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  1. Agreed. I think it will be very hard for CP to keep up with SFMM in terms of "number of coasters," unless they start building more kiddies and low capacity coasters. SFMM is trying very hard to keep that record at this point and if I were CP, I say let them have it. THey should continue to invest in more diverse rides such as flats, water rides, and high capacity coasters. I can't imagine CP building a Zac Spin unless they have a "major" coaster to compliment it. Alternatively, they can bring in used kiddie coasters, forget flat and family rides, and build coasters in the 8-12 million dollar range every year to try to keep up with MM. It's an option I guess but I hope the new C.E.O. doesn't decide to take that route.
  2. QFT. Diamondback had the best operations I had ever seen. Almost every other ride was good except, FLight of Fear and Firehawk.
  3. ^Yes, for a coaster it is very cheap and was chosen for its cheap cost in order to get a record. Look at the track length. A coaster that small is not going to cost very much. I would put it along the lines of a wicked twister. Probably not as thrilling as twister.
  4. F**K THAT! What am I going to a Metallica concert or something? I already hate the Yanks and their short right field wall gifting those tools homers they don't deserve, the $35 parking solidifies my feelings on that team. Okay, I am officially a fan of this guy! He makes the two best points I have seen on this site in a while!
  5. Im hoping that if CP does indeed take another year off from coasters, they will not only add a new "major" coaster but also include a cheap little ride like Green Lantern(Magic Mountain version) and another kiddie coaster to up the coaster count like MM did. It wont take up much room and can hopefully pull some people away from the new "main" attraction.
  6. The proof is in the riding, not in the talking. I expected to dislike Insane at Grona Lund and ended up thinking it was great. We shall see. Okay Chuck. I highly respect your opinion so I will wait for first ride to comment. You made alot of sense to me
  7. Am i the only one that is not that excited for this coaster? It will be so short and it's nothing more than a Deja Vu. Sorry, no one else wanted to admit it.
  8. Sorta like Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Bizarro, and Dark Knight? All very original
  9. WOW! Amazing report and pictures! CP is so beautiful and photogenic. I haven't been to Cedar Point in about 4 years but reports like this just force me to make the trip! They have such a great collection of coasters, flats, shows, and family attractions. I can't wait for the next two reports:) BTW- I love MF. I know that nobody wants to say its as good or better than i305 because certain people on this site have obvious disdain for the point, but I have to say I think its better for several reasons. I agree i305 is more intense, but that isn't my number one reason for liking a coaster.
  10. AC gets my vote easily. Nitro is okay since its a B&M hyper but just okay for me.
  11. It actually makes sense. If I was running park like SFMM (that markets itself on coasters) and someone pitched me on paying $5 million for a giant swing ride vs. a coaster that reportedly costs just slightly more (Insane @ Gronaland is listed at $7 million), I'd take the coaster too. Much more marketing value, and probably not much of a capacity difference either. Funny how the same people that have bashed CP in the past for only building Roller Coasters are the same people defending MM for doing just that! Yet, Cedar Point has a far better collection of flats than MM, better kids areas, night time light shows, and has built rides like Shoot the Rapids in recent years. I would also give the edge in coasters to CP. It amazes me how the CP haters come out on this site! Neither is my favorite park, although I have CP way up there, but SFMM fanboys are showing their jealousy of CP more now than ever. SFMM can keep building low capacity and kiddie coasters as much as you want to get a "stupid coaster record," but at least CP has diversity in their rides and entertainment. I prefer Universal Studios myself.
  12. I love all inverts except for the Batman clones. Won't bother to ride any of them again. I think Kings Island could use a new generation invert. Would be cool to see B&M come up with a new design with a few new elements. Just a thought.
  13. I agree with you. There is nothing you can do if your friend does something stupid. Most people aren't going to report their friends for doing something that is a bit irresponsible. People do far more ignorant things than this and no one would report it, if it were their friends. You are taking alot of heat for no reason. Please ignore it.
  14. I almost rode it...it looked like it was running well. I just hate that since forever, its one train op. Ill prolly try out Mantis later. Mantis always gives great pictures too. I always enjoy a ride on Mantis. It gets way to much hate, in my opinion. It always has a decent line, so I assume many others feel the same way I do. I have rode many stand-ups and the only one that I think is better is Riddlers Revenge, which to me, to me is the best ride at SFMM.
  15. Im going with Magic Mountain in Columbus, OH on Hamilton Rd. Phenomenal course with a fantastic batting cage and some sweet Go Carts. One of the best for sure.
  16. I'm sure a night of dancing around in your little girl outfit should provide enough mullah to cover the experience.
  17. Wow, I hate the Batman Clones. I wont even bother to ride them. I think of them as a two minute headache on a coaster. Worst by far.
  18. I vote for SFMM's drop ride. Oh wait, Magic Mountain doesn't build flats, only mediocre coasters with the sole intentions to have the coaster record!
  19. The point is, he's allowed to have an opinion. It doesn't matter how many coasters he has been on. I have heard others say the same anyway, so i don't understand the big issue. Who cares how many coasters Elissa has been on? He doesn't have to agree with her.
  20. Yes, thats my favorite park of the video as well! It looks like you really get some good bounce
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