. Finished off the day with a great ride on x2 in the front row. Also road deja for my first time, what a fun ride. Only one coaster left in the park to conquer, super man . The park was empty, only the first lot plus some buses. Rides for the day: Tatsu Apoc x 2 Riddlers Colossus Scream Goliath Road runner Viper Ninja Deja vu Revolution X2 Swashbuckler I'd say it was a good day!
  20. I did not hear them mention that. Probably waiting until Jun 18th to announce when they surpass CP
  21. Went out to the park this morning for a few rides. We had planned to get in early, but it looked like they let everyone in early, so by the time we got to the gates at 10:20 the park was already flooded. We road OE and then dropped down to Apoc for 4 rides, only getting off once to switch rows. Then over to Jet Stream and Gold Rusher before hitting up Riddlers, Tidal Wave and Scream. Went over to RRE for the ribbon cutting. We decided to not ride today because of the line and will try to ride it on Thursday. Finished off the day with a sick ride on Scream, front row, seat 2, wow was that cool. The park was looking great today, a lot of friendly staff and it looked like all the major attractions were running. I'm really liking this park!!! Just realized that today they started opening at 10am, explains why we missed the opening of the gates Also for those that have the discover card, they are running a deal right now in the rewards section, trade in $20 reward dollars and get $40 in shell gas. I logged in last night and bought $140 for $280 in gift cards, makes gas a reasonable price. I hope this is ok to post here, figured there were many discover card holders.
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