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  1. ^ Fair enough. I apologize. I love TPR and I believe every park should be celebrated, not denigrated.
  2. Way to put down someones opinion You only make yourself look like an a$$. I personally love Cedar Point. After spending most of my life in Southern California, I have learned to love CP and the friendly(unlike SMM) atmosphere provided. Not to mention the amazing coaster collection. It sits in a beautiful setting on Lake Erie and is located in an area where there is so much more to do outside its confines. There is nothing wrong with an enthusiast having CP on their bucket list. Just like there is nothing wrong with "anyone" having "any park" on their list. It personal preference and I think he will love his time at CP. Hopefully he will bless us with a trip report to give us "his" opinion. Nice picture by the way. You look like a person that would make the sort of post that you did.
  3. After way too much thought!, I would say this is my top5 +1, in no particular order: Millennium Force, Tatsu, Black Mamba, Magnum XL 200, The Beast, and El Toro.
  4. I like anything not named Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, or other superhero name that SF will use in the future.
  5. At least CP would have other thrilling and family attractions to offer if their coaster collection disappeared. Imagine SFMM without their coasters! There would be nothing left! Talk about one-dimensional.
  6. Please read the title of this thread. It says, "The Best Woodie under 75 feet Tall." Now read your post lol
  7. I couldn't agree more. I mean Im glad CP doesn't build short, weak, inexpensive coasters, simply for a record like other parks, but it would be nice to see something new in terms of a coaster.
  8. Im thinking the front right side will be far superior to any other seat. Basing this off the first drop.
  9. Your friend sounds like a sissy Tell him to grow a pair.
  10. ^You know...I actually enjoy a long slow ride up the lift hill. To me its one of the more relaxing/exciting moments at a park. Sometimes I wish MF's lift hill was slower. You get such a great view on the way up. Same could be said for so many other large coasters.
  11. I would say Mantis when trims are off. If they are on then I'll say RR. Mantis definitely gets too much hate!! I love when people talk about tearing it down! There's always a decent wait for it. A must ride when ever I get a chance to visit CP.
  12. ^You just supported my point. Kinzel is portrayed, by some including the kid i was responding to, as someone who did bad things in the industry. Not sure why people are celebrating his departure from the business. He did great things and as a thrill ride enthusiast, Im grateful for all he has done for CP and the amusement community.
  13. ^Sounds like a childish argument. How did Kinzel start anything? He simply wanted to build record breaking coasters and so he did. How other parks, chains, CEO's react has nothing to do with Kinzel. In fact I would say that Kinzel is pure genius because it was his mindset that put CP on the map. Prior to 1989 Im not sure the park was that relevant.
  14. I just want to say that I spent and hour and a half reading through this thread today! What a great read! It's been done numerous times throughout, but I have to say I'm impressed by the material you have provided all of us Shane. If I had to rate TPR's threads, this would be #1 in my book. (Big Mike, I love yours too!) Robb must be so proud to display your work on his site. Keep it up Shane!
  15. There are so many interesting new rides this year. I can't just pic one. I would even throw SFMM's Lex Luther:Drop of Doom into the mix. I could've cared less about Green Lantern, but this will be one thrilling drop ride.
  16. I hope this coaster is a winner. SFGAm is a great park that deserves a great new coaster. I look forward to observing the progress of construction.
  17. They have plenty of room, but I do see a parking change announced in the future in order to expand the parks acreage. At some point you have to realize, looking 20 years into the future, room will be needed in order to avoid over-condensing the park. CP does have some beautiful landscape still left. Don't think they will remove much more of it. I do not want to start a parking garage or floating lot discussion. It just a hunch of mine. And I base it on nothing and I have not talked to any dippin dot guys.
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